Monday, June 11, 2012

Canada Day Epiphany.. We Pretty Much Suck!

Canada Day...Epiphany.. We Pretty Much Suck!

Nothing personal to all peoples mentioned here. You're hardly unique of today's society. Nothing personal in that too.

Contrary to popular belief, I contend Canada day, of modern day Canada is the 'perfect' day for criticism when it's wondered so far off the reservation, it's citizens couldn't give you one 'good' political reason, for the 'purest' political of acts, the celebrating of Canadian patriotism.

We are becoming like lemmings or transformed swine at the cliff

How do you take a Nation seriously, whose understanding of self accreditation and improvement, amounts to...' yeah well, if you don't like it here so much, F.O. and leave'?

But, if Canada's second largest whole province still gets a complete pass at dispelling the fraudulent belief, this now strictly populist nation is so beyond grand by its 'mere existence', so do I.

It's like those divine inspired Canadian values updated by the liberal establishment. too fabulous , too precious, and just too darn 'dynamic' to ever be pigeonholed on the paper that lines the coup they've lowered our freedoms to.

Note to liberals, Google the word 'constitution'. While you're at it look up American Founding Father papers, Bill of Rights etc., that were the 'best practices' (before governments re-invented best practices) for starting points that guaranteed freedoms for all present, and future use.

Quebec socialists, your culturally, and intellectually superiors, (think Castro hugger, and limp protester throat grabbing, only Prime Minister.. not wanted by any other nation after his retirement, including his best bud, Chi-coms) get their pass for mere typical Quebec (WTF translated from Algonquin).. narcissism (and in yet, another 'Catholic' Prime Sinister's case, Turdeau...pantheism.)

A social narcissism extrapolated to a community level perhaps red- hot stoked, (like the bells of St. Clinton's inauguration, or Justin Turdeau's, Friends- Neighbors- Countrymen dad eulogy, or o'Bumer's grandiose Roman Empire background, or in this case a long dead, bald- headed, thin lipped, bulb nosed chain-smoking socialist troll thinking as appearing, poster boy, Rene Levesque from a time of black and white glossies of legions of liberal Marxist politicians and media and self-described 'intellectuals'.

Seemingly, the 'never get over they lost anything French', (I mean look at the gall of that jerk De Gaulle who insisted he take the victory march through a Paris and France he had presidential aspirations for, after he led the charging country hop, when the crap hit the fan,) can only be placated by bumping reality history to accommodate, and celebrate that the French actually beat the British on the Plains of Abraham and everywhere else before, and thereafter, and at everything else in their regressed memory syndrome.

...That they never lose... and that the English language be confined to the isle of misfit Newfies, where it was conveniently long murdered by those much too busy and industrious at work, to enunciate... or to give once- overs... to inter-provincial contracts.

It was a special inbred hillbilly dialect, 'far off' and away from the mainland Canadian Irish, who quietly never laxed, into the equivalents of American southern mountain people.

Of course, now that exporting hard working most unholy union leaders, has moved up to NFLDs, number one industry, they might not want people to understand what they are actually saying anyway.

One thing, Newfoundland and Quebec have in common, is that they both killed public Catholic education ahead of McGuinty's Ontario and his greatest efforts, yet, but inevitably to come to attrition, (and I say that in a most splendid way, given the socialist control 'costs' the Marxist protestants can only appreciate, of that glorious 'free' funding) and make no mistake, a political term to McGuinty is considered 'his' Ontario 'to never recover'.

Oh well... if you can't join em, beat the crap out of

Was there ever a time when a politician ever served anyone, over helping himself.. hoping to leave his soul- sold indelible inked tramp- stamp of debt and dishonour, on 'his' electorate for the rest of all freaking time immemorial..that anyone thinks fondly of him, even in the act (when they finally get their opportunity) of throwing the bum and bum after bum, and his b.s. pretend adoration 'party' out?

And in definitive proof and reality of that, does anyone even insert a quarter for their opinion thereafter, E day, or do the bums themselves, especially, those who just assumed party acting office, sheepishly dare, to offer advice, after having their sorry ass tossed?

Yes... you Canuck humanist protected beaver of environmental destruction great disciples, you, Pierre, (well to Margaret anyway...well okay, Atwood, too and both their strangely 'directed' imaginations), John, Brian, Kimbo...oh pleeeze, Martin, Jean, what is your opinion on the Nations of Islam, their free license and open season on Christians, and their religion of love and peace, itself? Yeah, we'd care to hear it like you'd care to give it.

