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Open Letter To Charles Adler

Open Letter to Charles Adler

Hello Charles,

and David, if you share this letter with him over a laugh.

I'm not a long term listener, or first time caller as the lingo goes.

I caught your show by chance on the radio one Friday when you were doing straight man for the equally witted, and talented David Menzies.

(David is the one guy who can go from the totally irreverent or humorous to the totally deadpan serious... in one sentence, at times. And as strange as that sounds, David is one guy who can 'pull it off' in such an entertainingly and informing way...which is why you (assuming) picked him and why he compliments your style.)

Charles,I don't mean that 'straight man' comment sarcastically, on the contrary, you are quite the humble, respectful, humorous host in your own right and certainly as talk show hosts generally go, on both sides.

I love your speaking cadence as well. It's not monotone condescending liberal smart-ass for one.

You did slip in one sarcastic, comment on your show Wed. or Thurs. of this week July 4, 2012 and I totally understand why you did so, but I wanted to offer you a friendly,respectful different view point.

I mean what you did is of course, far less (but same vein) than what the Republican Party, Twit (as some say) Romney, and their water boy Matt Drudge did to Christian scrupled Rick Santorum, his wife and even his children, in their long still- running battle,with America's modern public disdain in high places with Christianity, but it did tweak me for some reason.

If you google Drudge you will find this little ditty (paste and copied) right form his official google blurb.


beginning of copy and paste from Drudge report and his Google blurb

Tue Feb 21 2012 09:27:20 ET

"Satan has his sights on the United States of America!" Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum has declared.

"Satan is attacking the great institutions of America, using those great vices of pride, vanity, and sensuality as the root to attack all of the strong plants that has so deeply rooted in the American tradition."


The former senator from Pennsylvania warned in 2008 how politics and government are falling to Satan.

"This is a spiritual war. And the Father of Lies has his sights on what you would think the Father of Lies would have his sights on: a good, decent, powerful, influential country - the United States of America. If you were Satan, who would you attack in this day and age?"

"He attacks all of us and he attacks all of our institutions."

Santorum made the provocative comments to students at Ave Maria University in Florida.


The White House contender described how Satan is even taking hold of some religions.

"We look at the shape of mainline Protestantism in this country and it is in shambles, it is gone from the world of Christianity as I see it."

end of Drudge, Google blurb.


There are very few, especially liberals who would say Drudge is 'just' a tabloid style news aggregate and Drudge 'just' a messenger of fact and truth, anymore than the right would say of the left and both would be totally right.

Drudge's day after day pummeling of Santorum with essentially gossip, collected 'news' clippings, and in the same cyber fold, a treatment and glorification to the supposed Risen Reagan, both turn into Drudge's 'opinion' like crypted newsprint lettering, or as any 'story' found and Layton massaged in the Toronto Globe or Star. La, or NY Times.

(okay Charles, like I'm kidding you?...of course what you said really 'didn't' bother me nearly as much, as I would hope you might read parts of this on the air in exchange/reparation?  for such a small offense, hardly out of character for secular talk radio audience respect)

By the way, where did you get that Baptist theologian to repute that Ferguson atheist nut? From the grave? He was like apologizing the whole time for being Christian and it was like the last job on earth he wanted to be doing? For a Dr. of Theology I think he got the wrong definition of  Christian apologetics. Us Christians have to know our place in our little club you know (even if Canada was formerly Christian not that long ago).

Both these guys were possible reasons for legalizing suicide for the rest of us. God, is that all there is...then, let's quit dancing.  That would be a good tune to play over, that ungodly interview.

They must have got sweaters and knitted mitts for Christmas presents as spoiled little brats.

So,Charles you rhetorically asked the person on air with you something along the line, 'Did you know Satan was running the Conservative party of Canada?'

Feel free to correct me if that wasn't your 'exact' wording or gist of what you asked.

So I can see the humor in this to any non-believer but I feel this actuality is not as far fetched as you might believe only in jest.

If you do believe in God, (or if Christian, in Christ and the Holy Ghost,too.. logically you have to believe in the existence of Satan, or would we all not just go straight to heaven, indeed, be in heaven right now, which we surely are not. This is the first presumptive easy hurdle to leap.....
..Especially,in a world history fraught with evil empires, proletariats, and even evil democracies some like myself might logically argue, given that if you control how the majority of people think (in spite of logic splashing them in the face)especially, the ever replenishing youth unfortunately shredded up in sacrifice to the same ole same stogy stale ole' that the left still needs 'courageous' heroes with mountains of new causes to climb...

... What's the difference between a majority of control freak tyrants, so properly disposed in sin, or the raw animal instincts of the human condition and trained in the world of anti-Christ Marxism now centuries celebrated, and say a one-off anti-Christ tyrant like Hugo Chavez claiming he has Christ on his side. (Communist China could make any claim they want,too... with a gun to the head of all their citizens and respect of all the Marxists prolifically multiplying in the free world with each and every new graduation class and year.)

