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Urgent Appeal To The Vatican

Urgent (as in long overdue) Appeal To The Vatican

Oh Universal Church of Jesus Christ, awake from your slumber the wicked days bask in their triumphant glory and have, all but won what wickedness so cherishes... Won effortlessly, not over pointed, or eloquent words from the scriptures, and homilies of a holier time (for all the evils of today,) there is no shortage thereof, but through the utter collapse of faith and courage.

Courageously, loudly, whole heartedly reclaim and proclaim the righteousness of the Universal TRUTH to Christ, Alone, tested in the raging fire of Satan's best in suffering, and death... and won in the humblest of humility and love, to serve and love the ones who would serve.

A suffering, that can neither be time immortal nor heavenly unnoticed, yet wound salved and soothed from the gentlest hand of our Mother, herself, in our commitment of faith and love to her beloved Son.

A Son to gather the children, He most cherishes and yet, so chose to share with us in the creation of physical beauty, no defect could mar to obscure …yet more exquisite, beauty of innocence, and further yet, in the only state of true beauty of a trinity of Life, to be tested in the world ….that creation of a brand new soul, itself.

This is the truth…the words… the weeping joyous arrows slung point blank from the loving Holy Ghost in emotion no less shared with the Son Himself and upon every occasion, father casts first eye.. on his newborn babe…so helpless so innocent, not granted freely in total, and simply owed unconditional greatest of love for being. ..

Troubles worries…To Hell where they belong…give me life and liberty to defend most precious light and only future…Death has not won this day…and by example of John Paul can greet only those who run to embrace it.

And what of this Truth that we need be markers, to point the weary travelers, the frightened, the anxious, the hurting along.. A Truth or grail to be most jealous if only in recognition of, for Christ s love, Christs protection…Christ's 'coaching'.

In the only and same World, Christ constantly warned us of, to not bond with, to not embrace, to not love, what could possibly touch the Truth ?

Surely not man s, invention, philosophies, intellect, endless time wasted study and ill afforded races away from this one earth.

We've met and have our fill of all the Anti-Christs many sopped in the physical blood of man and worse others hemorrhaging souls of the unprotected innocent, doing and all-knowing of everything unchallenged that's best 'for us', discarding any and all our worth, un-equating ourselves to each other and certainly to those who lord over us, shouting to us where not to go and telling us of the community ways not born any test of time, let alone fire of Truth.

Anti-Christs, who have confined all teachings to be in full communion with the World with its man-made hollow corner cinder block, that truth assuredly does not exist…for the simple reason that the world cannot (and certainly has not yet) come to compete with logic, never mind Truth, as it has shown throughout the whole of history of man with its embracing of competing evils.

( By small example but typical, in Canada the movie For Greater Glory has seemingly been effectively banned. How can the world comprehend the ultimate sacrifice for Truth, and faith, when it holds that the greatest virtue can only be (blind) and obedient patriotism, that law is morality and that academia, and entertainment is truth)

Disguised as the shepherds they are the true purveyors of hate…of violence… of dissension and division. They subvert justice itself,, to the political obscene. They stand for nothing, but in their pride, plot for what their world desires, regardless of what that mentality and reality can wrought on whole nations. Nations that unabashedly couldn't recognize themselves in a United Nations truly criminal line- up, of a mere fifty world Marxist perverted and championed years.

Our cherished democracies have been steered off track and abused by the establishment of populism where choice is heavily weighed.... in and by persuasive communities of peers..transgressors dutifully so reported and punishments thus increased that a perfect world without any accidents or loss of ones might be created.

A competing morality of direct contrast to the establishment is to be chastised and relegated to the old ways against the back drop of the truly bland gray town square when disappointment and a wary uneasiness are all that excels.

The greater nature, and aspects of Truth, aside... world establishments are desperate to meld into one, to enforce and finalize the World's laws, against their battle against the real Truth, they couldn’t.... mostly because they wouldn’t hold a candle humility.

Another pretentious cinder block essential for liberalism of the one Marxism to abscond and retain power is that only they as individuals and groups can 'care' in sympathy, (and enough for just the right drastic but universally correct 'fair' societal rectification) for total strangers, be they old or young in offended 'sleepless' indignation, even focused ambitiously coy, Bishops, couldn't pull off in their most caring sermons.

