Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Polarization?....Hell, Yes!

Polarization?... Hell, Yes!

To hear the left talk..polarization is a bad thing.

(Don't be so polarized, and you 'have' to vote for one of the only two people even if they are both the biggest idiots you would never invite into your house, never mind their corrupt parties...yeah right..what a condescending load to the great unwashed!
I feel so unenlightened of politically correct unworthy to even tie the flip-flops they worship as sandals.

Well, that's not how they thought when they were, and are, in fact dependent on the evil side of polarization to get to their ends.

They teamed up all the bad guys. Academic Marxists, unionists, feminists, homosexuals, adults who wanted sexual access to children, younger and younger, entertainment icons, media scribes, Marxist politicians, soul-less ego maniac populist politicians, activist lawyers, and leftist appointed activist judges....basically the whole present day leftist establishment.

They have been trained (over generations of declining society) that the views all sub groups have are to be shared by the lot. Pro-abortion, homosexual never ending activism, unions rule, society and especially the previous generations of parents are uneducated idiots needs to be micro managed with incentives of punishment, both socially and in private behaviour such as environmental participation, and ever increasing penalties on minor traffic violations and attempt to control private belief, and freedom of speech to name a few, attack on Judeo-Christianity from within and without, while simultaneously raising idiot 'ideologies' and 'cultures' posed as religions, to favoured status...to name just a few.

You are 'free' under their 'polarization' as long as you seek the perverted and as long as you agree. You are not free to seek your governments to actually have moral stands, or under a 'Catholic, but anti-pope' bragging McGuinty, to have moral values he doesn't believe you should have, within the perimeters of your faith Judeo-Christian faith, or not. Yet, to be seen is whether McGuinty will was force homosexual clubs on private most favoured, Muslim, schools.

Of course, liberals fear polarization from the right, they took generations through academia and media to instill that there is no right and wrong which they turned successfully into...divide and conquer!

One can be wishy on this...one can be washy on that...what's the difference, there's no such thing as truth, but the messiah politician is coming who can do it for us all and make all things right... so lets all get narcissistic in what we can get out of all of this for now, the biggest bully wins, and there is no right and wrong no right... stuff.

..But! As society found out by 2012, finally, there is.... sure as Hell exists down under, and evil on top, .... bite- back, consequence, in all this non-Truth stuff!

Take unions for just one part of the whole parcel. They out priced themselves to the extreme in selected segments of the labour force..while their own people no doubt took advantage of cheaper imports on all items, purchasers are going to run for, produced by the opposite extreme in the cheapest labour markets of China and third world nations.

For the isolated fiscal conservatives mistake, they allowed for 'free trade' which was great for investors, profit birthed nomad manufacturers, and consumers of the individual products, but a real crappy deal as manufacturer after manufacturer left for cheaper pastures compounding the demise of the Canadian private sector, worker. It will be a very long haul to have Canadian a nation of investors and government workers... only! Logic people... logic... Truth and logic are inseparable allies..don't know why, except in the context that God is everything, all creation...all reality, all true science, all math, all logic all everything. How could He not be the real deal, yet separated from some aspect of existence?

Look, if you are conservative and you want real change, don't be satisfied with just tossing out the liberal jack-ass special interest ass kissing power seeker and replacing him with someone who calls himself different, when in fact he is nothing, but another special interest, party lobbiest fund-raising ego maniac get a unified act together.

To satisfy just the libertarian, although, I don't know what their limits are, where they could just cross out the tarian and live under no rules whatsoever, or to just satisfy the fiscal conservative...like the elected 'conservative' could repair the economy anymore, even if he wanted too, which he doesn't...He wants to be re-elected from the day he sets foot in his office and no matter whose souls he can sell including his own. In Steven Harper's case he was dreaming of re-election before he was elected the first time.

Time has proven that when one group settles for less to get their one pet issue across, all everyone gets is 'worse'.

The right needs to be 'polarized' to be 'unified' with a set of issues they will not compromise on for their vote. The left side is blatantly there, blatantly evil... good can't sneak its way through the back door with only half- assed compromised effort on the part of a weak member or two.

The Judeo-Christians who should be taking politics more seriously than anyone else, for the defense of the helpless, and the innocent over proven 'temporary' narcissistic temporal benefits, on the future bankrupting government credit plan need not vote for any main stream party, both, who need a lesson in who serves who, with their continuing bounced cheques of empty promises, and capitulation to the left.

If not the time for official Christian parties....which I contend it is...(like society could possibly do any freaking worse, than the principals it was founded on,) than time, for the independent politicians, who are not simply back bench rubber stamps to political party Frankensteins, party navel focused in their entirety and totally beholden to special interest lobbiests.

Conservative celebrities who claim to be Judeo-Christian but only half heartedly critique the 'one' mainstream faux conservative party need to put their egos and wishful party beliefs aside and let God/Christ play through for once.

Why let evil, divide and conquer us, while they continue their group kiss in the ideologies and cultures of illogic lies, of perversion, and death they have thoroughly wrapped our nation's flag poles in.

Is this the free Canada and free United States we ever knew!

You haven't noticed.... but Canada Day has only been 'Their' day for quite some time now, and with no future to the contrary, with the way we have approached our enemies in Truth... until now!

Paul Gordon

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