Saturday, June 2, 2012

Times Call For a Fresh Look To Old Christianity, Truth

Of all the times for foe and too many a friend to bury Judeo-Christianity under the irrelevant bushel basket, lower than the likes of Islam, and Wicca no less, the year of our Lord 2012 could not be a worse time for North America to do so.

Half of what the Gospels were historically all about, are half of what history and reality are all about...evil.

I am assuming we all agree that evil exists, and no one who catches even snip its of the news media can get through a day, without at least hearing about it, locally, nationally, or internationally.

Amazingly, there is dramatic difference of 'opinion' on what constitutes evil, by large groups of fact, still at times..whole nations..for all our so called modern times of 'enlightenment'

Abortion, obsessive celebrating, proselytizing, and ingratiating all manner of social and societal merit on sexual deviancy, terrorist 'insurgency', Islamic abuse of woman, the whole Marxist family tree, the degrading and marginalization of the family, the celebration of gangs and mobs are to name a few.

Those who are forced to deal with evil up close and personal never forget it. Tragically, a few of these, are seemingly so mentally and spiritually stricken they feel obligated, if not attracted, to join it. If we are to err, we must always err on the side of caution when the defenseless only have us, to defend them in obligation, if not in the deserving love we are too entrapped to contemplate, but the spiritually wealthiness of a Saintly nun might make her life... the richest of 'living'. 'Our body...Our choice!' they march and scream.

Millions can be, and are to one side or the other of the moral (so thought) 'safety fence' and some irrationally and illogically contend 'opinion' is never wrong (unless you disagree with them) , and yet millions more.. claim to be of no opinion eking out some kind of neutral 'soul safe' life in the so-called 'gray area' of moral relativism.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth and they do have opinions on all of the moral issues, to say the least, only delayed in time and manner by way of the question(s) put forth. To themselves, they may blissfully believe there is no evil, only time, circumstance, and idiotically, only government discernment of good and evil through approval in law, or ignoring of obvious truths..and government oppression thereof .

I am writing of course to the non- innocents who have knowledge, and who have a Holy Ghost enhanced peaceful communion of conscience, and who 'choose' the reality of the side they wish to be on, on any issue, in their actions, and non- actions, but sides with reasons only in knowledge of God and them, they invariably... have to choose.

Good and evil have no indifferent referees behind the home plate of opinion.. (or choice rationalized)... only participants, with God, the final judge.

These extremes are a serious matter to contemplate and a monster of a character flaw in humanity not a glowing testament to humanity...many unbelievably think, the default.

The unchartered human condition drenched in original sin... is not very pretty and lately has been running down the street with it's hair on fire, for all to see.

At best, the 'reality' of these polar extreme modern opinions, mostly churned in man created modern dilemmas, point to a schizophrenic, bully win- all humanity, not a humanity with righteousness as its default in pantheist divinity, as the mankind romantic agnostic, atheist, intellectual or poet, may fancy... i.e., 'giant step for mankind'...

For two thousand years the Catholic Church adhered to the Truth of Christ tenants of morality only to now lose all default direction in the compass to Christ to actually have competing ideas of evil, 'welcomed' between many pairs of Catholics (and in Christian splinter Churches I'm sure too) in the same pew.

Beginning as well intentioned sympathy, empathy.. understanding, for loved ones and strangers, making or falling into bad choices, has morphed into faux righteousness indignation for the logical, moral well being of society, itself, and in horrid direction, and expected falling out, children and their innocence have been used as pawns by evil embraced, cultures, 'entertainment', governments and activists themselves.

Not to degrade the miracle of life, of all God's children to His own, but ultimate beauty and love is in humility to come to Christ's love, for how much more could be one humbled than in his own tears.

Man is very special, (not in default of perfection as the humanist sees himself,) and especially the innocent child, but only as a vigilant constant works in progress as a test (absolutely)... but the world is not special by any manner except in, Eden-ish, natural beauty of creation and in 'won' defeats over evil men, and evil empires, past, here, and yet, to come, and 'won' individually, in the snapping of the, of the personal evil enticed chain, to the world, Christ speaks of .... that of the pride, no one birthed in the original sin of the human immune too.

The greatest men, in modern history that men hold up as being great, independently of Christ have proven not to be so, as we learn more and more of them, JFK, Churchill and especially pride poisoned Ghandi. You can find much that goes against the grain of the saintly personification of Ghandi if you google 'the truth about Ghandi' but that side the obvious reality of how his revolution panned out for the non political peasants didn't go too well.

Those under direct or indirect British rule, including Canada and Australia, prospered in holding their sovereignty fire while Britain was still a great nation. Britain like any nation was hardly perfect and even less so, now in their extreme embracing of political correctness but citizens under nations directly aligned with Britain hardly had the decades and decades of disease and poverty of Calcutta proportions that India paid for its independence in pride.

