Monday, May 28, 2012

Avengers of Rights.. No Thanks, We're Good.

As delicious as it would be to go one way with the parallels of this title, I'm not going there. The 'hammer' of quasi-judicial university kid- staffed human rights commissions over matters the Supreme Court could barely be trusted with.

The bully Hulk... smash up people, ask questions later tactics of politically correct politics,

...Captain America who adds a little too much pseudo divinity to patriotism that one day will be demanded by the United Nations from its servants. A nation is not divine by its assumed preferred status with God, but is great in its appreciation and respect of God's domain and love.

Plainly, the total make up of the nation of the day, responsible for the state of the nation, can not keep voting in anti-christs and blatant moral evil and expect the colors a lone to catch the eye and winds of God's righteousness.

The Black Widow? c'mon ......way too easy...Are women ever going to be brave enough to pick up the boot straps they claim to be so equal with men to do.... to seek Truth.

Women, your life is harder, your work more nobler but your maturity... as being spoken for by minorities no better than man, and less so.... to listen to these feminists you submit yourself to. They tell us, like Avengers of other groups, that you are all ignorant non- academic graduates, and victims who know no better lives, for yourselves.

Iron man with sardonic laced narcissism overload of today's metro-man the know-it-all smart-ass who even knows the beauty secrets and their application that no woman (or man) can resist.

Did I not read somewhere that Marvel comic superheros are going to be outing themselves as homosexuals. Total world perfection...and why not? Apparently, every famous (infamous...being more believable) person in history was homosexual. Didn't you read that faded sun bleached memo in the union for all seasons, work-place bulletin board. There goes the Tony Stark persona.

Also, as tempting as it would be to write that we need World Wars to knock collective heads together to get people off self-absorption, self-analysis, and off really really goofy tangent tantrums, like being offended in Saskatchewan (the province of small thinkers and Nazi-Native like burdensome harsh name to keep it that Manitoba, ...native for man fell out's Canadian founding Marxist Mecca twin) in the public square at the mention of Jesus (swearing lower case,... still acceptable..I'm sure) or outlawing Dickie Dee in B.C. neighborhoods, because he is just too noisy for the chattering class neighborhoods.

At least that's their story they're sticking with...freaking food bastards!

Hell, in Markham, and appropriately named, Unionville, the local constabulary 'highest' blitzkrieg priority is to ticket motorists who transgress the wrong turns, in the marked turning lanes, at the appointed wrong times of the day, in the jaded neighborhoods of the rich and privileged.

Who could be more deserving of the priorities self- correction value, of World Wars than, United (in P.C.) Nations.... free trusting citizenships, of Canada?

No, Hollywood de-sensitizing aside, real Wars are real Hell and though absolutely necessary, (to keep goodness in the big game of the only two driving forces in the natural history of man) not necessarily glorified.

While the free world was kept busy with one-offs of the no less dangerous, Axis of Nazism, Imperialism, and Fascism of social mental illness of a master race incredible birthright belief to world rule... Patton and McCarthy (from the home front) had it so right that the free world was infected with the freedom flesh eating disease of Karl Marx that single sex birthed his whole family of evil isms...all who declared Christianity like spit-little, believing boisterously that nervousness is a better allie than fear.

No, this article is about the Avengers of Rights mentality that turned great free nations into themselves, sucking the fresh air of the only real freedom as free as it can possibly get (without taking your neighbor's share too.. and embarrassing yourself in the process) to giant puckering moons of self-imploding rosebuds..if you get my drift.

How can everyone possibly have 'absolute' freedom and remain in the 'logical' comfortable realm of Truth, without screwing the whole neighborhood up with an open ended invitation, and humanist granted citizenship... to evil. Evil has never been shy about speaking ( screaming or whistling now) up for itself without, in effect... giving it equal credence and equal time, with goodness.,, aka, relativism, of humanist worship!

Freedom of speech and thought...yes!...(God gave that...people! and without 'chaining' people to goodness contrary to 'freedom claustrophobia'.. humanist muck like talk of theocracies.. slimed His way). One can leave goodness anytime one 'tires' of truth easier than one can leave evil where the goopy slime of Satan worked self- pride remains the only self... hold-back.

Laws 'legitimizing' evils formerly embraced by pagans in uncivilized societies are a new dimension to the accelerated destruction of humanity.

Since the World Wars when the free world should have really accentuated, girding it's loins, as the aforementioned tried to warn us of, instead of 'totally' letting its 'hair down' in all manner in a false sense of superiority, or false sense of allotted carte blanche as in with 'God's favour' the free world adopted a new aspect to the religion of humanism, that sucked up membership by the millions, including drawing them away from main stream Judeo-Christianity.

There was in fact a multi-Marxist-attack going against civilized society, but this writing is concerned with the one 'not' so easily recognized as others. It was foisted upon us in a number of venues, from entertainment, politics, academia etc., all the establishment hardening corner-stones in this 'need for heroes' in 'social justice'.

Pick any day from 1945 until now and we have a time, 'apparently', that the whole world was stupefied and ignorant of the pressing need of this, and that cause du jour, until we were all so enlightened, the issue was only just brought to our attention and in many cases... to the hereto rather ambivalent victims, themselves.

Everyone is a hero for a cause, a group, a minority, a Marx-ism, a whole race, a whole gender, a whole non-gender, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. The universities created more 'heroes' than victims themselves that one would expect the hallowed exit doors to be at least a mile wild.

(Listen kids, though your 'professors' would never have you believe it, your parents have more real life experience than totally sheltered mutual admiration society, paper academia could teach you.....ever.)

