Friday, May 11, 2012

Ottawa 'Pro-Life' Witness..The Heart (less) and Truth of the Matter

Ottawa Pro-Life Witness...The Heart (less) and Truth of the Matter

A one paragraph article the Ottawa Sun 'first posts at 10:30 am' when protesters were actually at Mass in Ottawa's largest Churches, suggests that the numbers of protesters 'appeared to be around 4,000' according to their ace reporter, down from last year's estimated 15,000. 680 news among other MSMs are now finding it too hard to post lie after lie when Ottawa business's are 'feeling' the real numbers.

This Ottawa Sun reporter and editor would be fired in other publications for their blatant misrepresentation of news in other places, especially south of the border, the nation are MSM loves to hate.

With show the truth 4x8 sign in hand, I was standing along the north side of Bank street under the view of Morgue en Pallor's prosperous tax paid, no debit card required franchise clinic I could have swore that there was at minimum an increase of 3-4 thousand over last year from the same spot..

Just a little under and over to the west in the same building is a McDonald's franchise, both can boast thousands 'served' but only one can say, have it your way and get paid by Mcguinty's OHIP, aka your money. McGuinty even changed the tax form for your easy payments to be directed to the universal free health care plan.

Below Canada's, Order of Canada award winning Dr. Death ( truckloads of money were not enough to speak- for- us- all. public homage to this weasel, taught his craft in a Nazi camp himself) is a 'Curves' franchise. Now, there's a perfect small mall match.

Harper missed 20,000 Canadians of all those he supposedly serves, while picking up tabs and lending his ear to much much smaller groups. Thanks Steve...(most of these kids can vote now, or soon, and they were all armed with I pods and boy do they know how to use 'em)

I do see how Harper feared for his life from these mostly hateful Catholic protesters, with his one cruiser parked at the gate of 24 Sussex. (He was probably another radar trap dispatched by Mcguinty's armed tax collector branch.)

The Mounted Police set up barricades, Show- the -Truth picketers and the dozen counter protesters both ignored.

Mounted Police paid little heed to harmless free speech-ers who actually pay taxes over the university student small band of protesters, as they should.

RCMP joked with both sides at times including the short plump black janitor who serves the whole building like a cock protecting his roost. Strong rumor has it that he has threatened death on pro-life demonstrators before. I guess he's toothless in addition to being plump as no one's gone missing, yet.

He will have to at least lose weight to keep up that animitity now.

Sticks and stones will break our bones but signs of truth are beginning to get-to many.

Speaking of signs, the Bishops did not join the 20,000 protesters of the most immoral of laws, this year.

Bishop Cardinal..whatever, Thomas Collins couldn't find young women to make cry, while holding the signs' of Truth that contrary to his orations have done more than the cowardly Catholic Church has ever done since day one of the legalization of abortions. (I have honestly come to believe that priests and bishops not being natural fathers do not respect life as much as fathers and mothers of babies do other wise they wouldn't put the half hearted effort into it that they do).

What was so pressing that hundreds and hundreds of priests could not make it to the one freakin day March for Life, (initiated by Father Alphonse DeValk) protest?? Thousands of the youth that can't get back into their Churches were there. This is just so absurd.

Bishop Pendergrast's homily at Notre Dame was given humbly and quietly, but spoke volumes.

He declared that women ( referring to pro abortion feminists in fact if not name) had a distorted view of person hood being in the singular. It takes three (without the aid of artificial parenthesis) to make person hood and no person can be born or survive with out the aid of others.

He quoted Jesus.. As I have loved you should love others. And I would have made it a little more planer for really dumbed down Canadians. As your mother has gave you life, love and support, how can you not offer the same to your baby...did your baby deserve the 'right' of your love?

Or are you so cold 'bloody hearted' you would use any excuse, Harper, McGuinty, activist created law and the whole faddish leftist establishment lie of victim mentality 'gift' to you, just to make 'your' life, 'seemingly' more convenient as they assuredly have you now believe! Political correctness has in fact snookered you right- out-of a life of happiness and your non involvement makes the same for other mothers and would be children.

Canada's new way of life, is as Pope John Paul II, and Mother Teresa, both, who aided real victims of brutality, murder and human rights abuses, is truly a 'culture' of Death!

Paul Gordon

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