Monday, May 21, 2012

You Can Never Get There From Here (Unified Conservatism)

You Can't Get There From Here... (Unified Conservatism)

In all sincerity, (I got nothing) it wouldn't 'hurt' to read an (edited) version of this piece in every synagogue and from every Catholic and Christian pulpit in North America

Look conservatives, (outside of excellent, 'print the truth', Judeo- Christian blogs like, Blazing Cat Fur and World Net Daily) if you don't want ugly divided elections come election day and all term ...maybe you should get some things straight from the beginning. The days of putting Christian support on the never never plan are coming to an end... not proliferating.

Judeo-Christians were conservative long before modern gum flapping all compass direction conservatism became...make that.. 'took over' and was 'allowed', under the now leftest establishment, yes, even b R...before Rush. In fact, one was Rush's 'rabbi', and initial inspiration (by Rush's own words) William F. Buckley.

Judeo-Christians never courted any fiscal or libertarian conservatives, (else they would be weakening their own positions). They're not perfect, nor certainly do they claim to be, but they know to never lose sight of where they came from, where they are, or where they truly 'desire to be'. They know perfection does exist and they know prosperity, goodness, morality and happiness are sought in the attraction and yearning, to perfection not in the repulsion of it.

There is going to be some suffering no matter what, which is not always a bad thing, Judeo-Christians contend.

A great deal more suffering and depression are acquired in the repulsion to Judeo-Christianity especially, in immorality and Marxism brought in as the humanist god, riding the nefarious evil expert horse on the human and humanist condition of individual narcissism. Narcissism, is such a strong addiction like pornography to a teen boy, that the paths Marxism takes is of no consequence... mob violence, murder, extortion nothing evil, is off the table or too bad for Marxism!

Immorality, and ignorance 'enforcement' is their vehicle, and power concentration to a 'relative' few, (how many are in the Chinese or Russian armies and how many are the 'leaders'.. kind of proportion world-wide Marxist comfortable) who claim right to rule, and condescend over the rest is their goal (quite successful, amazingly over the most basic of logic... to date).

Admittedly, this societal proletariat from the 'new academia', unionism, feminism and entertainment buffoonery, farm teams, does contain its true impassioned believers, for those who give merit to 'any' impassioned participation as a sign of at least thoughtfulness, however they atrophied quickly into misspent youth looking for God in all the wrong places, in search of something better for all, in good- intentioned society betterment for all, in a world full of unfairness and immorality, disturbing the inner- conscience, ( I contend the objective 'loving' participation of the Holy Ghost, of inner thought, over 'little voices' in everyone) enough to mental illness, depression and misery.

Obama may be one of these true impassioned believers...only he and God knows...but that's the best I can (anyone can) logically ever say of him..still no less than the traitor at one's side.

In the last few decades the world attributed this uncomfortableness, to not enough 'navel gazing' parental misguidance, poor choices, and restriction... and so individuals must go on a world whirlwind inner and outer tour of 'experimenting' to find oneself or one's 'social justice' cause.

The more than a flashing orgasm of substitute for 'happiness'.. has a morning after, and lifetime if not eternal 'after', however where the 'not so' miracle of happiness can come about in the greater twenty four hours in a day. Judeo-Christians are hardly looking to form 'theocracies' as by in large libertarian and fiscal conservatives suddenly contend at 'crunch time' on the electoral whistle-stop and train transfer, in their never satiating insecurity of claustrophobic 'imaginations'.

No one grants more freedom than the one God, through practicality or divine justice. People can and will do whatever, they choose through a way, as a means to an end, somehow. legally or illegally.

Legality, however, is the key Marxist or humanist 'proselytizer' to immorality, not to mention great societal 'expense' on so many levels. The kind of absolute freedom libertarians espouse is not the Truth that will set you truly free and hardly a boring never-ending search, which btw, would not even be found in Hell, if you get my drift.

As usual I digress.

So what has been the plotted course for 'conservatism' in reality for a number of decades?

Well fiscal and libertarian conservatives have courted the hand of the 'real deal' conservatives, financially and morally, 24/7 before elections and intensified in early stages of an election.

They chastise the establishment tenants in 'broad casted nets', including loud insincere (apparently) indignation, on political correctness, immorality including 50 year unsuccessful attempted 'dents' on the abortion and homosexual activist industries, Marxist socialist entitlements, etc.

The treatment of Rick Santorum, his wife and his children, is a perfect example of how the humanist end goal of humanist kind of conservatism would sacrifice its head to embarrassingly dive its dead body across the vaunted goal line of ' power holding 'party politics' and be all but totally non-nondescript, ...from..... and actually within... the long in the tooth 'establishment' of destruction.

On his own without the contrived and overly massaged aid of the Republican 'Party', Santorum's message resonated well with the silent majority not the minority of the establishment and he could have done well on his own, even without major party water carrier celebrities and Drudge... no friend to Judeo-Christians.

Judeo-Christians have been bamboozled by the very best in Canada, on the provincial, and federal conservative party level, and of course, by the Republicans in America. The most effective deception has been from their own. Last minute Judases, traitors, wolves in sheep's clothing, Trojan Horses whatever, you want to call them have won out.

Most distressing however, is what have they won?!

Considering 'sixty years' of waiting... with nothing but one way dissension into Hell, and all baby step initiatives erased, the relative moment they arise in bloody sacrifice of party politic vote 'assurance' we can wait four more years, in order to do some 'courting' of our own, under our conditions with no last minute collapse, or capitulation to what is so blatantly just so wrong in so many ways... for the sake of the sorrowful fucking Party!

Their name like so many names means nothing anymore just like their 'word'.

Judeo-Christians keep your powder dry just a little longer with so much at stake and so much to gain ,

for the eternal and universal good, if not good sleeping and don't vote until you see a true conservative conversion.

Paul Gordon

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