There are really no cards left Marxists haven't played that simply need be 'called', each and every time. What's as old as Karl, himself .. with anything to justify the end, is a world ideology as all others that never could stand up to Truth from day one, on through decades of tortuous societal slow poisoning philosophic opinion from gurus who couldn't live in the same modern world they fantastically created, and experimental societal psychology, directed to final forced orchestration by the elitist for the great hurrah for feelings, desires, rights and extrapolated worths thereof, (narcissism in a word of reality) that were surreptitiously transcribed into laws by planted minor judicial useful idiots, the world for its willing blindness, un fortunately and near fatally deserved, that it would trample upon the patient but truly loving historical and eternal Christ, for the first enticing modern evil of stale pungent air that blew by, including charlatans to the true church itself who broke off to form useful idiot, impossibly Marxist Christian churches themselves to their worldly glory.

Here is a sampling of what they hold dear to be right, (but not in the sense of truth of course because there is no truth and certainly no existence of God or Christ)

Consider the World to be the establishment referred to and the establishment to be considered the broad tail of those in power for decades now. The free nations have not been able to resist their takeover including Canada and the last free world bastion of Christianity, the United States.

That establishment, of course consists of the obvious, of those parties and individuals in political office, the judiciary those political parties (often reward) and appoint and whose activists judges perch proudly from, the academic world subverted to constant preoccupation with political causes, the news and opinion medias, and last, but amazingly possible greatest across the board influence on child and adult alike the entertainment and arts, media. And newest member to the anti- Christian establishment, industry and manufacturing marketers not above any 'pile- on' that could increase profits.

They are assuredly 'right' in their gray painted world in their assumptions that all religions are equal and should be equally marginalized. Except of course, Judeo-Christians who deserve special attention and especially need to be held down and have a watchful eye cast upon them at all times

They are assuredly 'right' in their assumption of a needed number of modern 'rights' many of which garnered all their attention through mostly cult- like staged sympathy dramas and artificial crisis's and thereafter continually fueled with the atomic whipping rods of political correctness.

You should be aware of them all various (rights) of the 'truly' 'downtrodden' that single out, and show cased by and for the most polite of societal quarters to pet them on the head in quiet snicker and self satisfied smirk, but to feel guilt vindicated for being pompous champions of the victim rescue, game instead of the real all men equated equal, and worthy of love ideal in the never, ever go wrong truly exciting guiltless and flawless guidance of Truth.

The illogical right for free Marxist universal health care which punishes the rich but especially the middle and poor class.

Universality is the greatest Marxist selling point and wink of enticement to even those in no personal need of it but obliged to accept because fairness is to be looked at as a people's right also. The rich are just as deserving as the poor. The rich and healthy just as deserving of needless suffering as the poor and ill.

In fact, all Marxist universal schemes have now seen themselves unravel and come to full attrition of what they always were... un-affordable and unattainable pyramid schemes. The average payout of ill sponsored and guided government pensions do not average out to what on average is premiums paid. The same for unemployment insurance. Yes some workers never have to collect on 'insurance' payouts. But they hardly make up for all those who do and if you can imagine that if most workers had to collect in the event of government payrolls going bankrupt or near bankrupt, the feel good scheme just wouldn't hold up for one day.

The right Marxist union ideology that put its selective jack boot in the labour sector door with the tired dead swan song…'unions were once badly needed so how bad can they really be'.. is a great illusion in truth

In fact, the workers have always had the largest voting block in any free nation. But, there is no money for college socialist graduates in voting in strong labour representatives. Quite the opposite is true, and union organizers, public political socialists first, could not exist where a crisis can not be created for them to champion for the people.

They never worked for the so called little guy worker, everywhere, in fact until the last few decades they only organized and maintained their presence in the higher paying sectors, government, teaching, auto workers etc. where there was the real possibility of extortion. They could not waste their time and talent on menial paid workers.

Of course, the high wages, and luxury benefits, unions primarily extorted, through financial ruin, threats, and violence also came to attrition and cost economies and suitable paying present day jobs greatly. To some degree their were 'ordinary' workers who were always aware of the schematics, but who were they to rock such a boat of personal prosperity for the present?

