Friday, April 6, 2007

U.S.A. No Better Than Lowly Canada, Now

In Fact, and Quick Time Passage, U.S.A, Now No Greater Than Canada
Certainly, Not Morally, Constitutionally, Judiciously or Politically

In the last few days the Speaker of the House, a liberal Grandmother went to the Middle East in an attempt to undermine the duly elected President of the United States in his efforts on the War on Terror.

Indeed, a Democratic committee has saw fit to remove any reference to ‘War on Terror’ phraseology in War on Terror, legislation.

The United States Democrats made it known, their position to stop any attempt to exempt citizens and airlines (through legislation) who upon feeling legitimately and presently, threatened by strange behaviour or actions of members of Islam and therein contained, a seemingly ‘free-passed’ one hundred percentile group of Islamist terrorists.... from being sued and/or further punished for reporting such activity.

The Walt Disney Company has again took up the cause of homosexual activists (ala Ford) by promoting fantasy weddings complete with Mickey and Minnie, as a ‘business decision’ void of judgement of lifestyles.

Five Supreme Court Justices, none scientists by profession, made a scientific/legal ruling that Global Warming, seemingly Al Gore’s version of the same to be Gospel and for government agencies to pass and enforce laws, accordingly so.

‘Reaganite’, Fiscal First, conservative celebrities continue to vow their support to a Giuliani Presidential candidacy should Rudy G. be given the eventual green light ( a given..... given Reaganite wink wink... support) from ‘Republican’ voters to be their sole representative to run against the Democrat candidate, a liberal, who wouldn’t have to do or even say, much at all, to be a stronger pro-life, pro-family Republican candidate, i.e., a rehash of the Big Tent, "There’s the Door" Dole vs Clinton, liberal vs liberal Presidential campaign.

Modern Reaganites, (who believe their Nation actually infallibly, greater than God, just for being ‘America’), led by a laughing/stuttering, occasionally sulking Limbaugh...... and indeed, Reagan himself, never considered pro-life, moral and logical truth, a legal or political ‘deal breaker’ issue i.e. babies, elderly and infirmed ‘lives’ and ‘deaths’..... but rather an abstract political tool.

The time for joking and blustering, is past, Rush.

Perverse Nation destruction is quickly becoming irreversible, in case you haven’t noticed, or apparently... care. Babies don’t care or appreciate your ambiance for name dropping, ‘24' enthralment/advertising, republican building, personal friendship building, or taste in fine cigars and earned lifestyle (that anyone should care, or actually hold against or for you)........... over living and growing.

Or, for that matter, never considered pro-family truth, i.e. State sanctioned sole public financed educational licence. granted to Marxist unions..... the legal or political fundamental issue, it is proving to be, of the very survival of the United States, itself, certainly as anything ‘remotely resembling’ the Great United States, of the Great and Cold Wars of common good, common purpose, and common unifier.

No "it’s the economy, Reagan 'memories', and now, Mexicans", you stupid social conservatives.

Even President Bush, certainly moving in mysterious ways considering he has nothing to lose except non-coming liberal respect, if that be his ill- gotten goal (as apparently, his fathers’), went wonky off course, by paying ‘little attention’ to the most important aspect of his Presidency, Justice appointments, and by giving the Pro-life movement the ‘local’ phone- call/ non-appearance, bums rush, at Nation historic marches for life. What ego tantrums does he harbour?

All of this, would not be like truly Canadian modern populist behaviour (built over two liberal generations)

Our far left politicians continue to undermine our Country and liberal establishment leaders (by any name, including Tory or Conservative), though for different reasons, I can’t fault them, there.

Our proud activist, judges including our Supreme Court Justers have stated publicly, their proud and pleasant duty to be socialist activist members. And why not..... for having all been appointed strictly at the sole pleasure of politically correct Premieres and Prime Ministers, for being, ‘just so’ and of course, for being loyal party hacks, never ever, for being.... apolitical.

Our Country was first out of the blocks to go with homosexual marriages and our best customers were/are American homosexuals...and our stellar liberalism is quoted by all your leftists and courts. We are now equal in some areas and worse in others, than the traditional hedonist socialist Netherlands.

Requested American Conservative and Christian aid that didn’t materialize in any way, what-so-ever, would have been instrumental in ‘returns’, to the fight, American Christians/Socons now face i.e. American homosexuals wouldn’t have felt so liberally ‘empowered’ for a win, now.

In the face of factual, now historical evidence and Judicial recordings, American Judges and Canadian Judges, will be judged by the land, and by Heaven over earth and Heaven over the United States of America, and Canada, both championed by the ‘World’ for the ‘World’.

And for their decidedly predicted, bias decisions, their non-reasoning, their Constitutional non existence, as sole or partnered reference with ‘World Law’, and for their fragrant arrogance of thumbing God, child, woman, man, and Nation, for political and populist or hedonistic ends.

These gowned and decorum overstuffed Justices who never thought past ambulance chasing self-consumed lawyers, and explained themselves even less simplistically, are a complete and utter disgrace to our people, our Nations, World Humanity, and to the one Judeo-Christian God they will one day face as will all of us, who allowed indeed, at times provided for, for our Nations.

Those of us who said nothing, who did nothing, and who voted for a smooth talking celebrity, an extra piece of silver, another immoral or selfish right at the expense of others, and very lives of babies and innocense of children, are no better than our Nation’s above so-thought wisest and greatest. Parties and Ideologies do not make good people.

Thinking people, independent and not fooled by all who make it their job to impress, organize and fool, make good people. There are no political prisoners, no heros, and no excuses for life granted by God in mutual love and respect.

America, as of today, you have nothing, and I mean ‘nothing’ to brag of anymore. Anymore, than does Canada, the shallowest of Nations and whose cowardly socialist championed Church is the shallowest, within the true Church of, and founded by, Christ, the Mere Saviour and Portal to God.

What humanist government anywhere in the ‘World’ that pounds its faulty Separation of State and God mantra into minds, law, and lives of its citizenry is deserving of real ‘conservative’ praise, conservative allegiance, and conservative aid and service?

In the United States of America, when did ‘Conservatism’ drop God and only even speak of Him, in memory, or as lurking in the background of the basement or the attic, not as the Truth, the Creator and life after the World, and Nation, He also Created. What Nation (until now) benefited more from God, in Glory, Victory, Prosperity and way of family in life.

I know when ‘Conservatism’ did drop God in Canada and when everyone fell for everything else, including, in His Own House.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

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