Friday, May 18, 2012

No Conservative Heroes Just Liars And Fat Liars (Weighed Weekly)

Listening to a snip bit of talk radio today a fill-in host for someone was disappointed Mayor Ford of Toronto (his first problem is the city he wants to be Mayor of) showed up for the homo flag raising.

Yes, apparently they have a flag for guys who anus_ _ _ _ each other crazy.. how 2012ish. That is what it comes down to isn't? And a special connection it is, that makes them great parent material too.

What other difference is there between homosexual and normal couples (mental illness aside) that makes them a special political group of interest. Well, that distinguishing difference is their odd sexual preference. There's nothing else behind the curtain or up the societal sleeve, and certainly nothing to be proud enough, as to have parades show casing various homosexual acts down main street Canada.

Imagined historical mistreatment doesn't cut it especially if this 'mistreatment' was to stop them from having public sex that normal couples, or that other 'party group hedonists couldn't'. What a giant honking crock!

The innocent child and public eye is hardly the 'bedrooms' the government had no business in.

Though the Ontario Government under Dalton McGuinty has brought the pervert bedrooms to children in the schools and Ottawa Science Museum in a big way..with no election disclosure, no voter mandate and without a parental referendum. Does electing a premier give him parental rights over all Ontario children, now?

Back to Ford..So this talk show host is ticked that he defended Ford's right to not attend the 'flag' 'show and brag' and Ford turns around and sheepishly shows up. So talk guy offers his listeners the only two reasons possible as to why Ford made his splash..1) That Ford was bullied into showing which the talk show host quickly discounted himself “Who could bully Ford into anything” or 2) Ford actually supports the homosexual

Let me offer a third reason for Ford showing up..for a little politically correct tune and jig. What if now that Ford is elected, just like Harper, Mulroney, Mike Harris, and the Bush(s) were, to name a few, (granted Bush-2 gave Americans two genuine Supreme Court picks, actually out of three) that he likes it so much, he's got to get to work on his next term! Maybe, he's not getting great publicity anymore and his advisors, or his own brain, is telling him he'd better start hauling some politically correct ass like every liberal politician before him and to come after him, and forget about the past.

This is why social conservatives don't like 'conservative' celebrities and especially don't like main stream conservative politicians. They all end up playing the politically correct fiddle at some point to varying degrees for themselves or to the only party they see as a viable representative of some of their beliefs. These 'wishes' don't come true mind you anymore than they do for social conservatives.. and that's the funny..'what comes around' bite, in all of this.

Look at Obama in the United States. The only mainstream conservative Judeo-Christian news aggregate web group, World Net Daily, who stuck to its guns of the fact that Obama wasn't born in the United States, throughout ridicule day in and day out from faddish conservatives like Beck, O'Reilly, Drudge, Coulter for just a few, not to mention from Mr. president of B.S. himself, Obama has surely been vindicated now that a former publisher has been found to write about the birth place of Kenya, Obama at the time.. bragged about and let stand on a publication about him.

But still don't hold your breath for anyone to jump on Kenya baby bummer wagon, yet.

Look we all know why popular conservatives will not embrace the Obama fraud. The United States would face unprecedented upheaval and civil unrest if their Constitution was held up and Obama was turfed. Not for the fact he's a brown Muslim, Christian hating socialist, but that he has been embraced as a black American, thanks to just a few of his too common deceptions and support of Hollywood who sees the whole world as a bad movie they star in.

There is two reasons conservative celebrities won't budge. They would lose popularity to even suggest Obama should be turfed or impeached for not being born an American citizen, especially, now that he is a President near the end of his first term, and too, they know there is not a judge in the U.S. who would go down in infamy for having pulled the trigger on the first 'black' president.

More than bad karma, it would be bad business for anyone to actually be the cause of Obama's down fall at any time in the game...never mind now.

Now could any conservative celebrity just say that, “We know Obama wasn't born in the United States or raised in the U.S but that fight isn't going to be won anywhere or if it is, not without a lot of ugliness and a good chance of permanent damage in social unrest, unleashed”?

Well apparently they couldn't because they didn't. Rather they found it more politically shrewd to just ridicule WND as a common conspiracy theorist.

Breitbart was well liked, I know. He at was certainly a step up from Drudge And I'm sorry, but he was with the rest of the celebrity conservatives, insisting that Obama was born in the U.S. (despite all evidence to the contrary,, including not one person, friend teacher any person with official or casual contact throughout his childhood coming forth) on the worst kept secret in the nation's history.

Like if he wasn't from a far foreign nation like one of Islam, than he must have been from another planet.

Breitbart, and Ann Coulter both also saw no problem with 'conservative homosexuals' anymore because, they knew that was the direction of the Republican party slow strip tease, and certainly of Romney, Coulter' s and Drudge's own hero...all along.

Rush was the only cagey enough conservative celebrity to not to be totally committed to anything or anyone. Politicians want positions of leadership because in part they love power and they are ego maniacs. Ego maniacs cannot be trusted for anything except that they will succumb to populism and political correctness no matter what the costs are to others.

Pro-life, pro-child innocence, and pro-family causes sadly have not been populist causes for sometime now though there are great rumblings in the youth as seen in marches on Washington and Ottawa.

Too bad politicians for all their many faults also can't have vision instead of clinging to past ideologies narcissistic and evil. For all those who demand absolute freedom.. you won't even find that in Hell... There's no shame in free speech, academia or otherwise, in settling for what is good and just making life easy and good for all...not just yourself.

Paul Gordon

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