This certainly was not exactly allegiance to the Truth by any means but at least it could be appreciated by the more common of us, over the shrill shouting down !..! from union organizers, (political socialist idealists first)

Where's anything close to the Truth of Christ seen in any of the society destroying ideologies of the multi-pronged World of Marxism fathered by the greatest anti-Christ of all times who decried Christian courage, as spit-little?

What is right about a whole human rights growth industry, of victim/ bully/ /government hero triage cure ideology that raises and ingratiates an otherwise invisible minority segment of society and heaps all kinds of powers and attributes of cultural, family gold, and child rearing all based, watered and nurtured from the single cinder block of homosexual acts… and that repentant society should lie prostrate in awe for the annual pride of sexual deviance parade and intellectual and moral insult ever perpetrated on society.

Homosexual acts, that only homosexuals can own, that when perpetrated forcibly on many real victims, sentenced them to life sentences of depression when they didn't commit suicide.

That the human strategy ( of all strategies that Truth never needs), needed in solving this inconvenient reality in civilized society is the making the perversion more widely accepted, through sexually freeing 'enlightenment' and welcoming children younger and younger into the fold, and worldly indoctrination, of brainwashing society at large against its natural repulsion first, second and rightful extincts stands alone, as the lie to this world truth.

I can go on, but hopefully I am preaching to the choir about the state of the entire free, and imprisoned world, and of the un-politically correct presented realities, as populist un-accepting as they are.

I am confident John the Baptist would have no problem with the tone and intent of this writing

New compounding untruths pop up daily, usually to shield the establishments illogical gaping wounds on their naked intellectual dishonest shortcomings but what's more distressing at this point, is for the hierarchy not to defend the Church and faith in any serious manner in the free world where they are mostly unobstructed to do so, at least at the present time though that window is being closed.

Though there is plenty of reason and occasion to challenge the establishment on many points, the Church hierarchy particularly in North America, falls into an almost laissez faire, ambivalent attitude of, ' The Church will withstand the very Gates of Hell'… seemingly transparent however, without their, the Bishop's help and at the costs of how many souls in the interim, that are implored upon to be ever vigilant for.

What I hope the Vatican will do for one thing at minimum is something I have called for before.

The Proclamation of a year of Christ the Truth.

The word, truth is so commonly used primarily in the World realm, 'telling the truth' or 'the truth will come out', that many Catholics including those attending higher and highest places of World learning, are foreign to the concept that Christ is the real and totality of the concept of the ultimate Truth, whether, it be within the confines of social justice, primarily church Marxist infiltrated and inspired heroics actually quite void of Christianity.

Not to misread as a concept that, Christ told us 'all' there is, (in fact, He said he could not tell us all at the time.. through the apostles and scriptures of the time) that we may as well pack it up, everyone can go home, now and breath easy.

And of course, what better tribute to God than to glorify Him with great accomplishments in all the fields, the Church most actually led in, for a good period of history... But for all the spiritual health needed for good intellectual and emotional health, in satisfaction one knows the proper diet for the soul it self, through 'what is guiding', that which is moral, that which is loving, and logical among other concepts of Truth… Christ is the real Truth, that stands singularly alone and unchallenged to this day.

Catholics all need to be reminded if not put in total astonishing, better said, in epiphany, or in grace of first 'discovery', that Christ is the Truth, all that we need , all that we could possibly be filled with, and the best we could possibly desire.

The world so resents this and actually fears this legitimate healthy challenge that by way of, small example the Hollywood produced movie, one can be forgiven to be skeptical in motive of for a drastic sudden departure, 'For Greater Glory' has been effectively banned from Canadian public theaters.

Canada, and the world needs to be put on notice (that Christians are very relevant, (for our a battered and bruised morale booster if nothing else) that we are prepared to die for our faith, not for the sake and show of world credited socialist greater than Christ pacifism, but in witness to and in our faith, and for our dedication and love for Christ and very real and hard appreciation of His.. Truth.

...That there is something bigger than even our Nation or nations we do not put before or in test of our God, and we will not salute the flag any nation including our birth nation, if it is in full attack on Christ and our faith, and whether that attack is manifested through attack on the Church, on the family, or on our children’s innocence, and if prolonged or sustained in grievous injury with all it entails with no politicians willing to stand for Truth over their convenient but hardly forgiving civic duty. What's not good for your self or your own family is not good for the nation !..!

