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Government 2009: Huh Yeah What Is It Good For

Government 2009: Huh Yeah What Is It Good For..
Or, Yet, Another ‘Little’ Government Cure.... SNAFU
Or Everyone Knows the Truth but Its Always Too Inconvenient
Or ‘Human Rights’ Thought Police.... This

I don’t know what’s worse,the government and their MSM liberal Marxist lap dogs believing they fooled all of us and so back- slapping,fool-proud for it, (I mean c’mon they all went to private school and learned how to control the misnomer bargain ing unit narrowly taught) or the fact, government and their liberal Marxist lap dogs, apparently continue to fool more than half of us.

Let’s start with homosexual pedophiles. No male child, molested by an adult male has ever not been molested by a homosexual...Duh!! Deviant, (as opposed to oh ‘normal’) is, as deviance does.

Penises up anus’s....hmmmm, ohh probably.. not a good ya think!

'Tea bagging’... the newest wink wink fad on CNN ... don’t even want to know what knew cool depravity that is.

Quick question. Where are all the homosexually- abused ‘pride’ parades?

Quick answer . Well they are all just coping and ‘getting by’ dealing with mental illness, depression, and social anxieties or they committed suicide . Watching males and the whole world celebrating the kind of narcissistic deviant sexuality that destroyed their lives must be a sweet treat for them.

Oh that’s right, they don’t leave their houses unless they have to, and they are not broadcasting the kind of main street sex act parades, politicians and zombie police chiefs are leading, on TV.... yet.

Well, thank you big brave government for little mercies!

Side Bar. Why the Hell are there charitable status societies whose mission statement amounts to, the younger the boys, we can legally have sex with the better, that are allowed to legally exist?

Oh well, they were only small children at the time and not having the where with all to sound the alarm, or apparently anyone then or now, to sound the alarm for them, slipped into black holes of time served victims.

Headline... Homosexuality, the only healthy privileged gay lifestyle good enough to be above the law and front of the line, yet, bad enough to shake and rattle the whole Catholic, and other Christian Faiths.

Is this hate speech?

No... that’s the whole thing. I’m preaching the virtues of independent thought to NOT hurt ANYONE, and to getting our heads on straight.. not screwed on tight and soldered by others.

Boy, that rotten to the core, morality and public decency that just (saves children and)ruins everything doesn’t it?

But no one 'cares' best for us, and better... 'knows' what’s best for us, than politicians and governments, or at least knows what price to put on a ballet and made up face to show the public.

Government cares so much to spend billions on selective diseases that have mortality rates of less than getting struck by lightening and on vaccinations and procedures that forty percent of health care providers wouldn’t buy into.

Then, Government creates the very panic they tell people not to get panicked about.... “It’s very serious...Well, okay you’re not likely to ever die from it, but anything’s possible... Well okay, it’s not that serious to most groups, well any group as a whole...but we’re telling you, it’s very serious..We wish we had the shots we want you to take in the right year for the right thing...but hurry down and get in line anyway, and expect long delays”

The government knows and cares for every hair on us all, blessed everyone, yet doesn’t lose any ‘caring- credibility’ over issue-urgency, assisted suicide laws, like there are thousands of people without pain relieving(government)health care who would like to be able to kill themselves, only they have no way, and absolutely no thoughts, (or internet) on how to actually go about it.

Like they care about whether the government and laws of Canada are giving them the thumbs up as they pass on to eternity from a relative 'second' of a life their own hands or by special request of someone else.

They want to feel good about ‘it’, at least for as short as they can feel or think about anything in existence, no matter what powers are subsequently legally unleashed to what evil persuaded powers there might still be around once they have left the building..

Talk about the ultimate narcissist! “I want to be thought of with “dignity”, with 'legality',( and thus)fondly as I do a header into the great beyond and I don’t care a fig of what might be set up for others.

The brave Government knows and cares for every hair on our least, as long as we have a voice to shout at them, a whistle to blow, ...or an MSM or judicial (oxymoron) activist, or Hollyweird , ear to bend, and start a new immoral or unethical politically correct, cause du jour, bottom lined popular vote to wave.

Of course, if you are a baby in the womb,(and everyone was..well,okay,only God and one other,knows where Karl Marx came from)again, you’re too young and deathly quiet to raise a fuss, so you can be killed with legal permission (people’s personal immoral choices never let government law stop them anyway)and government blessing for the modern day narcisstic busy woman... right up until you are breathing and still have one foot in the birth canal.

Hell... all expenses and guilt paid for...too. I love this Country.

Of course, no one cares about marriage and families like the government can. Well, actually the government had always been somewhat ambivalent about marriage (thank God for that) except until now.

Now, they penalize you financially for being married as there is no family that doesn’t stay together like the one that all works apart... for the benefit and glory of the government store, naturally.

There is nothing to give a woman more self-worth over the family than earning a personal living for the government.. to keep her politically correct in line too, and to take most of her earnings, to pay for the government free or subsidized day care, or pre pre junior kindergarten school slot to babysit her tots while she makes money to pay for the better, know- it- all, see- it- all, government-family to make room for them.

