Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mitt Romney's Running Mate, Paul Ryan No Bridge

Romney's Bridge to Nowhere!

The suggestion that Paul Ryan is a 'bridge' olive branch....whatever to social conservatives or the Tea Party as linked to some 'news' story by Matt Drudge is a joke.

It's the same game provincial and federal progressive conservative parties have been playing for thirty years in Canada.

They offer these vote trolling, olive branches every election year through so-called pro-life (usually Catholic) candidates, yet let them have not one little say, whatsoever, in party policy, while the Canadian pro-life, pro-family scene has only gotten worse in painful increments over that same time period, (but for the Show the Truth movement)

When in the history of the U.S. have actual elected vice- presidents had a say of any significance, in fact, when have they not been told to STFU not long after sitting in office...except in cases of  actually taking over the presidency?

Here's the deal and it's hardly surprising politics.

Romney and the GOP elite will be poltically correct on-fire in order to attain and then retain power, their only objective at any costs. Romney has even publicly stated that much.

'They' only waited this long to pick their V.P. running mate hoping they would rise far above Obama in the polls,  without having to eat crow with a (phoney) olive branch to the Tea Party and social conservatives they couldn't stand all along, and haven't changed their minds on now.

Don't waste yet, another 'four' (actually 'eight' to turn it around, once admitting to the problem) years, satiated with a fiction movie, drive-thru dinner, wilted flowers, and dollar store candy from cigar smoking, old spice smelling... Mr. Slicks.

Paul Gordon

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