It's like the splitting of hairs or semantics as to whether, the now default,atheism, which = pantheism certainly in proven practice, at a minimum is a religion unto itself, only with a lot less objective evidence in reality as in the following example.

What is more logically far-fetched, given the immediate complexity the universe, its relationship and 'relying' and immediate interactions, including complex mathematical musts and logic,in reality from outer space to inner space, at the time of creation, big bang being the least likely?

Though man was Divinely created, he didn't create himself and all, of greater corresponding, and necessary, creation to boot, and so 'of course', is not equal to God as atheists typically, wishfully, empower themselves to be.

Back to the existence of evil, or the 'must be' to have the orderly, logical existence of individual Divine given 'choice', independence of souls, and the so treasured earthly concept of an existence and potential (in battle if necessary) for various states, times and arguing definitions (apparently) the U.S. founding fathers for one, had previously worked out, (and are now ignored for..) of 'liberty'...A 'liberty' would assume, most ideally,in fact, Divinely Blessed, when celebrated and practiced, but 'not' at the equally respected/appreciated/understood, worth, and especially, at the soul struggling embattled 'expense'.... of others.

Charles, I'm not going to insult your astute,above normal intelligence and intellectualism and your humble down-playing of such, and ask you if you believe in the existence of Satan and evil, especially, considering what it did to your own birth nation and how it affected and effects all nations to varying degrees, Marxism, with it's whole tree of fruits from communism/socialism, to unionism, to feminism...all the varied and evil side of isms pitted against the one ism... Catholicism (sorry it's a worthy condition of membership to put a plug in, every time we get a chance) and not greater, but 'extended family of Judeo/Christianity.' (how's that for political statement?)

So given that, this evil or Satan exists, as Santorum (actually), thousands if not millions of Christians in the U.S. at least, would put forth, why would evil not infect the home fires of almost innately evil politics(?) or the 'world's' (in the biblical sense) cornerstone of existence?

Satan naturally attacks it's key enemy, the Catholic Church every chance it possibly gets, not just in it's Karl Marx, if not in hindsight prophetic, slam, “Christianity is like spit-little”,(hey no guts, no glory to Christ, the humble Truth) but in the worst way it possibly could through homosexual pedophiles, who discredited the Church to no end yet seen, not to mention scared away altar-boys.

Nobody, would argue that Satan, evil (same thing) infiltrated... so many regimes,institutions, individual leaders, their advisors, and certainly their parties...yet, we are so...what?..patriotic,that it would be ridiculous to consider such, in our democracies, like democracy is automatically equal to righteousness?

Or that God and evil don't exist simply because, (primarily) the left, just won't have any of it?

Nobody is saying Prime Minister Stephen Harper is 'Satan' , though I for one probably did said somewhere that he is evil, along with Obama, Clintons and a number of free world leaders,past and present. Churchill was no Saint for those he had sometimes sacrificed including whole nations like Poland for the sake of political expediency, hardly necessity.

Certainly,such have succumbed to evil in their official capacity and the official policies and practices of their 'parties', basically just to win partisan 'power' out of political expediency, and at all costs including adopting the opposition's game plan of appealing to the greater narcissistic, moral or otherwise, desires(over needs)of the greater unwashed as financially or morally harmful as they often get.

Look at McGuinty, as hard as that is, and the worst kept political deal he had with the teachers, only as long as he needed them. Teachers knew the extent of their partnership and how it would eventually end, when he was done with them and his run as Premier was running down.

His Minister even publicly said as much. 'Look we have been giving you teachers so much money all along that we (taxpayers) can't possibly afford to the tune of an education Ministry multi-billion debt and short-fall, that we now need to freeze your wages until the rest of Ontario's average workers can catch up to you and our debts and interest are paid up'..(never).

'We (McGuinty's dirty dozen), don't need you 'anymore' and our party will now cut you down to size if you won't come around in oh let's say about 'Thirty cold shower Days'.. just to show Ontarians how tough we are 'now'. We blew the whole wad on you in exchange for getting us elected through the GTA useful idiots who never suspected a thing. Not even the teacher's union would disagree with this logical factual assessment.

Would conservatives be above such bribery to special interest groups... typically at immorality expense, over financial expense,to date...apparently not, (if you don't count free trade 'investor' and donor reward, over family jobs)?

Anyone who thinks that Mulroney who as I understand through the media went on to honorary directorships with American drug companies, didn't get something, or the conservative party get something in exchange, for the first time, extending drug patents including expensive cancer drugs,beyond their normal run, making at least millions for their stock-holders, would most likely be wrong.

Wait, there's a knock at the door. Holy crap, they look like lawyers!
How does Mulroney do that?  I'm still composing here.