(Of course, Stephan said something akin to 'they are Canada's greatest looming danger', when he thought no one was actually recording him, which explains his immigrant disbursements..and broad band politically correct, cowardice quite okie dokie)

In our horror Hitchcock dip into McGuinty's private world, we are now owned by Samsung for 'futures on windmills' that McGuinty told no one about, that no one wants, (except maybe the sentimental Dutch, is there any other kind) and that can't possibly do the job, while being more expensive than nuclear energy, for all the windmill inadequacies.

Toronto, Canada's rainbow flagship city of all kinds of sewage, (that literally filled union station a week or two ago) that laughs off, not with its deflated mayor of few expectations desired and dutifully delivered, when it weighs him on a hog scale every week for their amusement ... is now in a race with Los Angeles, long infected with their San Francisco envy, to see whose ban on plastic bags comes into effect first.

Sunday, three inch thick socialist opinion, from headline to comic strip, propaganda and wishful Pravda newspaper cross country market cornered community newspaper conglomerates, no one would have ever missed, except Best Buy, the Brick, or Leon's.... maybe should be the focus of a ban for complete wastefulness.

(Hey, guys.. save you the weekly expense of the same 'ole.. stolen Government policy, it's don't pay a cent event, no money down, no interest... and no payments until one, or both of us goes bankrupt. I buy your garbage antiquated military ships and weapons for top prices... No one undersells Canadian tax payers including free market sports stations for over used stuff)

Background police checks on city hired gang member mentors, not so important, as a shot up, 12 year old mall frequenter found out.

Now one thing you never ever want to do, to a honking socialist fag (the only size they come in) Toronto City Council is to 'Dare!' them to do 'anything' as Ford just found out. Don't even think of it , they know..they know everything.

It's like hovering over a pit bull with a bone pursed tight in your lips, or with a banana up your nose over a socially multi- skilled primate pet, in search of a government paid face transplant..after all 3 penis- ectomies are wait list cleared...about 9 o'clock am Monday.

Of course, it is not to say Canada isn't the best place to live in the United Nations, but even if it is, what kind of back-handed compliment is that?

If the United Nations were our role model...(Hell, they are our role model, and our nation's makeup on scale) boy, do we need a life.

It is also not to say Canada is all bad...but it is very hard to wrap ones head around the flag pole to get past the long ago ledger balance, of a Christian birthed and built nation, and look the... leaf.

Originally, liberals wanted it to be three leafs on a stem... much more stronger and powerful than one leaf, but never missing an opportunistic cue, polka dot bow tie manly man, Lesther Pirithon deferred that one, for future native property slot machine icons.

Natives, being the other group that can only be placated by bumping history to accommodate and celebrate that they were cheated out of all those trees, water, total geography inclusive burial grounds, lawn weed smoking, howling at the moon, Jesuit head chopping, and totem pole reservation teepee front porch whittling, that worked so well for them down through-out the wonder they couldn't get enough fire water in that stimulating reality. What an aesthetic culture to admire and aspire to.. not.

(How did they survive deep woods black and deer flies, bare ass, without Deet, and Canadian winters with no walls, and bonfires that heat only one side at a time, with out a spit... is a profound mystery solved only with short life expectancies, I expect?)

But, by all means, please go back to that lifestyle of rubbing two genuine all owned native sticks together, anytime, and leave all non- native inventions behind which wouldn't be native politically correct or culturally sensitive.

Oh I forgot the 'invaluable' contributions 'to be proud of' ... native superstition, customs, witch doctoring, skid- pile holy fire burning, tribal warring, settler raping yada yada, uh uh.. basket weaving and buffalo skin sewing don't count, because they were necessities like a potato peeler us Irish couldn't take credit for. God made the maples and corn not the wolf, so we would have found out the tricks to syrup and popcorn eventually.

To quote John McClane (Die Hard) ... Have I done anything to oppress your people? I mean really, I rarely come across your people and have my own worries thank you very much, without white man 'conspiring' to hold 'your' people, whoever it is you claim to own...down.

(If only Catholics and Christians could have a Native's moment... and occupy pews.)

No, we both 'share' the same problem, our gutless politicians and being used by our social masters.

