Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Canada: No Promised Land on the Horizon

Religious can Anticipate No Promised Land From Canada Nor It's Flag

According to Big Blue Wave a group of CAW (how appropriate the CROW clarion call) tried to stop a free speech pro-life caravan from beginning. Along with them was a member of legislature, apparently not so tuned into free speech as others, but this is Canada and Communists can and are elected under pseudo-liberal titles, so good for her.

Of course, what else has the CAW have better to do now that they have no jobs themselves after killing jobs for everyone else in the manufacturing industry in the big cities? They still wouldn't think to promote 'good' labour legislators to office to the majority of voters just as they didn't from the dirty thirties on as there is nothing in it for socialists... political power or money.

Some of the pro-union comments under the article were centered around a silly notion that because some members of unions might be pro-life, that they should get pass of innocence under anonymity and that the union therefore also get a pass...because of all of the 'good' (not) stuff they do..that this polictical crap they do should also get a pass under anonymity.  No sometimes you have to actually take the time and energy to flip the rock to drag out the Devil.

Sorry logic does not compute here, if anyone still doesn't have a problem (or is offended) with logic.

As a member the union your majority voted in speaks officially for you, just like Canadian politicians and parties have an official right and worse (as of late) permission to act for all Canadians.

Good Germans were not innocent in 'anonymity' (good men who do absolutely dick) while the Nazi's ruled the roost! Rather, they are cowards, not bumped up pseudo-intellectuals or poets or their Nation worthy of any patriotism never mind blind patriotism of the time.

Same with Canada. Judeo-Christians who believe their total un-justified patriotism is going to have this modern nation, totally committed to the 'World' God constantly warns about is not going to be leading our children and families to any 'promised land' for all our patriotic fantasy in the world.

Nor or any Judeo-Christians who put their mark by any mainstream party of politician in this literally long God Forsaken nation innocent by anonymity!

Paul Gordon

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