Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Context is Everything Especially in Revelation

Is not the 'miracle' of life; that I see, I experience ...I exist.. in an otherwise meaningless vacuum of an inanimate universe that is truly the miracle of all miracles.

And equally, that by Divinly created factual default, not by opinion or of human design, (indeed all men are created equal), a miracle that 'can' and for no other reason this side of love and beauty, 'should', be shared as a life of joy by Divine exquistly granted choice... by all?

Is it not this understanding of miracles that firstly separates man from beast?

And if such a miracle exists in this universe, indeed, why would this miracle of the birth of the yearning soul cease with this universe or earthly containment till physical death therein?

Faith need not be blind in logic love and Truth of Christ.

And revelation is best focused and most comforting in suffering and persecution where there is always Someone to welcome you.

Paul Gordon

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