Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Will I Ever Celebrate Canada Day? Depends

Will I Ever Celebrate Canada Day? Depends

Is it safe to take off our observation and logical intellectual blinders now?

In a ‘free’ country, that your own family fought and were wounded for, is it okay to have an opinion different from msn and the politico leftist establishment or Marxists, that secretly began to take control of your nation, while your family was defending freedom?

Here is my opinion that is not based on feelings or political correctness.

Let’s walk through this whole celebrated (depending on whether the criminal is a celebrity) homosexual paedophile phenomenon, one step at a time.

Step one, sex between two or more males is homosexuality, right or wrong?
Homosexuality is not heterosexuality and it involves acts personally repugnant to the ‘majority’ of heterosexuals, right or wrong? (Admittedly, neither here nor there, in a slow formed immoral world, except that the natural order of life is that left to their own ‘devices’ only heterosexuals can perpetuate life.)

Step two, regardless of the age of one (willing or not) male participant sex, between two or more males still involves homosexuality, right or wrong?

Step three, regardless of the word that arbitrarily sets an (advancing) margin on youthful males as criminal vs. legal, there would be no homosexual men molesting young men or boys were homosexuals not entrusted in a place, or in a situation where young males, boys would find it difficult to escape.

(Considering the size of the minority homosexual population, young boys are much more at risk for abuse and murder compared to young girls being molested and murdered by heterosexual men. My opinion ironically backed by msn, is that sexual deviancy and perversions embolden themselves to push envelopes farther.)

Step four, regardless, if one male is a priest, bishop, school teacher, sports coach, cop, lawyer, judge, other professional or celebrity, homosexuality still involves people who have to be homosexual first, right or wrong.

Homosexuals ‘calling out’ homosexual priests and bishops to disparage Catholicism is a ‘little’ odd, True or False

A child raised by two homosexual ‘partners’ is more likely to be raised to believe homosexuality is healthy and normal than not. More likely or Less Likely?

Step five, Frank Lombard, prominent openly homosexual associate director for Health Services at Duke University is a perfect example of what can be ‘expected’ to go wrong with homosexual extreme social experimenting. True or False.

Pride week celebrations held throughout Toronto did not have a homosexual child predator in the bunch who himself, didn’t feel celebrated, or emboldened to carry on. Likely, or not likely.

What a go Toronto!!

My opinion also has the benefit of the default of the safety of children at heart not the narcissistic sexual gratifications or celebrations thereof, of political or entertainment celebrities.

Paul Gordon

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