Saturday, September 5, 2009

When Did Christ Show 'Respect' For Evil!

There is something intrinsic about logic and the 'Truth of Christ' that people who try to come across as Holier than Christ, can't seem to wrap their heads around.

Love thy neighbour...Love thy enemy, do not equate to love or have 'respect' for.. evil.

They believe in 'strategic' respect. (There's that strategy of trying to out-think evil again,when Truth is the only route to go). It goes somewhat like this, if you show humble respect and private criticism for public figures whose narcissistic food and popularity depends on embracing evil you will accomplish the good fight, and not tarnish the `whole movement` in the process and it is totally wrong.

Respect for evil ingratiates evil! Respect for evil emboldens evil! Respect for evil prods opportunist narcissistic 'attention grabbers' who can't get attention other-wise to aspire to evil, particularly politicians and judges who ultimately are the gate keepers for societal evil and the media and Marxist academia are their cheer-leaders.

Respect for evil in brazen fact, fuels political correctness over Truth and Christianity.

Does evil not keep on top by disrespecting and marginalizing Christianity and morals in general?

Would Steyn and Levant have succeeded on the winning over a long run of a ridiculous string of 'free speech' crimes, (though like the Americans in WWII it would be nice if they came in a little earlier than when they became targets, themselves) by playing nice, and quiet and respectful of mad people.

Neville Chamberlain was 'respectful' of Hitler...thought everyone else should be, and was immediately run over by a Panzer tank.

The Catholic Church of Canada was extremely respectful of Turdeau and countless liberal Marxist politicians.. including self-called conservatives. So now as a world leader in political correctness,(no garbage please we're Canadian) we have failed socialist policies, no choice except on killing babies at any time-anywhere, pervert respect and parades to celebrate sex.. the more perverse the better, same sex marriages itching to stand at Catholic altars and assisted, wanted or not, suicide.

What a war tool respect and coyness,(read cowardice) make!

Of course, I am not talking about private people with their private sins and demons that they would prefer to keep private and non-public. They know what they have done is evil and in most cases, one would hope they have the sense to be sorry for what they have done and to repent...much sooner than later.

This is where Christ wanted us to have compassion and to aid these people as our-selves, our neighbours, our enemies.

Ted Kennedy rode evil to the hilt and he checked out with no reservations about the public evil he profited by on all fronts. He sent a 'letter' to the Pope asking him to pray for him, when he had months to publicly repent and disrespect the evil he perpetrated on the American people in so many ways.

Kennedy's larger than anyones's life, ego and embracing of evil completely devoured his soul and the Catholic Church had no business in participating in this 'public' funeral while the whole freakin world watched and the media took 'careful' notes.

The Boston Cardinal, Father Rosica and Lifesite for a few are all tragically and stratigicly baby-dead wrong about respect for evil.

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