Friday, March 30, 2012

Went To A Garden Party, At Queen's Park Against McGuinty

Went To A Garden Party, At Queen's Park Against McGuinty's Perversion Marching Orders

The scene today at Queens Park in opposition to Bill 13, the Trojan Horse like perversion virus, the liberal elite would like to foist on your children was about right in symbolism and representation.

A thousand concerned parents braved the cold to voice their concern. A mere dozen activists attempted to, and succeeded at times, in drowning them out. Only two MPPs spoke ad hoc in sinc with the general mood, though it was publicized by both the Catholic and Homosexual quarters well in advance... Over a hundred were missing. Their were two priests and zero Bishops.

Doesn't that sum up the reality of it all, pretty well?

If there is any MSM news items to come of the event it will be surely how the dozen university homosexuals who looked more like a dozen normal (for Ryerson School of Journalism, or a U Oft political science class) looking students over-powered a majority of working parents who never thought they would have to, and who would rather have been at work or at home, than to have to come out and defend their right to free religious education for their children.

What does a homosexual look like? Oh that's right, you can't tell! They are one of the very few 'invisible' minorities. In order, to annoy you with their deviant perversions to normal sexuality they have to communicate that to you in some form or manner.

If you have teen aged boys having a shower in a locker room off a high school gym in some school anywhere and they are having boisterous conversations about their sexuality as most boys past, present and future might have, would it be normal without the humanist cart of chattering class social engineers

staking claims of law over such social situations, that a homosexual should join in, and tell them about his fantasies with the full force of the legislature of Ontario righgt thar standing in the nude with him, and don't think this crop of legislators wouldn't, going by their political obsessions?

If so, then it would also be right for girls to be having showers with boys, if exploring and 'celebrating' public sexuality is the issue, and this is their idea of an answer for a Catholic school, (not that hundreds of Bishops or thousands of priests would have a problem with that...apparently!) Though, I'm sure there are many students and old pervert liberal lawyers, professors, judges, and politicians fantasizing, and working on that, right now as I write.

As the cliché goes, do you throw out the bath water of moral and civil society and its well founded and grounded institutions for an 'artificial crisis' scammed up with the help of an entertainment obsessed and moronic down graded intellectualism of Marxist destroying culture like the world has never seen, heard of, or experienced, to make an invisible minority separated only by their unnatural sexual preferences 'feel validated' if not 'feel good'.

Who 'feels' good for long about anything in or around this politically correct world, for very long?

Life bites. Can't you hide your fantasies like everyone else does (or used to) without parading them down main street dressed, undressed, made up, decorated and simulating, for all the part? That's way too big a step from the closet.

So the back drop of this scene was the old establishment of an historic building of parliament whose only real magnificent draw, aside from the back breaking artistic stone work generations ago is what it was supposed to stand for, hopefully for a few more years, yet......democracy.

Democracy, though it's greatest weakness has proven certainly to be populism, and the mirror reflection of wayward paths it has taken us unto modern legislations 'performing' and encouraging, to our own narcissistic and lately, immoral persuasions.

Legislators no less reigned in, and trumped at times, none to the betterment and no less, by politically appointed judges who allow such actors to only seriously muddle in political correctness, not so to issues of importance they might take a personal objection to or that they desire their own stamp to make or brake what legislators were once thought to be elected to do.

In short, the nuclear back up option to agreeable political correctness and present liberal establishment that needs to be cleansed and banished from the available and apparently most undeserving repertoire of 'party only' elected provincial and federal leaders. If justices should rule without justice, than justly they should be elected on their 'hidden' and inexplicable, justly, logically- challenged, yet more far reaching societal constraints and approved perversions of their individual or Supreme group liking, or again, current liberal 'appointed' non elected, establishment liking.

Yes, Virgina, the greatest liberal leaps and bounds are made only because of the unbelievably self -described activists ( I wouldn't believe this if I wasn't writing it myself) over-stepping ideologue judiciary has summarily supplanted the governmental legislators aka the elected law 'makers' 'ostensibly' elected at least, based on public electoral political platforms.

Am I saying you get inferior and partisan rewarded judging when its appointed especially by a party non generally elected leader? Well duh!

Its not saying democracy is imperfect, but it is the best we have. It's saying every advantage and abuse of democracy that could possibly be had....has been done... admirably so, and we're getting better at it every election.

And now, McGuinty, the current political term leader of the government of Ontario has become so daring and irresponsible to the spite of the formerly solemn role of Premiere, in his role to please the liberal establishment he has so eagerly, proudly, so dumbfoundedly embraced, and much to the chagrin of an apparent unwitting electorate to put it most kindly, is in effect taking away Catholic and Christian's right to religious freedom, yet another supposed Canadian institution gone down the toilet in just a few short years of a most aggressive and successful attack on Canadian domestic freedoms.

And for everything you may think I have been serious about here, for God's sake pray for the failed Catholic and cowardice church of Canada and whatever you do, don't send your children to the Dominican College of Ottawa.

Paul Gordon

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