Thursday, August 9, 2012

Huffington Post Fluff Cues Homo Sympathy Again

Or, Hugginton Lonely Losers Really Need A Life

Or, Another Lame Leftist Attempt at 'Graying' of Truth

Or, Huffington Post huffs, puffs and blows your beliefs down.

So here's the truth in all of this, regardless of whether the highly suspicious 'viral' letter was ever real, or not. I do grant that it 'could' happen, but in different wording, in most likely of possibilities

1) The modern media, cyber, print, radio, or television loves to front page moral issue related, so called 'news' that would be more suited to tabloid gossip over everyday nondescript news.

News like the Toronto media on Mayor Ford of Toronto who goes to the hospital, seemingly for acid reflux. As if, Toronto is New York, or Ford's most important function of the day isn't to make sure he doesn't step on politically correct toes, (or Bloomberg's functions for that matter, if he wasn't inventing new ones himself.

Honestly.... a couple of days ago the Toronto talk shows were 'obsessed' with how the garbage pick-up was going to go on the first day of a public to private change-over and how a local socialist councilwoman's mother was crying that her garbage wasn't picked up at the usual time.

One woman phoned in the next day and observed how sickening the contrast of the real importance of the real world was, over a union leftist politically based story raised to giant proportions over her immediate real life concerns, while visiting her brother dying of cancer and listening to nothing but the garbage news debate and breaking updates constantly on the radio.

Toronto media whipped public obsessions geared for shut-ins can be sickening after a very short shelf life.

2) The Marxist raised liberal leftist establishment, covering everything from day care to grocery bags...chicken soup, to nuts, (no pretenses here, truth is .. they are the solid 'bad' guys) have been going on for three generations, preposterously so.. that there is no truth.. only shades of gray, when in reality their own actions, and criticisms betray them.

Of course, the left means nothing of the sort of 'this gray area' they championed themselves into, through 'feelings' and most often of feelings of their own transposed onto others, i.e, I can't stand how 'they must' be suffering or losing 'their' dignity, how 'they' must feel. So let's just starve and dehydrate 'them' to death with a pitcher of water right on their bedstand. Is this the 'new right', the new good, the new white?

So they now not only hold fast to what is bad, (most often evil) i.e. violence in revolution, violence and extortion on the picket line, as ways to a collective means, they also hold fast to their opinion of the faddish man created gray or 'middle'.

What was formerly the good is now to be recognized as the formal bad i.e. Christianity. They want you to have no part of the former good, and ostracize you for it.

They have not created or uncovered a middle at all, only gone to great lengths to defend the wrong, the bad... the evil. The middle or gray area they created has no room for the former good. The left is only showing two cards while claiming three.


This 'Dear Son', homosexual letter is as good example as any, of the hundreds of morality changing 'one-off' situations they hock up like a hair ball, to turn in desperate attempts to throw morality to the wind, and bring all to today's world as it so is, not as they wish our own lying eyes to blissfully tell us.

Look at all the assorted things youth are into now, in their games, in their music, in their entertainer icons, in their copied hedonistic, narcissistic philosophies and way of life.

These kind of one-offs also breed even more ridiculous one-offs like the case of the joint societal pile-on, (from governor to judge) and killing of Terry Schavio, at the bequest of her 'estranged' husband no less and against the wishes of her family.

So I was listening to a fill-in radio talk show host with a clear leftist slant on this issue and how indignant all his leftist callers were of the 'alleged' letter from the alleged father, to the alleged homosexual son, like the political left wouldn't be above making this cause- friendly ('perfectly' written in that regard) letter, up?

From their supposed middle de-militarized morality zone they sure fired some howitzers to the new bad guys.. those who don't agree with them as the populist highly favoured... They even went on to attack Chick-fil-a in nonsense of how dare he be against homosexual-marriage with this homosexual son having his 'feelings' hurt so bad.

In their, “What has chicken got to do with homosexual marriage”, Abbot and Costello routine, they couldn't even fathom than, what has homosexual activism got to do with a number of the some of the most prosperous businesses in North America, i.e. Ford, Home Depot, Kraft, Pepsi and it's affiliates, all major banks in Canada on and on. Of course, they won't touch any other moral issues from either side, only what is hot on the leftist establishment iron of the day.

This talk show guy and all his call-ins talked 'as mad as Hell, and they weren't going to take these Christian rubes anymore', hardly the sensitive, sentimental 'middle' non judgmental patron saints of mush, they claim of themselves and their like.

The modern homosexual movement has only made great gains of acceptability in modern history, and they have done so only through the mass communication media, of modern Marxist century, faddish opinion, and entertainment, faking of sincerity and in false sympathy of the cause du jour.