It would still be India, (a far greater India, I would surmise today) and it would have it's precious world holy grail of sovereignty, without all the costs for jumping the gun during it's weakest and poorest moments. Much more than a movement for the Indian people this was a movement to the glory of the odd individual, Ghandi.

As far as the being the secular saint for pacifism, not even Christ, in His perfection and Truth, was not the pacifist many, tragically handcuff Him with.

Look on this big ball of tests in, choices, in beauty, in love, in alliances, loyalty and in 'faith' and battle ground for the winning of souls, evil cannot be defeated with prayer alone, it is a fact of history present and past. Both physical and intellectual 'participation' is 'required' where it has the ability to be done so. This is such a lost critical aspect of Christ the Church has ignored...for whatever its reasons.

Sixty years of prayers, (not even, evenly applied and evenly worth considered from Bishop to Bishop, Church to Church) has seen nothing, but the slow horror of abortion advance in the United States and Canada... These 'great' nations can't even see their way past making this procedure free to all comers regardless of reason or financial status.

But, there is so much other evil going on as well... that I would not be surprised if Christ is waiting for the 'whole package conversion' before there is any worth in natural self punishment tied to the true beauty and purpose of free choice in the beauty of Truth... to turn around the 'ensuing assured support' for faith alone... for these nations.

With this written, it is the brave work and participation of the few, Show the Truth organizations that is slowly converting the most important people and life in the world...the youth. Nothing has been more hopeful on the abortion front than the tens of thousands of youth who picked up the gauntlet for truth and marched on these nation capitals.

Back to Christ's non-pacifist moments. He turned the possessed people into swine who immediately jumped off a cliff to their deaths to embrace their chosen eternities. He whipped the money exchangers out of the still temples of God.

He proclaimed a special place in Hell awaits those who would harm, those most dear to Him, the little children. Many Churches and Christians in spite of this critical teaching would have us believe there is no Satan and no evil that exists. I suggest one run the other way from these anti- Churches and anti- Christians. Without evil, the world would be perfect and heaven already. Singular, striking Christ proclaimed there was no greater love than to lay one's life for another. I would hope one can see this as not always just a statement to lay one's life down for another as a doormat, or as one of a dominal piece of capitulation leading to the total freedom of evil.

When the likes of a Father Maximilian Kolbe laid his life down in sacrificial exchange for a Jewish father, he was not just a one minute delay to the Jewish father's fate. He saved the father's life, who went on to survive the death camp. This was certainly a slap in the face to evil and major defeat, that such a good man can exist... and who went on to be celebrated widely, and declared a Saint.

The defenseless need to be defended and that sometimes means laying one's life down in physical righteous battle.

The world certainly is not all good, far from it, as Christ constantly warned us about, and so evil is all around us and it needs to be fought in whatever capacity one can, not ignored, 'felt sorry for' or embraced for whatever reason, one might 'feel' compelled to do so.

Yes, Christ told Peter to 'stand down' against the Roman soldiers and Jewish ruler's servants and He repaired the ear of the servant stricken off by Peter, but this situation would only have had a bad ending for Peter, (his quick and certain death at the hands of the Romans), when in fact, in ordained prophecy as all of the meaning of the life and death of Christ... Peter was no less to 'head' the Church of Christ, himself, and not lost within even that reality, through example of no less of how fallible man is in true comparison to Christ, the greatest (all) man in the history of that new 'Church' (exempting, John the Baptist), no less denied Christ... no less, than three times.

Christ's main purpose was to die in most humility for those who were to be in debt in most humility to Him for eternal happiness. It doesn't get any better, for those, One would desire to follow or be loved by. All this freedom, of choice, opportunity of redemption, and one of those choices being, to be with Christ, or not.

Apparently, there is an opening day, this very day for the movie, 'For Greater Glory' , (a miracle it was even made,) that exemplifies this point.

Until modern times, at least, on a two thousand year boost of truth, souls and innocent lives are saved from evil. Wars...World wars, are fought against evil, but evil as the modern world has found, knows no time of peace..or rest.

Fear, evil's greatest allie, next to ignorance, can and has paralyzed the righteous on a scale from ambivalence, to doing absolutely nothing and strongly rationalizing that in opinion.

A large element of a lost generation of blacks in the United States has lost its way precisely in fear, ignorance, and pride, the most deadly of the three.

Through the hand of St. Paul, Christ freed the slaves in his instructions to Paul's close friend. He did so in the most important form, of the spirit, heart and soul, (although in the case of Philemon's slave physically too), in the declaration that all man are equal and need be freed.

This is what was more righteously important and heartfelt to black slaves as seen in their spiritual Gospel inspired music. (No matter the circumstance...the reality..Christ is never far from those who embrace Him, and suffering is the highest, the greatest bravest tribute that can exist, to the assurance to an eternity at His loving side.)

'Slaves' were freest of men in Truth and in Christ's love, how other men may treat them ...abusive.... punishing, but they were free men for all eternity of equal value to anyone, and through suffering and chains in true communion and love with Christ, and all who were martyred willingly, a concept foreign to most today.. their spiritual freedom was all the more sweeter, and made fast, the path to heaven.

