Monday, June 25, 2012

Canada Sucks II

Canada Sucks II

(The title is provocative but true... and I believe with a message most would find sound.)

Neither evil or goodness can exist in a vacuum, no matter what you are 'led, trained, or taught' to believe. There are no neutrals in morality and righteousness. This is one reality that exists regardless.. of opinion and philosophy (also known as theology's ugly sister).

The higher evil is raised or exalted, logic is automatic, and it follows that goodness is subsequently lowered and marginalized and vice versa, though that 'vice versa' realism has not been put to test for generations now, back to the glory times of the Saints.

Liberalism these days has so flatulence-ly expanded and ingratiated itself that it sees itself, and only counts itself, as its own critic within the staged professional wrestler like staged battle in the sealed caged ring. It even assumed the names of its opponents of olden days, such as conservatism.

In effect, there is only one ball that the liberal establishment has trained the lambs to keep their eye on, and it is, to the almost total elimination of goodness, exactly because the two can not co-exist in logic, which is as solid and as within the domain of God, as the logic of the maths and sciences....two plus two equals four.. not at man's invention, or that of 'ancient alien visits', and the natural properties of chemicals is again God's invention, His gift, and given with the intellectual tool of learning the one logic to use the maths and sciences for the goodness of man.

The kind of freedoms of Canada that liberals equate with our values, are such that we should 'especially' appreciate those that invite us to the darkest corners of depravity now 'progressed' to the logical envelope avant gardes of homosexual, dismemberment, snuff films, yours to view on the Canadian net.

But, far before this point, was there not even uneasy apprehension, on the part of the logically 'engaged', to the direction Canada was taking...evolving into, along the slow Halloween comfort hay ride down the path of the not so humorous, jolt and surprise?

No, the greater the depravity, the greater our absolute freedom should be celebrated as proof of our honest and 'open' commitment to freedoms, primarily of...... self chained Marxist, academia, and to judicial judgment no longer to be trusted in logic, never mind sober thought, arguably isolated for the most important 'job' in modern secular confines of the world.

These were the now mostly dead Judges who applied arbitrative appeasing local community 'standards', nation-wide.

Marxism is the welcomed banner and now untouchable holy grail of academia because it offers it all, from a conscious freeing, deception of good intention, to the 'freeing' from individual and community sacrifice, and topped with the narcissistic cherry that all is free and fair, and to Hell with all collateral damage, especially on loved ones.

The only important 'environment' of Canada is the new establishment's trouncing cold spiritual war win, where evil takes up too much of the balance of fluid, in the moral total and 'limited' fluid columns.

Morality is not unlimited.

The world would (and has), but would you give business to the company, 'Morality Unlimited' ....Canada has now become for the sake of 'illusionary' absolute freedoms, Hell would embelish and be proud of?

Nor, is it a 'freedom' for law or academia to take license with and it is owned by the logic of God not the creation of modern man with it's multitude of free-thinking, company- line disguised, populist, celebrities.

Only Canada could claim it couldn't stop the internet viewing of the Montreal homosexual snuff video while conspiring to not allow for the showing of For Greater Glory anywhere in Canada.

Paul Gordon

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