He's going to be the only lawyer to bring 6 Quebec lawyers with him to St. Peter's Gate, and watch out for falling pin stripes.

Harper, who wouldn't leave 24 Sussex when Ottawa was legally besieged with 20 thousand teens crying for an abortion law and his party currently stand for (in cahoots) with provinces for legal tax paid abortion on demand, for homosexual marriage and all other unceasing/relentless homosexual activism, for sending troops to jump in the harbor because his friends did, vis a vis to the mid-east for no more in reality, than equal tyrant regime change of Nations okay with Christian killing, wife beating, murdering and girl dismemberment, just for starters,Charles.

When you can't use truth, in a lie you have to use strategy, and that's exactly what the liberals and conservatives do with their handful of well- meaning or opportunistic pro-life candidates, giving the illusion that pro-life representation is represented through their back benchers when of course, the opposite has proven so since abortion was first legalized (though long practiced through 'D&Cs' at hospitals instead of Canadian award winner Mourge-n-palor, clinics), in absence of abortion law tossed, and un-replaced during Mulroney's kick-from-the-arrogant, reign.

To that end, Charles I wish you could ask your Christian listeners of which there must be an substantial amount, why don't they simply go with the Truth and not vote for any political party where back benchers stand for nothing on committed party practice if not policy itself.

Who among them is smart enough to outwit the Devil, himself?

Secondly, why don't they as Catholics and Judeo-Christians not get that, they, by all logic and fact support pro- homosexual activists, Judeo-Christian freedom speech killing, pro-abortion, anti-family policies, made into law and quasi-judicial law every time, they vote for these 'parties' via any useful idiot candidate.

Their own 'mark' is their own 'evidence' of what they did in exchange for (what?) possible 'temporal' read worldly importance relegated,trumping desire in a so called, so-self-patriotically-thought-of, prosperous great nation.

Like there is a huge difference between mainstream liberal conservatism and same ole liberalism, anyway.

Would Christ vote for the end-run, long-bomb, Hail Mary miracle of a back benching well compensated 'human' candidate to take on a whole evil tempted party and convert them? Like Tom Whappel, or is it Whappal (who gives a fig of this shallow man) of the so called pro-life caucus not crossing the floor as the one vote needed to take down Martin over an N.D.P. budget of all things, one stinking week before Martin was to pass his enshrined homosexual marriage law, and a short time before his own (Whappel's) well pensioned retirement,anyway?

Charles, please get him on the air to try and explain that one, will you?

Could one convert the Nazi party by electing Jews, only harder, with a much more sophisticated applied evil over non-subtlety in a (possibly) more educated world?

No...One shouldn't support evil, no matter how clever or how big a rock covers it, and especially one shouldn't vote for it with a non-nondescript, non-public caveat of a non- earmarked ballot, that evil can equally 'logically' lay claim to, when he casts the shadow, at minimum, of his soul in the direction of evil especially through one, sincere or opportunistic, who says they convert evil with only your support.

If you have ever tortured yourself to hear a political acceptance speech, think Bob Dole, “there's the door” wonderful game changer,speech, for instance, political 'party' leaders make no logical allowance for nose-holding ballots when they talk in all their new found ego glory, and new mandate,ecstasy heights.

To them, and why not, your vote is full support and a mandate for their party's moral status quo.

What better strategy can Satan have for non-change than status quo, or as Reaganite, Rush Limbaugh (with his eight wives or so) might call, as the definition of insanity...doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result, and in the case of Catholics and Judeo-Christians....for some fifty years now.

You may have voted your candidate in every time, but obviously you didn't vote him into power (unless, your riding candidate was also the party leader, and ridings with leaders don't always vote him in) but you didn't vote him into power, far often, to no power at all.

You voted his 'Party' into the real power...the party who is going to tell your candidate what's what, and every other candidate not on the same course and policy of the party! That's one of the ugly truthes about democracy N.American style.

The way Catholics and Chrisitians have been voting for many years, there may be only 144k souls saved in the world, considering what they voted for and continue to vote for, separating their souls along with their Church from their nation changing, life saving, child  innocence returning  'votes' even if it takes non votes to start, fail or win for that matter, but at least in good standing with 'what's left' of the Church as it survives the very gates of Hell.

Not only, not vote for these totally non-principled, main stream parties in the United States and Canada, (hey even the absurd socialist NDP, and chattering Green party have principles) whether it means voting at all, but also tell them, (main stream parties).. tell any, and everyone, why you are not going to vote for these evil tainted shallow non-principled bastardized (of old) 'parties'.

(Make good use of the multi- opinioned social media, whereas before, most real Christian opinion was cast into wilderness when it had to rely on 'letters to the editor' in the liberal MSM)

That's how the Truth works and saves! By not giving evil exactly what it is counting on, moral weakness and greed.

Paul Gordon

update... Charles, I guess you don't get too many open letters going by google... so you can't miss mine LOL

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