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Looking for Heroes In All The Wrong Places

Looking For Heroes In All The Wrong Places

From today's Gospel reading Christ scares off some disciples with the Truth they don't want to hear, like the millions of affluent free world atheists of today.

Then He asks his loyal disciples if they would they like to leave also? They answer with the greatest 'understatement' in history through Simon Peter, 'To Whom would we go Lord, you are the word of eternal life, (the Truth)'.

This week Lance Armstrong was stripped of his his prestigious gold cycling medals, because he pleaded no contest to a doping trial, (wherein he may have been forced to testify under oath), by simply saying he was tired of the whole affair.

Given the evidence, the buzz and the timing around the whole affair most seem to have put it to Armstrong that he was guilty and pleaded no contest because he would not have held up well perjuring himself. (as have other successful athletes have before a court of the  media world.)

I was listening to an irate talk show host phone- in caller, sound off in how personally deceived and betrayed, he felt and how he would never ever get over what Armstrong did to 'him'.

I was amazed by how a rabid sports 'fanatic' in Toronto could have such strong 'feelings' for an American sports hero (Lance Armstrong..what an American heroic name alone if there was one) over races he won in France, granted... the ultimate 'bicycle' race of endurance...but at the end of the day still a boy's 'bicycle' race.

So now, what of the whole entertaining non- participant and extremely lucrative sports professional industry, (not to mention the amateur Olympic games) ..

The professional industry where thousands make millions and every so often go 'on strike' for millions more..primarily because they won't have to visit any soup kitchens no matter how long the strike lasts.

Some fans would have it to open up the sports industry to 'inject em if you got em' (not unlike the Romans not caring that their gladiators) even if it would be taking 20 years off their life and suffering in a publicly undignified manner if not facing sudden death as track star Florence Griffith Joyner (suspected of dying from years of undetected steroid use).

Personally, I would be more concerned with the health of young athletes if I was their friend or family, over their possible future fame and riches.

I don't even know if 'cheating' at sports on any level is a 'sin' anymore than 'cheating' on a resume or at a game of cards though obviously the consequences are quite different.

(Of course, it is a great civil politically correct 'sin' for a single occupant adult male to not wear a seatbelt while driving to work. Marxist athiests have a whole different 'set of sins' ethics and what constitutes immorality )

As a complete stranger to Armstrong or any professional athlete I couldn't really care any less if he lost his medals and millions or kept them.

But the point is that sports, professional or international amateur, has been all but been exposed as immoral, corrupted and unethical on a broad scale at 'best' and why wouldn't if be in an atheist, one life to live world with billions of dollars in total in play not to mention egos to be massaged by the fawning masses.

The politically 'untouchable' ultra- innocents, some would say idols of escapism from the realities of Truth.. of fair 'sports' and maker of 'champions',

If you look at the Chinese female swimmer, Sun Yang, who responded to a question of how she could account for her phenomenal off scale, success in the London Olympics with a defensive curt, “You have no proof!” who has the whole Chinese communist scientific might vested in her 'success' it appears there are experimental steroid cocktails that can go undetected for now.

Running to rowing, weight lifting to swimming, baseball to football....are they real or are they 'pumped up' poor acting Arnold Schwarzeneggers.. and if you are going to be a fanatic, so disillusioned to find out the truth...better to forget your hero today and avoid the 'betrayal' 'felt' by the above talk show caller...whose biggest sin would be to likely hold up a seven medal award winner 'sports hero' above Christ.

Christianity is looked at with great disdain by many, especially in the liberal Marxist establishment that the masses they have corrupted for generations now, had to turn sports heroes into their Gods and sports their religion as everyone needs something in their lives greater than the fallibility of mere mortals.

Where was Simon Peter to go to who could claim not only Truth for their following, but mere salvation of their souls! Christ was not only God at this point He was also Man....

Is there any aspect of society, from sports to entertainment to academia, any nation and modern patriot now, that has not made a complete ass of it/him/her/self, simply because they consider themselves great, infallible and most incredulously an unchallengible source of truth and cause for worship?

The 'royal' family...and their newest member, Prince Charlie Sheen, any royal family, Madonna, Ganstras, the hood, any modern liberal 'comedian' commentator, Marxist dictators, Marxist legislative dictators such as McGuinty and liberal parties, or so called conservative parties for that matter that are politically correct, pro abortion and homosexual activist obsessed... the GOP, and Romney Reaganites, Canadian Conservatives such as Harper and Hudak, masons, facebook relatives and friends

In politics, for once the Truth really does lay somewhere in the middle and his name is Christ.

Communist 'nations', Islamic 'nations', North American 'nations' who 'claim'  greatness while literally standing for nothing moral, ethical, or just.

Theologians, supposedly... but hardly centered on Christ (more like centred on his arch enemy, Marx and all his isms as they keep re-inventing Christ).... liberal Canada's 'greatest' modern writer, Margaret Atwood (?) any modern writer, liberal respected 'religion' of woman hating, nomad, pedophile founded Islam

Religion of the same Jewish God still looking for the same Jewish son (with time running out) who already died and arose for billions of Christians, many who still consider themselves so if sheepishly and apologetically at least in name.

Take an 'honest and close look' at any of these 'heroes' and heroic groups and nations and many more and if you don't see them as any better, or lesser fallible sinners than yourselves... look and judge them for what they can or would ever do for you, and don't walk back to!

Spread the Good News... lift the Crucified Christ higher... proclaim the 'undefeated' clear and 'only' 'humble' defender of Truth and resist the smears and attacks of the Marxist atheists while throwing them out of office and establishment!

Don't vote for any political party that has done nothing for Christianity for the last sixty years, in 'office' or out of 'office'.

They did not own North America, our world.. by default until we let the liberal Marxists take it, in exchange for their hedonist briberies, and socialist schemes, and we have every right(...every obligation.) at every turn to challenge them!

Paul Gordon

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