Sunday, August 16, 2009

End The Government Insanity

Mark Steyn, for one, cleared up the mystery of how Canada’s economy is booming when all else around are dying in Untangling the Spaghetti. Sometimes, things just don’t make a lick of sense,as in the former booming increase in housing costs and sales.

Real estate costs and sales went dramatically up while annual average incomes could in no way sustain the national phenomena in the United States and Canada. I was even taken to task on a former blog I wrote for Sierra Times by a reader who said my piece on the failing economy was sensible except for one thing,"Housing sales were booming in the U.S."

Of course, to accommodate these ‘dream come true’ booming sales it was not widely known at the time that the American Democrats had put in a economic poison pill in the form of making financial institutions give high mortgages to people who could not afford them by any stretch of the imagination.

In Canada’s case, families and investors came to their senses and just acted on ‘enough is enough’ and high is too high. If socialists were really pro-family they wouldn’t allow the investment community to play with family homes like Mr. Potter a la “It’s a Wonderful Life” and limit their monopoly moves to commercial real estate.

Socialism of course, was never about seriously helping society, it was about the people’s ‘heroes’ and about controlling and keeping power, thru dis-empowering societal freedoms including financial freedoms, and making citizens dependant on government. No one is allowed ‘ahead of the class’ on any level except those who talk the talk of liberalism and socialism, regardless of how they made their own fortunes.

Mark Steyn mused as only Mark Steyn can, on how Canada based it’s ‘recovery’ on the creationof 56,100 new jobs. The only problem with that Mark points out is that 43,000of those jobs were government jobs which do nothing to create real money until the day that taxes exceed salaries or communism in a word, where the government gives you your allowance.

In Canada, conservative parties are about as conservative as liberal parties are not pure Marxist so there should be no surprise in Stephen Harper’s ‘do’ anything to keep in power, reflex including the old smoke and mirror manipulations of economic stats.

I wonder if Stephen remains a respected father of his own children by telling them he supports,and to a great extent, is directly responsible for the killing of thousands of Canadian babies, on the smoke and mirrors of why society should make killing babies at any stage free and easy as you please, because of political gyrations of feminist baby and man hating special interest groups.

When will all these mainstream political guys and gals learn there is no separation of state and soul?

And when will voters vote for real pro-family pro-life PARTIES?

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