Friday, July 17, 2009

Bataan Death March/ Women's Reproductive Rights

Bataan Death March/ Women’s Reproductive Rights

In a relatively recently released DVD, The Great Raid, there is a stunning scene during an interview with an actual participant soldier of the infamous Bataan Death March.

It is stunning in that the one horrible memory, of many horrible scenes this man of honour and bravery witnessed and mercilessly had to endure, that made him fail to hold back emotion and tears was seeing how the Japanese occupiers treated the Philippine people.

In particular, Philippine small and helpless babies.

Apparently, Japanese soldiers of this heinous era were not even to be considered as real soldiers until they could prove they had totally bought into the politically correct brain washing that all enemy peoples, Asian or otherwise, were less than human and to be treated and discarded as such.

The way to prove this to the Japanese Imperial Army if not the nation, was to kill one or more women and one or more child(ren) of the Philippino people- (in this case).... unflinchingly.

What this soldier witnessed, is that along the route not meant for anyone to complete alive..there were Philippino women with babies who would try and discretely slip and toss small amounts of food bites wrapped in leaves to the unfed Philippino and American soldiers.

As with any evil regime any one caught aiding the prisoners is to be treated worse than the actual prisoners.

When the Japanese soldiers would catch sight of a woman trying to give food to the prisoners, they would kill the woman, and as the American soldier witnessed, if she had a baby they would laughingly toss the baby between them on their bayonets!

You can’t but help compare this atrocity against woman and child against today’s feminist’s elitist calls for reproductive ‘rights’ of women to kill their OWN babies and the rights of men to enable and be well financially compensated for such killings.

It’s also very sad that watching a war movie can leave one less disgusted or agitated than the actual narcissistic realities of today and the screamed demands for such unnatural sick societal-suicidal freedoms amongst intrinsic moral and ethical freedoms and real basic human rights fought and maintained by men like the above soldier.

Many thanks for real enlightenment from soldiers of the free world and the makers of this excellent movie, The Great Raid. Please give generously to Veteran benefited, funds and causes.

Paul Gordon

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