Not only a hero, but worse, an 'Avenger', as in to avenge all past injustices, felt, perceived, regressed memory, etc. etc. etc. and to make sure we will never ever forget 'what we never actually personally felt or inflicted on anyone in our own lives'

This by in large, manufactured and unneeded humanist bred and led, heroism turned into a religion, rewarded with earthly applause by the walking dead who would drink to anything that kept them laughing, and spiritually, intellectually, and apparently sensually numbed and hazingly satiated.

To wit, there's not enough unchained wrong 'humanist Avenger heroes' could do in the world that wouldn't be struck off the books if they just care about the environment, world poverty, the sexually oppressed..(oh really now), attack on the mutual enemy of Judeo-Christianity etc. etc.,...Go in peace the world has forgiven you, for all your transgressions on the bystanders, just don't let your suppressed guilt push you off a bridge ... we (the world ignited in you).

Today, Pentecost Sunday, the Toronto MSM broadcast Orwellian news, triumphantly proclaims ( trumpets on the hour) that a legion of eight thousand... many who will forgo church on one of its important feast days, will meet to self congratulate each other along their leisurely walk, against world opposed to the rest of us...supposedly, 'for' world poverty.....

I don't know why?.. for all the real effect it will have on those it purports to be helping.

Instead of sending their money, (their own governments haven't absconded for their own myriad of failed socialist ponzi and politically correct schemes), to responsible reputable charities (if there still are any).... the mob is going for heroes to march the guilt right out of themselves and pin medals on their spiritual psyches like a minority, in the name of the majority, pinned a now meaningless de-valued snow flake on the face of death itself...Dr. Morgentaler

Who needs religion...the world has thought of everything now, even lots to ingratiate itself with in tribute to the humanist libertarians on those Sundays than just shopping and menial labour... truly there is no rest for the wicked when you toss in Sunday sexual deviancy parades in the town squares attended and celebrated by mayors and police chiefs.

Eras of long gone oppression have been dragged on for decades, like the constant picking of scabs to keep wounds fresh for the stinking old rotting reasons of profit and self promotion.

Liberals haven't even been born yet who will continue to profit on holding hooded heads down in the shadows.

'Uncle Toms' are the new talking point and dismissing civilized euphemism for, we can attain anything we want through sheer 'cool' evil of hate, fear and pride. There's nothing more in life to aspire to...simply because we don't have to.

The evil we embrace trumps all good intentions of others and the Truth of Christ our tortured ancestors, embraced themselves, merely, while licking their own real mentally and physically inflicted wounds. (None of this was missed during the time of Christ all the way back to St. Paul who freed the slaves in his letter to Philemon under the direct influence of Christ.)

Today, their promised land consists of hedonistic escapism, and ultra realism tucked in the warming oven, (over the lasting fire of Truth), of self-generating fatalism of the second path Martin Luther King avoided, but other Avengers 'discovered' for the oldest most successful trick in the world... and Islamic perfected, limited physical and temporal freedoms accepted, in exchange for intellectual and spiritual submission to bullying and control... hardly the meek acceptance of the powerful Truth including the love and mercy, that sets one free. Like Islam, (actually the adopted brother of convenience of many of this group) doesn't the very public self promoting Spike Lees, Farrakhans, 'Rev.s' Sharptons, and Jacksons just ooze peace and love.

To this group the stage has long been set and we need only to keep the act on-going...happiness can only be attained and enjoyed under the seductive evil satiation of vengeance.

These Marx isms instill the lie that there is no truth! because there is no truth with all it implies they could ever lift their faces to, far far be it in their niches of anger, hate, fear, condescension, and violence they choose to dwell in.

As seen at the beginning of this piece it is easy to make what is (presumed at least as) good..appear to be evil, but evil can never be made to appear to be good if you know of the minimum of Truth, they staunchly nefariously claim as non-existent.

So well over and beyond, the legions of Avengers, (who think so little of everyone else, for what would be a cause to show the intelligent or previously enlightened) ... what we need.... is legions of seekers of Truth.

My talk to student graduates would include that seekers of Truth can fill in the voids, and answer all their questions, your professors simply can't..else they would unless they are truly evil, not just ignorant and would have you raise them up, and remain within the compound of all their marked and posted territories of tightly defined and imprisoning ideologies, and enshrined Marxist dogmas of back to the prisons.

They are giving you old wine skins of leftist harming dogma and having you believe you are entrusted and launched into the world with something new, exciting, even redeeming.

We can change some things for future generations like bringing back innocence, but we are never going back in history and we have to deal with the moral and spiritual world we screwed up worse than we ever could 'the environment'..

One thing we need to do in this real world, is to trust in God while dismantling the world chained measly two main stream political parties run by the same public relations firm from Hell, by... not voting, by voting for independents, or by voting for official Judeo-Christian parties.

( Strictly, as an aside, in all of this, I don't know what role the 'modern' Catholic Church 'sees itself' in, but whatever it is, even they must agree... that they have been failing at it...miserably. They never got back up after being kicked in the teeth, some would suggest deservingly so, for letting itself get to where it was, for the critically important role, it is ultimately entrusted with.)

It was reality when Jesus Christ stood beaten and bloodied before Pilate who told Him there was no Truth. Pilate represented Caesar and his vast and mighty Roman Empire still affectionately thought of by many. The Roman Empire was even more vaunted and revered than the United States of today...Nothing could touch her.

Yet, today the great roman empire is closer to a third world nation on the precipice of bankruptcy while Christ is more relevant and attacked by the world than ever.

So what have you got that's working so terribly well for you, or the rest of us, so far, or that you see as leading us out of this current black quagmire?

My blog is yours.

Paul Gordon

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