Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Evil Review

No this is not a newspaper, but going by much of the MSM....that could be titled such.

Right out of the gate, there is no arbiter or fine arbitration of evil needed.
Evil is blatantly obvious and is not neutral. It is of course, the opposite of good and is the lie against the logic and Truth of Christ.

People who are totally enamoured and succumb completely to evil are starkly obvious. The medium of evil lurks freely through 'feelings' which has many aspects. Feelings of pride, (the falling of the Dark Angel) feelings of power, feelings centred on self, or personal 'feelings' to the detriment of all others... Narcissism.

Of course, there is also 'feelings' of envy, jealousy in hand with self pity, illicit lust and so on, (less that there is a 'holy anger' allotted to evil itself, the only justification for war)

However, there is in addition,feelings of 'misplaced' sympathy or beyond the duty of mercy to the detriment of good, i.e. the caveat of truth from Christ "Go and sin,no more".

'Trekies' will remember that 'Spock' was often ridiculed for being too logical when in fact, true logic does incorporate mercy, is love' and still upholds the greater or ultimate, good. Whereas misplaced feelings of sympathy ultimately forgives the sin itself, through feelings for the sinner. Feelings,that may be initially compassionate or perversely romantic, but ultimately detrimental, harmful, even deadly to many many others.

There are key groups in society that are most susceptible to evil. Why wouldn't there be? Those that have and hold power and control over others and who can and do limit societies freedoms.

Christianity for instance is 'all' about free divine given choice up to and including to be 'in' or to be 'out' when governance is the opposite, and in fact is excused for the minimum amount of law and order obviously needed for societal well-being and for the common 'good'.."Give unto Caesar" precisely meaning what is least 'detrimental' to the most "Give unto God".

Unlike, the overly kind, overly generous, overly politically correct Canadian Catholic Bishops to the point of limpness and abandonment of direction and guidance.

My letter to Catholics would be to not vote for political parties that have embraced evil and who allow bureaucracies do likewise. And if evil is all that is around as in the case of all mainstream Canadian parties, don't vote at all, as all that is accomplished is that support is shown for evil, and evil is entrenched often over some hedonistic societal advancement, or individual minor often temporary (until debt is run up or very next election) temporal gain.

So what is evil and why is it so obvious?

Well, stating the obvious, evil has manifested itself in the obvious harm and or destruction it has inflicted on the Christian and Catholic faith. It has manifested itself in the willful harm it has done on children's (at large), 'innocence', emotional, and intellectual well being. It has robbed families of the delight of their own offspring and their own right to raise their children according to their morals.

Evil has unleashed open murder of babies anywhere in Canada, at any time in the pregnancy, and at no cost. Evil has entrenched that view and mindset not at the will of the people but at the,unchallenged, will of the 'activists'.

Evil has destroyed the family unit throughout North America and beyond, and placed millions dependant and at the mercy of the government, in deceit aka the village.

Evil is obsessions with the inanimate and the insignificant to the status of a secular definite religion to the detriment of worthy societal causes and to keep people occupied up to being consumed with the insignificant.

Evil is the attempt to control, through the total censor and suffocation of human thought and speech not allowing such to rightfully stand or to be rightly ridiculed on its own merit and manifestations.

Again, evil is not always measured successfully in it's analyse or by who on earth is doing the analyse. However, it is always unrefutable blatant in its end results if not its many failures along the way, i.e. socialism "By it's fruits you will know it"

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