Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wanted: A Few Young Good Men With Eternally Old Ideas & Ideals

Plea to the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

Re: Bishop Lahey, Antigonish

Not that anyone really thought it was safe to go back into the woods and trust the old fellowship of the North American Bishops but had they done so, they would have quickly stumbled across the felled stump of the rotting soul of a Nova Scotian bishop with a kiddie porn loaded lap top.

The overly comfortable mortal of a man who was just charged with, and credited for, a ‘successful’ end to yet, another too common a North American tragedy, ‘abuse settlement’ had his cover lifted as every parent’s feared real boogy man, from the highest calling for the defence from .... just the likes of himself.. before his story has even completely unfolded.

Warning, the internet of the world doth giveth and doth taketh away, but does show the ugliness of the truth the world, society ‘should’ know it has to fight.

If there are good bishops they appear to be, but a smattering within their large numbers in North America, for they wield no control of Bishops Conferences with their lay adviser's, and bishop fiefdoms, seemingly indifferent to Vatican laws and papal wishes and directives, thus undermining Rome, or taking Rome out of the Roman Universal Church.

To add insult to the assorted extremely ‘poor judgement injuries’ racked up in modern time and freshly slapped this month, we witness the pre-warned entertaining of a anti-Catholic speaker at a Canadian Catholic Bishop’s Conference at a worldly notion of a speakers ‘workshop’.

I believe my instinctive tuition tied to what innately feels right is shared in at the bare minimum, the optics of the performances and results of the modern Canadian Catholic Bishops Conference.

The very notion of a Bishops ‘Conference’ implies a democratic philosophic and papal independent group secularly freed from the narrowly and purposeful defined confines of Christian theology, the Truth of Christ, which would be a bad thing.

The eternal truth of Christ falls out to be more like personal modern constitutional interpretations for fad, social, or more apt, socialist causes more blatantly proclaimed by the ‘Conference’ in the early days of our new modernism, (trumpeted and door crashed through Vatican II, where Toronto’s own Cardinal Carter proclaimed his greatest accomplishment was to break into Vatican offices to change documents to make things go ‘our way’..), ‘We are now freed to go by our own individual consciences’ on what ‘feels right’ to us or in other words, self is the most important thing in rushing to obtain, join and be strengthened by.....nothing, and nothing much that is important, or intrinsically held in common.

In any case, the Vatican itself is well versed in the antics and disappointments of the collective Bishops of Canada and has at times rightfully, more apt, dutifully voiced its displeasure directly to them...but in apparent fact... in vain.

As for the seemingly few good Bishops with apparently absolutely no input, one of Canada’s greatest minds with the uncanny ability and wit to effortlessly put the precise words with the right thought, Mark Steyn, put it pointedly albeit crudely along these lines, ‘one can have half a glass of the greatest milkshake ingredients ever formulated in the history of the world, but if the rest of the glass is filled with dog feces, what overpowers the whole milkshake?

I would also add you can't extract the offending ingredient once it has been added, factually, because the offending ingredient of Bishops gone Wild hasn't been removed
in at least sixty years. One priest has made a statement in Lahey's case that he warned him in the eighties about his pedophile like hobby. How many others new, including those who commended Lahey up to the Nuncio in Ottawa?

How can good Bishops sit still in Conferences and listen to bad Bishops go on like complete idiots. Teacher's Marxist anti-Catholic unions and secular boards of health have more influence with the Canadian Conference than the Holy See.

It is easier to replace a good Bishop, (though this group wouldn't think so) than it is to remove a bad Bishop. There appears to be secular like camaraderie, and criticism line not crossed among all, that is common in police, educational and medical unions.

I contend the good Bishops, (like the supposedly good pro life candidates in a pro abortion popular party) should be purposefully and meaningfully delighted more apt, relieved and ecstatic to resign from such a group in such disarray, and heresy to put it mildly, especially, if it will cleanse the whole group.

The Bishop's Conference has recently caved in to secular Health Boards that they have a whole page list of non-acceptable Church practices over communicable diseases that ultimately fizzed out, to nothing more than over reactions or worse.

Apparently, the Body of Christ, can no longer be trusted to not be infected with SARS and Swine Flu whereas very few died from the SARS scare and where more people die from regular flu than Swine flu.

Parishoners who insist on receiving Holy Communion on the tongue in Canada have been threatened by the 'Bishop's Conference' that should they persist,(what's the obvious politics and complaints behind this one?)they will give the priests 'directives' not to offer Holy Communion to them. The Vatican has long held the position that no one can be refused the Body of Christ simply because they want to kneel or receive Communion on the tongue by Consecrated hands.

Boy, if only they would take such stands against the government and justice depts. (actually one judge) that order their Catholic School Boards to allow a homosexual adult male to be entertained with his high school male date at a graduation dance.

The only way to instill confidence in the laity and avoid more secular attacks in the mainstream media is to bring in a complete new group, including the lay administrators and advisers to the present Bishops Conference.

Like a Chicago gangster movie, the only thing to bring citizen confidence back in the police department was to bring in the ‘Untouchables’ which involved getting ‘young’ idealist recruits ( not out of touch with reality) right out of cadet training into a force where its public statements were only made by its head.

The Roman Catholic Church Representatives of Canada needs new Bishop recruits fresh, or not long and far away from the seminary, and it needs the ‘Conference’ to be torn completely down and rebuilt in as little as three days!

And this is the only action in Canada that will restore confidence, and more importantly, faith in a Catholic Church which will endure the very gates of hell at its door where it has now demonstratively planted itself!

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