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Dragging 2007 Reality to Truth Through Logic

Easter Thoughts/ Dragging 2007 Reality to Truth Through Logic

There is a humorous scene in a popular fiction movie where an air force pilot played by Will Smith ‘punches’ out an alien, unceremoniously yanks him from his spacecraft, and dutifully drags it over the ground in tow to his superiors, all, in a matter of un-phased or routine fashion.

In a way that’s exactly what is needed for present day reality to be snapped back to its senses.

I will only ‘attempt’ something similar in this writing, but I will be satisfied if I can at least communicate what I assert is available to all simply by ‘following the logic’, effectively. This is also a serious writing, and I welcome all serious comment.

If there is one thing most pro-life supporters are when they are commenting on abortion, it is that they are serious. They examine the abstract, the internal, the human condition, the supernatural, the whys, the sciences, but most intensely, the logical. When they’re done they double examine everything, along with themselves, over again.

Populist rants, screams, desires, celebrity follower ‘movements’, self absorption, and self advancement, expediency, amount to nothing in the serious realm of life and death of innocent and helpless new lives. (On the other hand, it is the ‘lukewarm’ who are farthest from life issues, and unsettled in living purgatory) In these modern times the reality is exactly that. There is a very real ‘moral anarchy’ and a ‘bankrupt intellectualism’ where the above is neither the fantastical or absurd- where it belongs in the natural order of civilization, but rather, the mainstream practice and policy of the new establishment.

Agents of the illogical (and therefore without God and without reason,) Modernism, Marxism, nihilism, narcissism pantheism...or all, and more.. as the root cause, matters not as much as the understanding of the present existence and meaning of such, and of course, the ‘solution’.

The ‘logical’ which is essential to the sciences, is also essential for any moral or spiritual component in order to validate the factual truths, the moral truths, and yes, the spiritual truths.

It is not without real purpose, perhaps irony, that God in creating logic (because God is Creator of all existence, and related conceptual phenomenon including manner of thought and deduction) created something that can at once, be with Him, and apart... from Him as a deduction of exact science and a resultant path that can be accepted by the Godless, without even His scent, yet invariably, leads the (logical) thinking Godless.... back to Him.

In the end, all logical and intellectual roads lead back to God and logically, why would they not?
Logic is what it is, yet, logic is still not understood by all. One can not look at logic in the likeness of the classic if silly T V Sci Fi character, ‘Spock’.

Factually, logic is factual... if one plus one equals two, it is logically surmised that two minus one equals one.
(It is not logical, it is a ridiculous absurdity, that a complex universe of an exact interactional design of billions and billions of crossword pieces was an ‘accident’ that all fell in (lines) together all at the exact same time. It is absurd, not logical, that man descended from a lower life-form that didn’t change itself. How can a factually or obviously inferior life form shed off a far superior life form even as an aberrational accident except in fanciful fiction comics?)

Also, unlike the fictional character ‘Spock’, there is logic found in compassion in the perfect love of God for instance, but logically.... as compassion and mercy only, as in forgiveness, not morally changing or precedent setting as by pantheist example, of sympathy ingratiating (feel good laws and notions that work against what is actually being attempted in sincere aid, or ‘good faith’ .... an admirable process, but not thought completely out in logic)

To a toddler logic may be proven through the use of his sense of vision by physically showing apples, fingers, etc. so that he comprehends in his mind not only mathematics, but the existence or reality of logic.

To many adults, ‘I must put my hands through the wounds of Christ, myself, that I will ’know’ of His Reality’ is an exact logic they are forced to accept and understand (and such that is required by many, where faith is not yet, developed)

The proof that we are in a moral and intellectual state of anarchy is that there is no common denominator that should bind and bring all together as a basis to go forth in positive benefit to society for all. That denominator is, and can only be...logic.

Rarely, if at all, can basic and no less true logic not be recognized by all, even if minimally explained. Logic exists in spite of opinion and era of fad regardless of it is ignored. It is the elephant that is always in the room.

Quite astonishingly common, and deceitful of today, is the effort to avoid logical examination of what is even reprieved above debate, of any given moral issue, from war and peace, to all manner of perversions of all aspects of living, governing, and existence.

It is more politically expedient, and self serving (as opposed to society serving) simply to have selective and limited focus on the ‘end result’, utilizing a great repertoire of illogical ‘means’ to attain it, if necessary, and through standard ‘showman’ vehicles such as self righteous indignation name resorting.. the louder the more effective, the droning- out of even reasonable question or logical retort.

If the cause of this modern peak of extreme ‘separation’ fronted by the ‘right’ and ‘left’ in societies, if not all of civilization is orchestrated by evil, I would not be surprised at all, again, it is perfectly logical.
‘Evil’ and ‘good’ are undeniably logical, and factual. The ‘factual’ is self-evident through all time
of man’s existence, and certainly evident today. There can not be a person of reasoning and elementary understanding, in the whole world, including students of relativism, who can not site examples....indeed extreme examples of the existence of both. Therefore, defacto, evil and good by anyone’s sane definition do exist as we do exist, to see it, to sense it, to have been affected by it, and to be moved by it at least in mind, if not in body and action

The ‘logical’ is on a very necessary spiritual plane, indeed found in the basis of the ‘meaning of life’ itself, but I will have to leave further explanation of that, to a future writing.

Everything in the universe is complex from minuteness to collective vastness. The simplest of compounds can be complex if only in their properties, relation, connection, motion or interaction with other physical entities of the universe. The biological aspects of life culminated in man are truly wondrous and fantastic in scope and in very existence despite how we think, or ‘feel’ about ourselves and others.

This reality as opposed to ‘theory’ is agreed on by scientists, not only from sensory data, examination, mathematical calculations, and experimenting, but of course, by self experience, learning and knowledge....better known as this thing, called life.

