Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yet Another Canadian Lord's Prayeraphobe

So I heard some angry- old guy guest on a talk show today go on about how he is offended by a Grey County regional meeting beginning with the Lord's Prayer. He said they are breaking the 'law' and he has filed suit against them.

Saying the Lord's Prayer a crime !.. and Canada doesn't have an insanity problem.

Actually a recent study shows that Ontario has 95 percent less mental illness beds than it did in the sixties or fifties. Now we know where they resurfaced. They spend their days as audience fanatics to town council meetings and spread themselves out clear across the country.

These attention getting creepy guys show up like a Chinese water torture, slowly.. intermittently, but you know the next one is always coming. If you doubt their creepiness, who else would waste their time regularly at local council meetings who weren't actually involved in what Mayberry locals would be discussing. They would be better served going to daily church than to citizen controls citizen detail hootenannies. That's the religion of an atheist...the collective.

Their current leader is nerd poster boy of the century times two is Stephen Hawking.

Even the University feminist little girl, who wanted the 'right' to show her boobs, (in a manner only to be ogled at like any man mind you), not actually show them, as neither did any other female in Ontario at least backed into the obscurity after winning her case. Like there wasn't a male or lesbian lawyer or judge, in Ontario who wasn't hoping she would start a trend.

So this Toronto talk show takes calls from yahoos with no last names in the over-populated rat's nest known as Toronto, who are angry and offended that the Lord's Prayer should be public anywhere outside of mostly empty churches. One stated in raised voice that the only thing that should be done prior to civic meetings is the playing of the anthem.

Well hey, he brought it up so if you want a true case of offending Christianity, the Canuck Anthem sure quacks like a duck.

What it stands for in reality of the day is a Toronto controlled nation of, tax paid unnatural abortions on demand, world leader in political correctness, homo activism, pervert parades, including Carabana, the hetero answer to homo pervert parades where naked females of all ages strut down the tarmac believing the bare ass wiggle with a couple of feathers sticking out of their thongs passes the public modesty bar.

Carabana looks like a Craig's List parading advertisement for sperm deposits and people wonder why they have no husbands/fathers in the house in public housing complexes.

Oh oh, I used the word 'they' oh the politically correct humanity of the elitish chattering class!

So does this fall under desireble lifestyle, culture, or Marley religion?

Ridiculous Marxist taxes hidden and otherwise... that take pretty much one dollar for every dollar 'you earn' in addition to government user fees, taxes were invented to cover (McGuinty's favorite tax and fine revenues) in other words just about the minimum even families in communist societies will tolerate before they revolt. Taxes collected for the political value of overpaying a large army of government unions at least twice their worth in the private sector that generates real money.

A Canada that stands for the weakest Christian and Catholic Churches in the world that have no say or care in the education of Catholic and Christian youth and the same in the care of their seniors. I could do at least a page of how antithetic Canada is to Christianity today but the Canadian Christian duck on the whole dosn't seem to care either.

Oh never mind then. Keep on saluting the flag and voting for both main stream pro- death anti- freedom parties provincially and federally. Like they will ever do anything different as long as you do.

In Ontario Hudak's early promise of allowing forced union members to stop payment on their union dues is a start but still far far short of what Christians of a formerly Christian province and nation need done, in addition to hear. No vote yet Tim. Harris your predecessor talked a lot before elections and did the exact opposite once elected, in addition to throwing his own family to the curb.

Now if Christians and other normal people really wanted to do something against the wave of enforced Godlessness they should take lessons from the leftist 'layity'.

When the government said the willy nilly brutal practice of abortion was against the law, the female and male feminists said F. U. and with great assistance from the Marxist good dog MSM, poof, Dr. Death was innocent, pro-life laws were guilty. In fact he now has Canada's (big deal) highest awards.

When the homos said we want people to look at us like we're normal, we don't want to be associated with pedophiles who go after boys, we want to have homo sex in public bars, parks, and bathrooms, we want to adopt baby boys, we want to take boy dates to their teenage Catholic proms, we want 'feel sorry for us' (?) clubs in your kid's schools and hey do feel sorry for us because we're always giving each other the AIDS virius, that we want to whole medical world to concentrate on finding a cure for and by the way F. U. if you think anything at all different and welcome to our human right's fine and humilate dog and pony show, poof with the aid of the MSM 'news' and editorials they completely got their way.

What would happen to Grey County or the Saskatchewan city if the councils said F.U. to the provincial governments. Would the provinces fine cities and regions into bankruptcy, throw elected officials in jail as political correctness prisoners? Hardly unlikly. Tell them F.U.

Paul Gordon

P.S. Has anyone heard the Lindsay housing radio ad, 'Get the Hell Out of Toronto, sale?... gotta luv it.

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