It s sad to say but our seniors who in realty have by and large, done quite well with the first and only fruits of Marxism, need to be drawn into the battle as well, that has placed unprecedented debt on their grand children and great grand children, not through government mishandling as much as government pass the buck deception, against all mathematical possibility, let alone logic.

It wouldn’t hurt them to be reminded of Christ the Truth in their closing years.

After a heartfelt, father's day, explanation by way of homily, if not suggested plan of action ( primarily, because none was put forth or approved by the Bishops) it was overheard from a senior parishioner of the new Dalton McGuinty imposed provincial law that forces joint homosexual/ normal youth, 'clubs' onto all publicly funded Catholic Schools in Ontario, (that Canadian Bishops long abdicated any say they had, anyway).

“Oh well, at least its not our problem.”

What truth is there for the pregnant teen to look to.... never to be found in government or in her angry sisterhood?

What truth is there in guidance for struggling teens in a whole social media in error to look for? Certainly, not their heroes and beacons in entertainment intellectually, artistic and morally bankrupt and certainly never to be found in the extended government family.

What truth can those Marxist made crisis victims look to, when all they need is strength, and a focus on caring for others, and few real victims near and far between, they are... as opposed to victims to communist and other dictatorships where victims are truly victimized even murdered at the hands or blessings, of their dictatorship governments with Islam and South American socialist and dictators some self labeling themselves as Catholic members of faith coming strongly to mind.

What truth for anyone can possibly be found in the whole Marxist inspired establishment. Of course, there are no truths where there is nothing morally 'right' to begin with but, that harbors and embraces lots of opportunities for evil to look out for and after us, to educate us, to entertain us, and to lead us and at times, by our own willing noses where it wants us to go.

To underline the Churches reasonably expected commitment to the Truth if nothing else, and not be swept in the great sucking undertow of all things relative and of relevance to the Marxist mantra.. I offer the following.

Christ implored us to love our neighbour... to love our enemies. In truth we should, as we can be biased judges as to who is right, as when both are may be in the wrong, and is one wrong sheerly, through ignorance... 'we are to be forgiven as we don’t always know what we do.' Are own spouses can tell us as much.

However, we 'never' love thine worldly evils or Gods enemies He was neither shy or forgiving in telling us often of it. An evil so blatant, it is hard not to recognize it, especially when we are cognizant of the exact opposite in the Truth of Christ.

Love the quiet and repentant sinner we all should be, but never the sin, any non Christian, government or what political groups and parties espouse and impose.

John the Baptist, no less chained to his human condition, was still Christ's cousin and most murdered bereaved, yet he wasn’t one for being shy of public figures, in public position of influence, of authority, or of power over others, including up to, and including imprisonment and murder.

Of todays examples, if politicians, or any public celebrity dare to lower the the crucial universal moral bar, and claim it to be right therefor their truth (where they claim none to exist, in set-up to fluff off their sheer idiocy), by law or legislative fiat. If they dare to enter God's domain, even Caesar of the failed empire was wary of, they are in dangerous flirtation of evil where they were not even called upon for.

At the very least, such too commonly 'Catholic' politicians need to be excommunicated to clear up any confusion in the Truth that they so assail primarily for their own ambition and tribute to themselves alone.

The Bishops need to 'always' be cognizant of the protection of others especially the vulnerable and innocent and must take strong decisive action on those public figures so far far removed from the Truth of Christ.

As for the many illicit Catholic institutions from elementary school to higher learning of which I place the Dominicans of Ottawa in high disrepute the academic 'buckling' as it would be taken by these socialists, to the Truth of Christ would in itself be a 'punishment' too hard to bare, let alone ever consider, that for the most part they would distance themselves from the official Universal Church, and individual Dioceses, in short order.

Though I would be curious as to what they would then refer to themselves as.

Simply as Truth itself, do we believe, and proclaim that Christ is the Truth and have not only faith, but reasoning, logic and proof thereof, or do we not?

I also implore the Vatican to repose and renew the Catholic faith and deal with the world as it must, in this only Truth, we know of, and need.


Paul Gordon

Happy Spirtual Father's Day to the many good priests still defending any way they can.

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