Friday, August 28, 2009

Kennedy Funeral: No Excuses

Just a reminder to the various Catholics who will be attending the planting of a super-sized, deep-sixed socialist and yet another Kennedy abortion enabler. (Eunice, being one of the few Kennedy exceptions in that really inglorious bastard department)

In Quebec apparently a priest didn’t know he was not supposed to give Holy Communion to Stephen Harper, the only Prime Minister who had never been to a Catholic funeral before, and even the priest’s Bishop stated, everyone gets communion on special occasions anyway...sweet!

So to the number of Massachusetts bishops and priests and those well beyond that state, (including that infamous Jesuit priest lap dog to all famous democrats), who will be attending with bated breath, and Chris Matthew necro- estrogen tingles, just to say, “You were there” some day to nobody who cares, try to remember the Catholic funeral basics will ya?

We Canadians went thru this Catholic Kangaroo funeral stuff, including a son’s Caesar’s, Friends Romans Countrymen speech (no poop) when Pierre Turdeau sailed to a sudden sub- turf grounding a few years back Hey, it was the only time Castro visited Canada or much of anywhere else..Top that Obumer.

All the priests and bishops in Quebec attended this anti-Catholic, Catholic’s funeral and about half of the priests west of Quibeck made the ‘special’ effort as well.

Hey, the Sisters of St. Joseph’s invited Clinton (the one with actual political power) to speak and raise money for their hospital in Ontario, and claimed, ‘they don’t get out much’ to actually have known Clinton sordid details. We laugh in mordant disgust.

Kennedy was like millions of other Catholic quintessential liberals in North America so he will be missed by all the MSM and millions of his ilk. There is one difference between Ted Kennedy and those as shallow as he was though.

Kennedy was a prince, and a king maker in a marginal shorter group of ‘governing’ liberals in power who could actually effect change, but alas, in choosing the dark side for greased ego summits and for forgiveness in not being expected to go beyond low- personal life expectation a la BJ Clinton.

Kill babies if they are inconvenient, right up to birth, (just like in Canada eh, paid for on demand)
Keep the poor, poor...add to their roles.
Reward sloth... punish initiative.
Keep the ignorant, ignorant for a number of reasons, not the least, to keep them dependant and to pay off national teacher unions for votes and campaigning (just like McGuinty in Ontario eh)

To the souless politicians attending in loving company of misery who trade morals and scruplesfor votes and attack their own (supposed) faith as a modern mandatory add-on of accepted and applauded state what you want. We couldn’t possibly think any less of you anyway.

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