Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Al Bore's George Carlin Routine

Al Bore the Hippie Dippie Weather Dude

So this is the way it goes down, now does it!

Real weathermen/weather blondes can’t get seven day weather forecasts that great, are zero for a thousand on seasonal forecasts, would be wrong on ‘what’s it doing right now’ if they weren’t near a window, or near a radio listening to another weatherman near a window.

Yet, Al Bore the poster boy for postal Cheesy cry-baby politicians (along with stepped off the edge of the planet, not that we’re looking for him, Rawhide Howey Dean) steps right into it with a straight faced George Carlin end of the world weather routine. .....And everyone stumbles back like they’ve been slain in the nuggins

Then five lawyer a la Court Supremes (gee... I wonder what party appointed those pillars of impartiality and goofing off) grant cultural, religious, presidential, congressional, senatorial, p.c. and oh yes legal, it’s all your’s dude dispensation.

Hell, he should have won the Oscar... for all time, the Alfalfa and the Omega egg. Political masochists aka liberals who attended public and Jesuit school fans of the B.S. of the century award.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

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