When AIDs became the prevalent venereal- like anus (oh yuck) sex transmitted disease, came their first leap into embraced faddish obsession. The entertainment and public television documentaries suddenly came across supposed general hospitals jammed with homosexuals, and later as their cause suited them, the same hospitals supposedly became jammed with heterosexuals suffering from the new STD... though one would be hard pressed to find one heterosexual adult male who actually died from AIDs, certainly not common to everyone's neighborhood as we were to believe. It's like all those woman feminist pioneer martyr coat hanger heroes of which not a one is ever named or tombstone found.

If you can't use the truth, you really need a forcefully strong duck- line of lies.

Early, in the apparent game the greater masses were told over and over (and to this day to practice safe free sex, and wear condoms of the kind they make sure to now jokingly tell everyone that they supply the Olympics with) yet, homosexuals kept contracting AIDs at supposed alarming rates, despite being told of this supposed 'easy' fix, again..... over, and over.

Nothing should say grab a handful of the millions of supplied condoms and drop your clothes, like two weeks with strangers in an athletic village. Do athletes write home to tell their parents about those liberal conquests. So we can 'expect' no better behavior of our 'best' youth representing our supposed great nations than of the third world, tribal backward nations we supply billions of condoms to, ostensibly for AIDs, but in reality, for birth control... over real aid?

Having nothing else offered, we can only logically assume that homosexuals for all their small minority rare preference of 'must have' anal sex with other males, also had an illogical death wish of an addiction, to having so called unprotected sex or an unnatural sense to kill each other, (left uncured) instead of to procreate.

And surely, the 'cure' and/or 'control' is here after years and billions in research were waylaid from charities to the celeb cause, or at least a cure for younger homosexuals, in North America, or we would have heard of even a few new cases (surprisingly, Europe seemingly was never as effected or obsessed with AIDs like North America, specifically, world youth culture admired leader, the USA).

The next 'on-cue' activist sympathy call-out to assorted homosexuals with big city 'swinger' plant or lying- eye physical facilities, i.e. public parks, bath houses, gay bars, massage parlors, and homo cultural villages apparently, destined for ghost town futures, as the new greater homosexual monogamous masses, suddenly appear from deeper monogamous closets and be able to adopt babies of their same sex and 'marry' each other.

Quicky homosexual 'marriages' mostly on the female and 'old guy' side, ended just as quickly in ugly 'divorce' by many news item accounts, and in some cases with children from their former miss-read/spent 'wasted' lives, being really screwed up.

If 'one-offs' (seemingly exception to the rule non-extrapolated) are okay to sanitize and rinse bad tastes from the mouth, or bad instincts, sympathetically so... to preferred taste and discarding of instincts.... do one-offs work the other way... in the eye of the greater wisdom and non-inclusive preference on subjectivity of the leftist establishment?

Logic and truth, objective, appreciative of sacrifice, and also, (in fact,) greater in loving.... never were good friends with faddish narcissistic personal, desires, feelings and subjectivity of that which modern art, music and humor for instance.... embrace.

They are separated by a solid wall, one can be on either side of, as there is no middle, to the chagrin, sorrow, and pity of those who in vanity and in vane, transpose it on the only two realities in place, and, in time. For in truth..Truth lives.

Twenty, thirty...forty year olds do not know even half of 'it', never mind know 'it' all, as one recent speaker tried to get across to an American University graduation class, that neither did their mere attendance resiliency, or graduation transform them into someone 'special'.

Of course, humility is a non required course in any university obsessed with activist Marxism of Judeo-Christianity, financial, culture, gender, and generation ruining and divisive 'philosophies'.

Marxist universities, especially the Catholic ones, that serve the wrong master first, narrow the imagination and close the minds...hardly in the practice and spirit of 'freedom' of academia.

Freedom of the press is a freedom most misspent.

Perimeters of freedom of speech would hardly matter based on what the World in need of a cleansing shower, over inundates itself with, in preferred constant, almost giddy perverse testing with barrages on limits of a world of unhappy 'empty' depressed individuals, and societies.

Christianity... and Christmas, the birth of spirit... the return to child like joy... is no more... thanks to embracing of political correctness, foreign to all championed enlightenment to spite our former youth with our parents, that proclaims To Hell... Peace and Goodwill onto Men... silent graceful peaceful night.. never again.

'Christ the Truth', is verboten, the spiritual world connected by the Holy Ghost, has been nuked off the planet. Bring on all manner of anarchy, celebrate the objective ugliness, that too is Truth, that we all have differing subjective loves for.

I digress.

As I tend to do.... (in claim of freedom of speech.... free from rules of proper writing in fact, in failure of officially recognized accomplishment thereof, I freely admit and sincerely deserve scorn for, that we are apparently to 'know' in sheer and sure consternation, of that, which truly separates the truly wise from us truly worthless and foolish rubes)

So what if the case of the mysterious letter were reversed. What if in the most unlikely of scenarios (I admit)... that in this case, the 'father' and his partner had 'adopted' the boy and raised him to be tolerant of 'everyone and everything' except Christianity and that there were no absolutes, especially in morality.