As far as dis-respect goes, no one has more disrespect for 'aboriginals', throughout the world and poverty 'contained' blacks in the United States than Marxist political anti-Christs, who pretend they are their best friend while holding them down in chains. 'Men are all equated equal', except natives and blacks who are kind of aesthetically cute and entertaining to the liberal elite as a socialist acceptance, as old as National Geographic. There is no God or intellectualism allowed for these people because 'we say' disingenuously indignant, that animal life is where they belong and are content.

It goes, native's barbaric ways are pretty cool, but they will never be equal to us, who are so superior

in intelligence and unbounding charity that we will 'never' consider them, or have them consider themselves above the limits of that cute tribal barbarism. that all nations should have in their 'rich' historic traditions. This is the most you are capable of aspiring too, so you just think within the confines of the conformity we place on you.

The fact that there may now be a gang related, criminal, or immoral simple element, leaching your natural 'culture' that hurts both your women and children, well, we encourage and enable it, because we are frankly politically afraid of your bullies too, but that part will have to be your's, to deal with.

Well natives, at least you're getting a better 'deal' than the liberal enshrined establishment is giving Christians these days.

As far as arrogance goes, one was more arrogant in the entire history of man and in this elitist respect, and many others... 'opposite' to Jesus Christ's domain of Truth, in God's amniotic protection of ultimate humility steeped in personal sacrifice... than Karl Marx, whose 'ways and means' are celebrated in practice to this day, by this modern enshrined liberal establishment, mindset where the greater masses are no more worthily to be treated than as worldly 'children'..not to come as children to Christ in humility, but to be treated as inferior children in worth.

Capitalism (with its decidedly evils as well) is the creator of money..Marxism is the taker/extorter (and amounts thereof decision maker) of those whose your real daddy and aside from now bankrupting governments with their temporary still well overpaid union workers, where has true Marxism led all free economies of the world to.. today?

Marxism has its proletariat useful idiots to keep up pretenses, but it also has its many debased tyrannical emperors, in communism, socialism, feminism and unionism. One doesn't have to think to hard, or look to far even in the supposed free world, to come up with rock- hard examples.

Like Islam, Marx had no respect for life, innocent, or otherwise, the anti-Christ attraction of the (pseudo) 'good of the people' was granted a pass in a lot of evil action traction, and if you were not of the Marxist persuasion you are 'no less' an infidel than a non believer to Islam.

One can think of Canada's (what have you done lately), undeserving patriotism in terms of the Toronto Maple Leaf fans, (possibly worse) undeserving patronage.

The Toronto hockey fan would take off his hat and salute the team, stone cold sober with a tear, if the 'team' had a flag and an anthem, like 'homosexual pride' participants, so don't flatter yourself of this old world tradition, by any means, Canada.

A nation well on the way to Hell with certainly no safety in numbers needn't tire itself to be strictly at attention to either the Quebec non- version, or the English 'first political correct fatality', version of the anthem.

The current political liberal establishment has an awful criteria or protocol for risking Canadian soldier's lives, and for losing at that risk At present, that criteria is ultimately shook down in reality, to simply aiding in facilitating tyranny regime change in nations of Islam.

Even Bush's 'blue thumb' video/talking point amounts to, a punking of thems being smarter than us-ins. It was a contrived, (if not admittedly wickedly satisfying) crisis to see Saddam get his dues.

(The political liberal establishment invents their own tube and flask 'crisis' in their environmental labs that they can control, when they haven't a clue on solving real pressing crisis's. Political celebrities suddenly become environmental experts. To quote the Sargent major in We We're Soldiers.. who focused on the real life and death issues soon to be at hand, “What are you the f_ _ _ _ _ _ weatherman now?)

In 'all' these official nations of 'fanatical' peace and love, it is almost sport to kill Christians where they live and where they worship. To convert to Christianity from Islam is equally as dangerous as to be accused of trying to convert others out of Islam

Since when, are nations who are officially 'okay' with murdering innocent Christians for the crime of simply being so.. not to mention, maiming and killing their own family member females... worthy of Canadian forces aid to liberate the 'willingly' oppressed (no doubt originating in fear and not like cowardliness isn't in their genes like shooting young unarmed female protesters in the chest or throat as they alight a bus a mile away) only to be replaced by the new most favoured butcherous dictator.. du jour of the time honored bully rules entrenched by their 'prophet' of Islamic beginnings?