With this modern group, however, again pride is the death grip most hard to let go, and the culture of death, has no light, in logic, happiness, intellect or claim to righteousness in the beacon of the one Truth that humbles, and equally importantly, heals all else.

The Truth that truly sets one free, like nothing else in the 'World'.

The evil, goodness is at war with now is much more insidious than a Great War with another nation(s), and an evil often foreign to all in the shared poisoned community of battleground.

One can't really talk or think about good, without reference to evil in mind, and vice versa, else what is the bench mark. This is a message the modern Church has failed in.

Christ was always cognizant of how He must deal with the evil that tried to destroy His Divine credibility, His mission... brazing attempts by evil to derail God's will and shared prophecy, itself.

And the least we 'owe', is recognition that we can't 'excuse' evil.. by the feeble excuse of 'just following orders' especially with the Holy Ghost 'red flagging' the good spirit of all but the possessed, conscience.

I've never, and never will understand how otherwise 'good' people can work, without even an underling if unexplained sense of depression or nagging miserableness in a facility of healing, that also murders the most helpless...and in every single case... the most innocent of all, one floor below above where many babies are actually delivered, the vast majority of who would have been born without modern intervention of a normal natural reproductive occasion.

It's not much different I contend than to say...yes, I worked at Auschwitz, but I was only a filing clerk in the front office and I never even looked to see what else went on there, hey, it was a well paying union gig. What's a poor family provider to do?

Not long ago, there was a Toronto policeman who refused to stand guard at Canada's most famous abortionist's 'clinic'. It seems he may have been assigned there exactly for his known Christian beliefs, at the amusement(?) of his superiors.

He refused to do so, in advance, (as opposed to vacating an assigned post) and of course, he was fired for doing so, as has happened to nurses who refuse to aid baby deliverer's who nefariously moon light as baby killers on scheduled death days. For all the evil Romans embraced in their world race for fame and domination, I'm sure the concept of normal routine of abortion would be a most alien notion to them, or any society tribal or civilized.

I even engaged a now former and deceased Bishop of a Diocese who tried to rationalize that, his niece, who he loved dearly had some kind of non-life threatening minor, (or would it have mattered, life threatening) surgery, at the Oshawa hospital that it and both many non-abortion hospitals offered, and the staff there treated her wonderfully and so how bad could they be?

What if an abortuary 'clinic' also offered that one only other procedure and just for little girls. Would they than be so wonderfully transformed following that non- logical slant against Truth, and deserving of his praise? No, but it does sound like a great way for the snares of Satan to act in an anti-Christ manner of teaming good with evil to win the minds, hearts and souls to the dark side. Modern evil has a great track record of winning people over in its claim to be a friend in Christ, blazingly so, in blatant absence of logic.

This is the reality of all main-stream political parties in the United States and in Canada of affording themselves a pass for evil tagged-teamed with good ideas where ever they may pan out... yet. They, and their followers, constantly nag us then that we must vote even if it may be only for one of two choices of the same mind and shared marketing relations teams. That we should make their worlds..... their's as in, who supposedly serve us and are paid by us....perfect and non-eventful.

No, we must not vote for the fakers and anti-Christs, and the onus is on them to change that situation and reality, not on us...and as we waited so long for anything even warming up to truth...we can wait longer with no chance of ever changing as the one alternative.

We're here, we're queer, (and now your children we 'demand' to endear.)...they shout.

It is standard fair now that the annual perverse sex act pride day simply 'must have' a 'major' accomplishment preferably with an accompanying activist, or warm breathing, capitulated official as the grand marshal. This occasion, the grand accomplishment du year, was to enforce homosexual clubs on Catholic schools.

So much so, there seems to be an obvious political, judicial anticipative 'spirit' (as in the case of Smitherman's/ Hall's fiat of an injunction) and exerted Herculean, effort, at the expense of all other public concern and discourse to say the 'least', and at best the artificial 'non emergency', distraction, and dereliction of more pressing duty brush-offs.

In perfection of balance, another sign Christ was the Truth, was in His knowledge of modern times and future to come, by neither glorifying necessary war in hand with necessary violence, but neither in discounting evil He often spoke of and acted on.

Peaceful actions such as Civil Disobedience are certainly not 'above' ill-interpreted 'dignity', of Christians more Holier than Christ, in fact, they would be a reasonable and expected commitment of action, in witness to the Truth of Christ when Caesar oversteps his domain into God's.

Many Germans would have had second thoughts on the fuhrer if they had seen the reality and 'Truth' of what he was doing to Jews and those including many Catholics who helped them.

An equal way to find 'Truth' is to carefully cross out, all that is evil, and experience joy, happiness and appreciating innocence. Certainly, it is being made easier all the time at least for the logically 'blessed' (apparently) as all those in evil, or enamored with evil have all their issues in a row and the 'good guys' are in communion with all the issues of responsible freedom on their side.

Paul Gordon

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