Then upon entering university the son informs his father that he is now baptized and has embraced the Roman Catholic faith, in great joy.

What do you think this homosexual father and/or his 'partner' would write back, or the majority of these imagined homosexual monogamous 'couples' would write back to him?

Would this talk show host and his callers then call this father a no- brain cold bastard bigot for not being accepting of his Christian son?

If the Huffington Post letter were true, would not the son not know enough of his supposed cold 'bigot' father, as to what his reaction would be, after obviously letting him know in some manner of his new found sexuality.

Did the son who indeed did now 'choose' (over being forced) to embrace the homosexual 'lifestyle', including unnatural anal sex with males and to love a male as a woman (good parenting quality) possibly believe his father would be outwardly pleased?

Did the son believe his beliefs should now trump his father's beliefs who alone should 'stand down' for an undefined 'love' of his son?

The love of the son has not changed, especially, in the common case of homosexuals becoming so, themselves, after the shock of being unnaturally molested themselves! That.... if they don't die into themselves in long lives of depression or short lives ending in suicide.

The 'wall' in this case was put up by the son in as much as obviously going against everything his father believed and in increments or leaps. but on a clear path or line of choices.

That's no small potatoes...considering the father believed in defending morality and the son believed in not ceasing his choice of overt and apparently proud..... immorality. In terms of 'sincere' moral standards this would equate no less than believing in robbing banks or not believing in robbing banks. Well damned be that!

I might add here that as I grew up and observed those around me and heard of, and from, many others, that there are many young adults, in big and small town North America, especially and more so, those who attend university who marginalize their parent's intelligence, intellectualism, and religious beliefs down to mere laughing stocks.

(Yet, they believe(d) their parents 'owed' them 'unconditional' love until death and inheritance do they part .... a 'love' they rarely display for their own young children, never mind acceptance of mature responsibility and natural duty, they pass on to the Marxist inspired and modeled State at first opportunity.)

Yes, they supposedly 'loved' their parents, but as the pitied intellectual retarded mom and pop, from ignorant yesterday, and less than that no doubt if and when parents do stop loving their spoiled selfish children, and cut them off from financial, and material wants, including free motel stops or long term sudden co-house ownership, or financially silent rental partner.

So what kind of love does this homosexual son have for his aging father whose beliefs he can't possibly agree with or 'respect'?

These days there are probably as many fathers and sons who hate each other for far less than Huffington Post letters, if they even know each other, as there are who do love each other, always in different, and in limited or conditional ways.

If a father or mother hated his son's chosen wife...would the son leave his wife for his father's love and would be then be scorned for having done so?

So then, if a son should be content on having present and future anal sex with men in risk of losing his father's love.... should the father be scorned?

Have not men commonly disowned their sons and sons disowned their fathers for their choices for more, and for less?

Choices are individual and subjective, morality is not even on the same table... with all that now makes up and outside parties that influence choices.

For the left to take what should be sacrosanct as the family, (they usually despise) and by the way, still rightfully considered in Truth to be secondary below God, (not populism) but, above country, (far above country considering today's free nations,) in Judeo-Christianity and try and bend and massage it into legitimizing homosexuality, while degrading real marriage and real families while 'celebrating' everything ungodly is kind of repulsive.

Celebrating evil in disgusting parades, leftist opinion, or winning secular hearts through 'sympathetic' feelings on TV talk shows...doesn't take what is basically and historically evil and make it basically something that is good and wholesome, as in otherwise, for one, not making others experience instinctive unnatural discomfort.

What would the humble loving sacrificing Christ write this son, from the greater perspective of God's love for all, including the bigger picture of pure love in what is best for every individual, over that individual's own changing/evolving feelings, beliefs and alarmingly popular today, narcissism?

Based on all that we can possibly know from what is written so far....
He (Christ) would tell the son, he is forgiven, to sin no more, and to go in peace and love of the Lord. Of course, the son would have to ask for forgiveness first, not for acceptance of a sin itself, or what is morally wrong.

Those are all the choices we have, not the two out of three choices the secular hedonistic boastful left says we have, or accordingly what is bad, ( apparently including Christianity, lumped with all religions except religion of the day...Islam) and what is not so bad or that which is still wrong.

Who would have thunk, life is full of more (Divine granted) choices than there can be capitulations concocted, shamed on, and excused up.... by the world.

What can anyone tell you, kid (if you do exist), no matter how they twist themselves into knots trying to help you, you made a choice and a bad turn in life.

The good news is that you always have a choice, kid.

Paul Gordon


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