Sunday, September 20, 2009

Note To March For Life Organizers

Recently,Washington experienced one of its largest protests ever.

It was against Obumr's five year socialist revolution plan over 365 days. (Tell me Barack,DaRat's, communist buddy, mentor, not to mention, anarchist murderer, had no effect on his pseudo-intellect and wayward path against logic and civilization).

Point to pro-life was a protest not held on a work day and it was not held in spring.

As a side note,Rush Limbaugh has recently stated, as I have before, if the press won't give you coverage, cover them, all over the place and peacefully disrupt their business day with 'information pickets', the same way unions are allowed to disrupt their employer's businesses,with their free speech rights.

The left pioneered its take-over of the establishment with small activist groups who were in the face of the media at every turn...okay... they also had Cronkite, socialist judges, academia, not to mention crazy Hollyweird's perverts in their pocket.

But,in addition to hitting the Ottawa news-outlets, what would be wrong with a peaceful protest around the streets to 24 Sussex on a Saturday, as well?

Harper needs to know that his personal wish and blackout order to the conservative troops of all things pro-life, doesn't make murdering babies go away, or right!

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  1. Part of the problem is that with the March for Life, there's nothing to film. Footage of people marching with the same signs is boring. We need more creativity, a little more "oomph" in these protests. A marching band, or a float, or something eye-catching that will make it on the 11 o'clock news.

    I like the idea of protesting at 24. The only thing is that the street doesn't have a lot of traffic. In order for that protest to get attention, there would have to be something catchy going on.