The only cause Canada should have with Nations of Islam is punishing them for punishing Christians (as we should, big- time equal human rights violator, communist China) and facilitating the escape of women and children and Christians who want to leave these insane barbaric Nations of Islam, full of cowardly, albe-them brutal attacks on the defenseless.

Seemingly, self-abusive/demolishing Canadian liberals are happy to celebrate and advance, any group that is as far different as one can distance oneself from Judeo-Christian fourth or fifth- class Canadians.

Various vaunted fist, Marx.. isms, of (now) tired violent revolution that won only through fear or extortion, validated with coveting, never won through spirit and heart, is the mainstream and the main street to Hell.

Today's Marxist (that's how nouveau they really are kids) liberals now in full realization of that fact have turned to their last resort to rule by political and propaganda force, by the pruning of traditional freedoms through the judiciary and intellectual purposeful 'stunting', through the (only) 'official state' Marxist.. education.

What's a university snot to revolt against these days ... the revolters?

And then, yet, what of the students... ..Well, we can only hope.

N. American politicians and socialist controllers, can't handle alternative thinking electorates. When that happens, they have to work harder (in actual explanation of platforms) to attain positions of power, and it is 'critical' that they 'appear' to be absolutely correct on issues.. at least in their campaign speeches if not in their acceptance which time like a Dole or Romney, it's time for the tablecloth trick on the keenly set silver and chinaware place sets on the rotting table.

Where's the issue competition in political discourse amongst the same likes of the progressive conservatives, the liberals, the NDP, or Green parties?

This of course, can't happen when the truth doesn't line up with the populist attraction to these political parties. Public discussion beyond the 'liberal line' is narrowed, even restricted to friends and allies when it is rarely opened at all. Social conservative opinion is not even allowed from the editor to the letter pages, to the passing conversations, in the once hallowed halls of the likes of Queen's University.

To read university student newspapers is lower than watching the most inane adolescent hit 'coming of age' movies...behold youth wasted on much about... absolutely nothing and nothing offered.

Back at the funny farm, a whole segment of Judeo-Christian population has to bemarginalized like the natives and poor blacks, mentioned above, but this time in a nefarious despising sort of way that goes as far as to have laws against alternative thinking and speech.

To the liberal establishment, perversity trumps Judeo-Christianity any day... Wal-Mart counter clerks non greeting with Merry Christmas being the last of a Christian nation's woes, hardly... the entirety of it. Focus on the major issues not the minor distractions as liberals love you to.

The Kingston Diocese just reported a 'whopping fifty percent' drop in Catholic Church attendance, and participation in the Sacraments led by (society down-written de-valued) weddings in the last quick ten years. Thirty five percent of American Catholic priests and bishops don't believe in the real Presence of the Host... a 'major' difference separating the modern man-made protestant churches and the Catholic Church

Geriatric aged Catholic Bishop leaders see no sense of urgency, especially, I surmise since they contributed officially in willing accomplice, and unofficially, in lack of actions thereof, to the collapse of the Church, Catholic education, and the ferocious societal determined raping of Christian children's innocence, that includes placing pedophiles 'quickly back' into the community (watch) neighborhoods often in law mandated anonymity with yet a successful love tear jerking story, epic ending, I'm sure.

Nor, do these Catholic Bishops yet to have any semblance of a plan A, for all the time they saved themselves, from participating in diocese activities. The Masons are more transparent to the faithful than our Club du Catholic Bishops. The Toronto Diocese in particular has been at the bottom of the followers, hardly the leader of a Nation's flag-ship diocese. Someone in Ottawa, sure gave the Pope the wrong red book report for elevating Cardinals in Toronto's case.

So do I not think so highly of the in 2012 ...Let me count the ways and the liberal establishment means where no longer can political correctness cheer its heroes in terms of courage, breaking molds, or freeing of the captives..more likely unleashing the hounds.

'Brave' politically correct 'heroes' are more common than free-flowing Tim Horton coffees on the first day back to school, with Timbit brains to boot

The saluting of today's nation and flag is not just a loving recollection to Canada's (not so long ago) past greatness, for fighting greater world evil, whereas home fires of abortion were not even considered for the 'disease' and 'tragedy' justifications of pregnancy, let alone, to charge personal total choice, on private lives, onto the national credit card for payments to the likes of private preferred clinics, for compounded interest charges tossed on future generations, in the totality of exchange of votes for specific political parties 'of the day'. Saluting is paramount to approval on the present day nation.

