Sunday, March 18, 2012

Making Sense Where There Is None...Sgt, Robert Bale Massacre

No Excuses, No Buts, No Extenuating Circumstances, For Staff Sgt. Robert Bales

It has both been claimed that Bales was either drunk or had brain damage when in cold blood, he went on his family Afghan killing spree.

It doesn't matter, neither are an excuse. It he had been caught mid act, would his own fellow soldiers not shoot him dead if he wouldn't cease shooting women and children?

There is no excuse for mad murderous men anymore than rabid dogs, whether they are Muslim, communist, Nazi, imperialists, socialist, American or Canadian, and I do count abortionists as mad men.

Could this rampage have been prevented? Like most, it could have.

Political correctness was the cause of these murders at every ugly turn. It was in the way nations of Islamic governments blind-eyed their own murderers if not secretly encouraged them. It was in the blind eyes of the American politicians who knew political untouchable Iran, provided IEDs for any Arab nation where there were U.S. soldiers to be killed. Political correctness was world-wide in the failure to take Islam and the Koran seriously for what it was, and meant to be.

It was in the believing that wars could be won simply by policing foreign nations steeped centuries long and deep in the fundamental belief of madness from a murderous religion and culture, that all people who did not adhere to their ways were not only morally allowed to be snuffed out, but that they were duty bound by their men and sons to be done so.

A belief that a politically fought war of social experimentation believing Islamic nations would change or have any desire to change, without the punishment of war for acts of war on other nations.

When else has there been a war where highly visible minority soldiers were put in isolated pockets amongst an enemy expert at pretending to be who they're not, with emergency glassed, arms of political rules of engagement, against a backdrop of thinly disguised dripping resentment, even in their home countries from the same aux religion of immigrants, they are trying to 'defend' ostensibly having been invited to do so.

American soldiers do not know who all their enemy are or what their agenda is, from the top of their own military, the President of the United States, the Prime Minister of Canada etc. etc. to the peasant kid asking for freebies.

They are being disingenuously used and tossed to the wind worse, and much more seriously resulting, than mid management in an unionized. conglomerate... the buffers and pressure relief valves of all shit that happens from all directions, that a happy ending will be spun no matter the costs. They are to be held up as examples not the enemy.

Yet, where in all of the United States would you find any number of soldiers or citizens in communion with mad man Bales, as you would find Muslims in secret, or overt lock-step with the Caliban, and assorted other Muslim terrorist Islamic groups, no different than the tribes of Muslims for a few thousand years.

Therein, lies the difference between the Koran pay-back shootings of American soldiers and the actions of one mad man in a war where no ultimate good is resulting from a campaign years in the happening.

One was applauded by the home team the other, understanding of honour in non politically correct war, sickened the home team as much or more than the enemy having a much higher degree and threshold for the sanctity of life. Political correctness is so un-stablized and schizophrenic the worst and the best America can now do is leave Afghanistan.

Who would volunteer to be a U.S. soldier in a terrorist torn hot spot?

Paul Gordon.

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  1. More excuses being made for the man, I see. Tell that to the civilians who had their family members murdered by him and expect them to understand.