Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Christian Unity Means United Stand on Heresy

Christian Unity Means United Stand on Heresy

There is common ground for Christian faiths to unite on, and the Vatican which purports (and as a follower, I can’t dispute) to be the true Church of Christ, must take the lead on.

In these spiritually perilous times for all souls, the Catholic Church can ill afford to let its ‘official’, by name and reasonable assumption, educational institutions, its anointed, and its appointed, in short, its official representatives, spread heresy more attuned to ill- conceived philosophical opinion and blatant populism all over the map especially in morality and in contrast to sound theology, logic and the Truth of Christ.

Of course, by the ‘Truth of Christ’, I mean exactly that, in purposeful indifference to modern academic and artistic philosophical freedoms seemingly more attuned to blissful asylum-endings of ‘fulfilment.’ Again, I call for proclamation of the year of Christ The Truth (like we actually believe it).

The Vatican needs to take a no nonsense stand on what it has stood for since Jesus Christ walked the earth while proclaiming and living the Truth, the Light and the Way.

In secular terms an irrevocable basic Christian ‘Constitution’ needs to be proclaimed, and boldly and decisively defended, especially against its own representatives and public figures who feel they have a right to be in total opposition to the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ.

This doctrinal crusade (for lack of a more precise word) needs the full participation of the Bishops Conferences of North America starting with the distancing or better, outings, of one or two renegade Bishops themselves.

Who are the Catholic faithful supposed to follow and emulate? The Vatican, again in secular terms- the non-complying national Bishops Conference, the non-complying local Bishop, the non- complying Catholic university, the non-complying Catholic grade or secondary school, the non-complying Catholic educator unions and non-complying politically correct trustees, how about the non- complying celebrities or politicians who even boast about their defiance to their own faith in scrounging for votes through populism.

In being ‘all over the map’, over a good deal of the earth what relevance has Christianity, period?
What connection is their to other Christians when everyone leaving Mass has a different idea, or even heretical notions of who Christ was, and was is acceptable moral behaviour and responsibility.

Such a plainly worded brief ‘Constitution’ or by any like tool, soundly based on actual scripture without modern politically motivated ‘revisions’ is what is needed.

One such ‘revision’ was read from the missal just this past Sunday. ‘Anyone who would ‘scandalize’ these little ones’ became, anyone who would become a ‘stumbling block’ between Me and these little ones, it would be better that they had a millstone....C’mon ‘a stumbling block?’ Do we need interpreters for interpreters for original straightforward Talk now?

A whole new catechism or encyclical is not needed for such a ‘Constitution’ something more akin to a ten commandments.

Certainly to be included in such a ‘Constitution’ would be the following as a few examples

Sin is always to be judged, quite correctly ‘private’ sinners are not

Evil exists and is always prevalent in aspects of society

Homosexuality goes against Christianity on a number of scriptural teachings

Taking an ‘innocent’ persons life is always wrong no matter the age of the person. In times of war the utmost precaution has be taken to avoid the taking of ‘innocent’ life.

Christ was neither a socialist or a capitalist and logically neither did advocate sloth.

Christ emphasized personal ‘sacrifice’ and giving, not demands for perqs or equalizations.

Christ emphasized that hoarding ‘riches’ was wrong and a block to entering heaven

For those who couldn’t see it earlier in Christ’s teachings, Christ made it plain through St. Paul, that slavery was wrong and all men are equal.

Paul Gordon

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