Which brings us to one honking poster-boy size modern politician and example of everything gone wrong with government.. Premiere of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty

No previous Ontario provincial or federal socialist, liberal or New Democrat, self- called conservative,for that matter, party ever entertained the idea of universal government paid or sponsored daycare until McGuinty,(no doubt as another side perk for the teacher’s unions he heavily, and seemingly solely catered to to get elected.)

For their part, the public and Catholic (full of anti-Catholic principles) teacher's unions, paid back McGuinty, shamelessly with unheard-of full support, including photo op rent a crowds with hot line inside communications as to where to be at the right time to help McGuinty and unlimited volunteer campaigning.

Gee, I wonder why there has never been a teacher’s strike... whimper for that matter, or how class sizes were lowered so much in such recessional times as they have with McGuinty at the helm of the second largest expense to Ontario taxpayers.

Anyway,so shrewd McGuinty sets up the government day care thing, starting with a huge and still under-used,(I would imagine)province wide base all on the demanded expectation the federal government(of the same taxpayer) would have to come through with billions to fund it but of course, with all political credit to McGuinty.

Who would have thought.... the government got the numbers and another government all wrong.

By the way , has anyone ever figured out what services the federal government actually provides, except pomp, circumstance, pompous asses, demonstrate how to defund and demoralize the military, throw out criminal laws and replace them with thought and political laws. I know they print money. They are stellar at collecting and hording money, and that they used to deliver mail, and control communications, but what do they do now, that’s useful as opposed to innate, or harmful ?

Private industry couldn’t run U.I. (oh sorry E.I. yeah right), equally as bad.... and without the six week waiting times and six hour waiting lines to boot.

Anyway, on the road to better looking after abused and neglected children through needed newer and more effective and efficient mandates on Children’s Aids, their budgets were raised to meet the need that never was met,(and will be needed more with the current recession), McGuinty did/ was forced to do, something right.

Unfortunately, what he previously did wrong... starting new politically correct socialist (of course there populist, anything called free is populist) programs, negated the only thing he did right.

Now Children’s Aid orgs. have been told serious cutbacks are staying...suck it up and live with it... something politicians and their parties, never have to do themselves.

In fact,(poison pill anyway) socialist healthcare is also suffering from McGuinty's wannabe popular-guy grandiose legacy ideas, with cuts necessary even after McGuinty’s healthcare surtaxes, that, and service cuts to keep healthcare from completely crumbling.

Insultingly, McGuinty’s idea of leadership was to have/allow his number one (nutty many would say), minister, George Smitherman,Health Minister at the time, to wear adult diapers for himself,in some weird stunt to find out what the Long Term Health Care,fuss was all about, and how comfortable or how long a diaper could/should be worn or who knows what he was thinking, not.

Then there is electricity. Electricity is not the greatest provincial government expense simply because it is all paid for by the consumer aka taxpayer,too.

The stupidity is, why then did the Ontario government ever be allowed to manage and control electricity from production, distribution, costing and to future planning.... as a third party?

The obvious answer would be, to look out for Ontario citizens so that electricity would remain at its most efficient, least costly, dependable and safe commodity for the reason of its importance as an energy source and key financial, comfort and safe component to the well being of the province and its people.

Except, the exact opposite happened.

(Side Bar... Ironically, for all the complaining of the price of gas.. an industry mostly out of the hands of any government except to tax in economic parasitic leaps and bounds, gas is one of the least expensive if not ‘the’ least expensive liquids, in North America at a dollar a litre. The indifferent business dollar doesn’t much care how important the product is to you or how much you need to go through . The fact remains, it is an inexpensive product, especially for the processing/refining and other costs it has to go through before it ends up in your vehicle. Water goes through nothing compared to what it takes to turn oil into gasoline and get it to you from far away places. To ask the government to subsidize the price of gas (other then to not add more taxes) is to literally take it from one of your own pockets plus a little more for bureaucracy and outright screwing charges and put what’s left in your other pocket.)

The Government screwed up...badly... year after year, every year when it came to looking out for us.

Past governments (mere political parties, but with unearned un-trustworthy power) did nothing to plan for the future and even incurred more and more debt instead of passing real electricity costs onto the electorate and risk disenfranchising themselves on election days.

So much so, that we now have pay back- the- debt charges on every bill because of past political ‘party negligence’ and non due diligence that created the debt.

McGuinty even went as far as to promise to cut back on the limited electricity generating facilities Ontario had, by removing coal and oil fired generating facilities, for pure politically- correct populist election advantage.

Just recently, one of McGuinty’s ministers, same Smitherman- different portfollio, now makes the statement that...Woaa, the cost of building nuclear generating stations and providing nuclear generated electricity just went sky high, so we won’t be building any more of those anytime soon and consumers are just going to have to pay more.

Thank you, to Ontario’s three stooges political parties on how you completely screwed up our electricity self-sufficiency and costs now, and long term future.

Down -size all those useless eyesore windmills to a size you can wear on your politically-correct nerd beanie hats, for all the net worth they are. Next time, we need help, we’ll call you...don’t offer, or take it upon yourselves.

Did I leave anything out? Just volumes, but you should get the drift of what I really think.

Of course, it could be worse. We could have Obama in charge of the neighbourhood socialist watch, but that doesn’t get our own disaster makers off the hook.

Paul Gordon

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