Friday, June 29, 2012

Mr. Kraft & Mr. Christie, You Make Fag Oreos?

Mr. Kraft and Mr. Christie You Make Fag Oreo Cookies?

The Kraft company recently came out with a rainbow oreo cookie, market image to help celebrate anal sex pride sweet it isn't.

How soon may we expect the cookies to be rolling down the assembly line in more than just happy thought? What can we expect to tell our children when they see the new rainbow cookies?

How is an American black conservative now to take an insult from the Jackson/Sharpton/Lee black liberal establishment, the next time they are called an oreo cookie?

What's a person to eat anymore between Heinz, Kraft, Pepsi (Pizza Pizza) or drive...Ford Autos.. and their literal analsex pride parade band wagon jumping?

The dollar doesn't care about political causes, especially to small minorities, but it does pay political tribute to whole 'Establishments' merely as offshoots. In this case, big business will hedge blips, in hopes of capitalizing that the current 'Establishment' embracing and enthrallment with anal sex will reap benefits to their stock holders. Hey... no moral flies on those young marketing upstarts.

Alas, if Christianity was only back in vogue said businesses would be carrying the Cross down main street, lift Jesus Higher rallies.. instead of the anal dilido.

That's how much signifigance to allot their decisions, and how much morality and wisdom you can attribute to the board rooms of today.

Good or bad, the 'Establishment' always consists of both Mainstream Political savvy 'Parties' (by any name), the entire academic world, the entire judiciary, the entire entertainment, arts and literally world, and the majority of the mainstream news media including opinionators.

Btw,,,In regards to the judiciary, Chief Justice Roberts gets poor timing of the decade award when he decides to only now get idealistic over a Marxist initiative.

Yes, Roberts was right on how chief justices should thumb up cases, but he picks now, of all times to do it when partisan Marxism is still ruling the roost?

The Marxists were more acutely aware of this fact than the formerly sitting Judeo-Christian establishments and they won it, not in full broadside, but in increments over decades in the last century, mostly through an iron grip on youth, and women that wrested them from their families.

Unfortunately, the free nations are turning into not so free nations by this very Marxist society that destroys its own and it will take more than 'increments' over decades to get it back and it needs Judeo-Christian great participation...not just prayers to get it back.

'Oreo cookies' don't want to push it too far, (though I will always mentally if not visually associate them with homosexual acts from now on) because they know they will get kick back as did other businesses who venture recklessly outside of the business world.

I have never been to  one of these pride parades and though the media is shy to show images of their antics, volumes have been written and orated in the media that make it quiet explicit of what it is they are proudly celebrating.

Is there something food giants are not getting in their proud sponsoring of celebrating homosexual acts?

Christians are the silent minority but not that small in number just yet and they have had successful boycott operations in the past, including against Disney and Ford giants, whereas a reverse boycott against Limbaugh was not successful at all.

Boycotts have been proven to work, and they are at least an increment while we're waiting for more active participation from the Judeo-Christian good guys to get their nations back.

And too, as a Christian do you want to do business with 'Morality Unlimited' busineses?

Paul Gordon

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