Germans approved of their nation of Nazism in the same good faith Canadians would now salute Canada equally though in other ways, quite unworthy to the objective eye, of that good faith.

All socialist plans, schemes and dreams, go on the credit card because not only are they unattainable they are simply ill-conceived from the beginning... union extortion, universal pension plans, universal 'free' health care, etc.

Not to say they are no poor seniors (that I'm not tripping in the streets over their cold bodies, or the starving children of Dickens' proportion) but many snow birds of today could afford to use their Canada 'universal' pension from the ponzi beginning high- end, to tip the help in the high-end fast food restaurants in Florida.

(Don't make it 'universal' by not making it mandatory in the first place. The government needs to 'serve' efficiently and prudently focusing on those in need.. The free market is always around for all those who want.)
I would suspect that most Canadians don't pay as much into the government (non-invested) pension fund, as they would ultimately draw on in retirement, so how could one possibly see this scheme ever improving or working in the yet untested long run of an extended generation or two?

Like U.I. how could one not expect to take out more than one could have possibly contributed in any kind of a socialist created scheme, in an evenly moderately extended recession than we have now, never mind what is to come.

Then there is this strange socialist oath of allegiance socialists have to long- dead guy, Tommy Douglass that they can't possibly comprehend in the logic that allowing for private health care insurance and private hospitals, (not closing of all Catholic ones) would greatly lower the costs to the government, more said, the taxpayer (like liberals wouldn't piss it away on some new scheme, anyway but that said) a tremendous saving would otherwise be made and all the 'more' money, and 'better' care for those who couldn't afford private medical services or care.. Shit! no one can understand this one.

No, Canadians this is the kind of sacrifice humanists want...totally unnecessary sacrifice that justifies their very existence and superiority to be lord over the masses, that ultimately harms those lesser off, not to mention everyone else to boot... not aids them

On the provincial level whose second greatest expense is education in the grandest, and most ornate of buildings with legions of Cadillac of costs, often, for inferior administrations, and educators... is this same kind of Marxist thinking that keeps Marxism alive and well, through, with, and in your children and grandchildren that can't allow for even modest tax discounts for alternative private schooling where every child leaving, is a great unmatched, direct government cost, and saving for taxpayers.

Contrary to popular belief there is a lot less personal choice, misnomered liberals will ever grant you than in a Judeo-Christian practiced (non- abandoned) nation either directly, or indirectly and through assorted ways, means and schemes, including financial penalty, 'right' deserving kind of incentive, lobbiest donation pay- back laws for no other reason, and quasi-judicial government blessed and granted special interest organizations.

Only a few, from the why I hate Canada list.

1) Abortion.. not only on demand. but free of charge, and there included, hard earned /easy taken, tax collections paid to king of the most unnecessary of private clinics, Henry Morgentaler, no less winner of Canada's highest civilian honor and most balls-y justification in brazen attack on God, and Judeo-Christian tax payer, as the liberal establishment could. You should be proud, Canada.

2) Not only, the establishment conspiracy and co-operation into blocking of non- socialist opinions and propaganda extensively practiced by the media pre-internet days, but the actual attempt to the silencing of the lambs through human rights quasi judicial fiat, smothering take- over of academia, by political leaders of the day, and the threatening of tax exempt status to the last bastion alternative to the liberal establishment...the Christian Churches.

3) Marxist long plotted take-over and ugly-fying of the arts, the music the media in concerted effort to societal destruction. No can't possibly think of anything here maybe I'm wrong... oh wait there was that trip to the Sandbanks provincial park the other day and walking by the tattooed ladies' ghetto blaster playing a black entertainer's baritone monotone repetitive chant of N_ _ _ _ r F_ _ k, yo Momma... N_ _ _ _ r F_ _k, yo Momma... Oh where can I get that top single and I'm seriously sure it is

He must have composed those lyrics (the music is always the same) half way through a crap in the out house.

Oh well, whatever the white girls want, eh? Who are the blithering idiots here... (too) MuchMusic, the marketers, the entertainers or all?

