Sunday, May 6, 2012

Liz Lez whatever Cheney To Enter Politics

Too many women in the Republican party suffer from Father/Husband envy.

Acording to Drudge, the tabloid nerd who also posts yet another end of the world scenario this time with solar flares, that are no doubt going to be blamed on human behaviour by Gore and Suzuki, Cheney's wife now considering to enter politics.

The Republican party who used to suck up to Christians and Catholics now sucks up to the more populist homo activist culture. 'Populist' means more votes to the fallen.

Look it, the homosexual cult, is homos making a lifestyle mountain out of homo sexual acts. There are no redeeming qualities born out of perverse sexual acts.

The majority of homo perverts want as many partners as they can get away with and the far miniority who desire marriage to help legitimize their 'culture' in lies are the mentally ill who simply need someone to cling to in their mental illness.

You can't help but feel sorry for them just to look at them, but when they go after our kids to help further legitmize their cult based on homosexual activity, they go too far. Many of them in their mental illness often distort their physical appearance in addtion to disturbing their emotional capacities and they wear their illness on their sleeve. So that sub group of their cult could be considered a visible minority in that sense but also a testiment to how, their minority has no higher societal attributes othe4rs shoud subscribe to on the merits of their activities, themselves.

If one proposes that everything and anything has great intellectual, moral, merit and academic freedom and human rights is the Truth of all existence in its humanism.

Then why not have at it and free all the societal and inner demons in the world.

The Replicans put in the fix to make sure Christians was to vote for them in the bones they tossed their way and short safety chains they put on Santorum but in no way are they moving themselves to the betterment of the United States, nor will they until they are the ones reigned in, not the Christians.

The Holy Family is the model for the natural family. Not the perfect model of destruction the free world demands to satisfy the needs of godless socialism.

Paul Gordon

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