Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mixed Feelings Over Flaherty's E.I. Proposed Changes

Full disclosure, I've never liked Flarerty going back to his days when he over-ruled Ernie Eves on tax cuts for alternative non- government schooling which would have greatly reduced the government costs of education in the short and long run. Every child leaving the public system would save a heck of a lot more money than costs for tax cuts for parents.....duh!

Yes, he did overrule weak Ernie Eves who was the party leader in Ontario, and I'm sure Harper is often his new hand puppet now on the federal level. If Flaherty wants the power, why doesn't he run for the leadership?

According to Daryl Kramp the Quinte federal conservative rep. the recession is over (?) and there is no better time for E. I.changes. This is what you get for electing backbenchers to big main stream political parties, party parrots, over independent thinking and independent representing.

Back to Flaherty.. you know, I can't listen or read about this guy without at least a hint of bourgeois anger for those less fortunate than him. Even Mulroney's Wilson had more class than Flaherty who gets his back up at the slightest criticism.

The fact that he has no estimated dollar amount of savings for E.I. indicates a political motivation over an economic one, or pure mainstream party ideology over substance.

The reality of the economic situation is capitalism at its highest costs primarily because of years of extortive union demands can't compete with communist controlled 'free market' dealings from Asia.

It's simply high-end labour at its highest met low-end labour at its lowest (near slavery).

What's really resentful is government leads and empowers all shit to happen, than turns on the citizens as if it's their fault as in pay back the debt charges for Ontario hydro, because the two main stream political parties failed to actually charge the actual costs of electricity back to the users, and didn't plan for future usage because start-up costs of say a new nuclear plant would cut into their bribery vote social entitlement tax paid piggy banks and slush funds.

There are only two (serious) main stream parties in Canada (both considerably long in the tooth) who over the years..set the pension payments, set the salary premiums for socialist programs like E.I. and Health care while excluding the private sector.

It is only the government not E.I. recipients who empowered unions through Ministries of Labour which were nothing more than Ministries for populist unions. It was political parties that ultimately decided to pay the exorbitant salaries to productive and unproductive government worker unions through election strategies and pure cowardliness, pass the buck along.

It is governments who impose heavy fees and rules on businesses non- conducive to capitalism or entrepreneurship.

It is government who sucked up to communist China to be Canada's main supplier of goods.

It is the government and their militant union spouse and environmental mistress, that sent businesses off to far far away places.

It is the government that is supposed to fucking lead, not talk down to those who elected them. We the people are not here at the pleasure of the political party.

The mixed blessing was hearing Sid Ryan complain that welders and whoever, high paying dues workers might have to settle for the thousands of ten dollar an hour non union jobs on the government job bank... Thank you government for the heads up on those jobs you and your decades of union sponsorship created.

Don't be condescending for being so blatantly culpable yourselves.. if you really want to help.

Paul Gordon

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