4) Weak liberal establishment labour ministries and laws in all provinces meant for exploiting by strong militant Marxist political unions

5) Continual blatant ill-deserved political and financial pandering to a province in reward for simply being savvy at the patriotic game of cold political war-fare. How much farther will they go and at what worth does their 'participation' for the sake of pretense for the neighborhood, ever become too unpalatable.

6) Cross- 'provincial' politics that don't really go for this Canada thing, themselves, when it comes to giving their countrymen a break from 'world prices' on natural resources, electricity, or manufactured products.

7) Full blown, national longest lightening and thunder bolt, liberal establishment, obsession with the minutest, of minorities including the mentally ill sexual disordered, to the detriment of any, and all else, and 'in game' of coming up with a new law, annually mostly drawn, and timed, almost to the day law, to be the figurative grand marshal, (literal, would be assorted buggerer supporting silly made looking mayors and police chiefs) of latest brow beaten law and actual imposition.

8) The summer winds of Free Trade have come and gone and 'almost' everyone lost.
The third world, but more so, communist China's overnight embracing of capitalism when it saw the writing on the wall in the USSR provided for two world economical extremes.

The other was Marxist labour unions long extortive advantage of free world capitalism where prices and services rose beyond their worth and adfordibility to domestic consumers.

When the two collided..slave labour vs. over priced Marxist labour, of course slave labour prices are going to really kick ass.

The Canadian government didn't give a shit about China's human rights abuses and of course they didn't care about rice paddy new born drownings because we have our own rice paddy socialists here.

The pressure of lower prices for consumers and big time business and party doners was too much to not let Canadian business take their high labour costs including benefits, over done broad brushed H&S regs. not to mention environmental laws
was just too much for Brian and Jean.

Companies left, some lock stock and barrel, for overseas and south of the States
Consumers turned wholesale to inferior but much cheaper Chinese slave labour goods.

So who won? Consumers, investors, and highly paid government unions
Who lost?      Private sector unions, and non-union private sector workers and their families big time. The loser latter groups comprise many more Canadians than the investors and government unions....though Marxists would have eveyone working for the government if they could. This is a logical ending long in the making to the non political indifference of the dollar that seeks it's own level and knows its truth worth.

Solutions to this will be long in the making and require complete new thinking and sacrifice and balls like politicians have never displayed before.

In Canada,

If you vote for a federal conservative 'party' rep. (not your representative, by any official or unofficial 'party' policy) you are voting for Harper..that's all there is on the increasingly slimy party table, hardly the interests and concerns of 'all' Canadians.

Same thing, if you vote for the liberal party rep. and if you vote for the Ont. provincial liberal party.. you are voting for Dalton McGuinty. That's all that's on that slimy table, even further distanced from the interests and concerns of all Ontarians.

You vote for these traditionally arrogant parties with nothing for them to answer for, you own them... and and the only thing that makes them smarter than you is because you accept and believe it when they arrogantly tell you so.

Canada, you alone, not those imaginary bad guys liberals tell you of, own all the shit the establishment gets away with, pulverizing this once great country into sand.

I, for one see nothing, to salute or stand at attention in community for, for except the memories of long lost values. Well, thanks for the memories, Canada, now how about our children.

This is the reality of Canada today my Countrymen. The only thing Canada has going for it now is the democratic legal 'potential' to change, which isn't likely to occur anytime soon in the modern populist liberal establishment, that attempts to control all social situations and how children and young adults should be taught to even think. Faintest, fat chance clause of hope against hope isn't enough for even a nod or a wink, never mind a salute.

It has been so long since real war, real fear, and real abuse, that liberals have invented all this political correct garbage, victim garbage, even victim environment garbage that the liberal establishment had to even invent 'liberating' of nations that wanted more of the same, just different leadership, and sacrificed our boys who fought, and fight in good faith where ever they are told to..but are not stupid. either.

For the most part, and some modern years in the making, the whole Canadian world has been transformed from a brave and good society grounded in a reality that knew of personal sacrifice, and the family to be cherished, not expecting of the latest improbable of entitlements to the imaginary world of liberalism that is the 'free' cure for all that ails you and opens the gates of Hell under the claim of humanist heaven, for all to equally enjoy, and with no consequence of harm on your Marxist extended 'sister' or 'brother', neighbor, or loved ones.

The reality from the demographic long (enough) created template of controlling Marxist liberalism set us all up for singular de-population on the home front, death of the family and church ( remember when it was God, Family, Country) well the Marxist way is, 'the peoples'... end of your's and their concern.

The obvious future extrapolation of never thought- out liberalism, is the same as in the Arab world. Under any democratic system, it happens that the 'greatest number', no matter their culture, traditions religions and laws are the ones to rule and set up their own judicial establishment based on whatever they want including 'their' god. 'The biggest bully, or much less likely, the biggest nice guy wins all.

As well thought out in the U.S. Founding days. Government control and abusive or extended, powers was the most to be feared for the 'protection of the individual citizenry'.

Right now, our own liberals have bullied us into submission on education, on the family, at the work place, on what our children are to be taught, think and believe.

They have ridiculed the family, made it's members feel worthless in many cases, dependent on artificial social engineering and 'big' daddy government stolen grail. They would have families attack even their own who don't embrace modern liberalism, and 'pushed' genders regardless of practical qualification out of their traditional roles into the likes of forced communist- like pictures of old Europe with new shiny uniformed champion.. farm horse, or war-horse, we don't need no stinking kids, ... female. And 'training' them that otherwise, that they have no 'feelings' or intelligence of self- worth.

Marxist liberalism can only prey on emotions and desires of the time to gain and hold power because there is no possible future in logic, in their selective morality, and certainly in their financial schemes.

They are the biggest lie of all only ending in misery, strife and societal unrest.

Canada's Catholic Bishops

Canada's Catholic Bishops have got to be very ignorant of this new Canada (though I can't possibly see how unless they became silent monks of prayer which would have been better than the occupiers of the very different positions they willingly accepted) very cowardly, or very arrogant and over confidant of what they are doing and more important, not doing. In any case they are certainly not up to the challenge and leadership required of them...that much is so painfully obvious.

I'm reminded of a war movie, ultimately meant and typically to be an anti-war movie as most war movie dramatizations are (like 'anti-Judeo-Christian religion' are the make-up most Sunday newspaper, 'religion' sections) 'based on a true story' with any message liberals want it to impart.

That aside 'A Bridge Too Far' was a good movie if taken with a grain of salt. It's mellowing and crescendoing orchestra sound track that would put O Canada to shame a lone and should have won an award, maybe it did. It also had a plethora of top actors some who must have volunteered their time, for this movie to make money.. there were that many of them and not in just flash cameo appearances.
Anyway, what reminds me of this institution of Bishops is the military institution of WW II British War strategists. In this one scene, General (or Field Marshall) Browning is viewing a slide on a big screen put on by his top military intelligence officer who is desperate and over confidant in his plea for Browning to hold off operation Market Garden (a true battle) because of the unknown intelligence (till then) that pretty much what was left of the entire German Army including Panzer divisions were hiding

only in rest and recouping, around the very last town they wanted to liberate and take control of the last bridge on their advance line.

Browning looks at the aerial photographs of the partially hidden tanks that were not expected to be in the area at all, and fumbles out his point that there is something there, but 'nothing to be too concerned about'. The flabbergasted intelligence aid offers in typical British style understatement “Well you see they are tanks sir” or in the Bishop's case you see the Catholic Church/Faith is burning in Canada. The allies have all left and the Church is under serious attack.

Don't talk to us like we're stupid or that you possibly have 'anything' under control.

You also need to lose the official Canadian flag from the Altars of a nation in full attack on the Church and anything it stands for. Like the time of the Patron Saint of Priest's France in full Marxist bloom.

Patriots are like the rich. They can't take their small n nation to heaven with them but no doubt can take parts or whole nations to Hell with them.

This flag, this nation, these provinces, their leaders, their fags (never forget that they are a 'culture' or 'way of life' based and centred on perverse sexual acts period, that's their totality,) do not protect Judeo-Christian rights they are in full blown attack on, us. Get their damn Maple Leafs off the Altars, until such time as we gain this nation back and bring respect and honour back to it.
But even so flags do not belong on the Altar of the Universal Church.

God, Family..Nation!

'Invisible' minority homosexuals, unless they are in public display mode, are not blacks of the fifties, and neither are they or were they ever a civil rights movement. They simply wanted to be above the law, and that they accomplished.

BBQ at my place this July 1st (seriously, acres of room)...bring your own stuff and bbqs...... flags optional.

email for directions.

Paul Gordon

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