Yet, from agenda driven propaganda to self consumed perceptions, there may be illogical, depressed, deranged, prejudiced, or other self limiting slants that can be applied to thought, ability to reason, ability to even ‘care’ to reason, to emotion, or mood, etc. that blind many people from logic.

Unfortunately, there are majorities of all classes and positions in life, most tragically including teachers, who do not think for themselves, even minimally, by independently approaching and utilizing the same unwavering logic, available to all including the ‘untrained’.

To some extent, lookouts on life can be limited in various ways and degrees, and sometimes physically limited, without treatment, without the will or recognition for treatment and of course, without the means, the facility, or the provision for treatment.

But the reality (the point) is that man is an entity, the most superior and vastly different entity in the universe, that could not have been placed here for the benefit of the universe and all its components, but clearly, logically, the other way around. In addition, that certainly there is a supernatural, grand Planner and Creator who made and placed us in a universe, and the reality, we live and die in.

That we take everyone, including ourselves, to say the least.. ‘for granted’... does not diminish our true place and purpose of an otherwise wondrous universe where even the powerful and life giving centre (the Sun) is inanimate and oblivious to its purpose and accomplishment.
Man is the ’centre’ of the universe with no supernatural capabilities, as placed by God, but that is ‘man’ in the general sense, not individual people whom are generally equal in potential with many who excel and for various reasons, mostly self and community inflicted... many, who do not. A leaf a thorn, a petal does not a rose bush make, a grain of sand or shell-a glistening beach does not make.

Christ, the living Truth and therefore the living Logic, was purely logical throughout His teachings, His example, and of course his very Birth and way of Death. He was not a religion of empty gratuitous slogan and platitude He taught the walk in logic, showed the walk, and walked it Himself.

He said He would show us the way to the Father, and it was the Father we were to pray to. Indeed, the understanding of the Holy Trinity came later where of course it was ‘logically’ concluded the Father and the Son were Two, of the Three, in One. He was the humblest of the humble, the least to be envied or no One, to be jealous of, yet, He could be loved by all who wanted to know Him.

There is a lot to know of logic in the world especially considering there are no shades of grey, contrary, to what has been taught (only) to the last few generations, however I have not even reached abortion, yet, and this writing is too long already, outside the venue of a book, so I will get right to it now.

There is absolutely no logic to the defence of abortion as has been submitted, or broadcasted extensively, or taught extensively by the present populist establishment.

Even upon cursory examination there is no logic to line items such as the ’keep your hands off our body’ of the (seemingly only) sheer rant campaign. The implication is that women have soul jurisprudence over their bodies.

This is illogical for a number of reasons. For example, it is not just a woman’s body, that is involved and it is implied that women should be left with their natural right to the nature of their bodies.

On the first, this is easily borne out (for one instance) as illogical in going to one’s own mother, looking her in the eye and granting her the sole past right of having exterminated yourself, or not. By extrapolation, your mother is of no greater consideration from her mother, and so on and so on. All lives were/are of no worth, yet it is only the present ‘feminist mothers’ who are to be seen as pantheist ‘gods’, with sole ‘choice’ of life over death.

The second point is tied to the first in a way in that, the ‘default’ true nature of woman is ‘no choice’ unless their body is touched by another, either physically as, by an abortionist’s hands or metaphorically ‘touched’, as in... at the hands or the creation and subscribing of an abortifacient certainly alien to the natural order, function or ‘right’ of woman.

In other words if this is some natural right, how can it be accomplished only at the hands of another and only (wholesaled) in modern history. There is not even aesthetic value that can be attributed to this propaganda.

Feminists outside of logic, included thereof ‘compassion’, for extenuating circumstances (rare in fact), have circumvented reasoning by turning the extenuating circumstance as the reason for the existence of default abortion on demand. In other words, ‘ if there is any reason for abortion, there is every reason or occasion..... for abortion’ as a woman’s right.

Of course, at the time of the U.S. Constitution (which logically) enshrined the right to life, there was/is no Constitutional Right to Abortion, for one, at least, logical reason.... that babies were considered a ‘blessing’, especially in a growing Nation without the present day prosperous, State to look after everyone’s requirements cradle to grave, or ‘perhaps’ better said today,.... desires.

Feminists no longer repute that the fetus is a living being, certainly, to the extent that they once did. So, were they wrong then or are they wrong now, were they misleading for a cause then or are they misleading for another cause now? They didn’t use logic then and they do not use it now.

In the case of abortion for rape reasons, and keeping in mind that logic does provide for compassion and mercy for, the nature of an environmentally raised individual trapped if they may be, in genuine revulsion or mental trauma. It still can’t be factually or logically said that the baby is either the copy- body, mind, or soul, of the father anymore than the mother, neither can it be said that the mother must raise that child or that, that child is unwanted by all.

And when is healing completed, better, or quicker, with two wrongs or two evils having been committed?
Ultimately, throughout history woman (except as slave or prisoner) has had her divine gift of choice (that goes with life) of path to follow, ‘factually’, as any person has, even to murder or maim someone. In that regard, woman or man will find a way, a means, and/or an accomplice to carry out that personal choice and with no greater motive at times than desire or convenience, ‘factually’.

However, there is no moral or positive ‘logic’ to the State legalizing wrong or evil for the ill- reasoning of, ‘they’re going to do it anyway, so it may as well be legal and safe’...not, if you have the sake of everyone else who didn’t make this ‘choice’ or will grow up and make this choice in the mind. You can’t ‘patch’ an ulcer of the present and expect to save the limb, body (or society) in the future. The nation is bled morally, spiritually and physically and others will suffer than the perceived or real suffering of the present, whom, otherwise would not have.

As for lucrative earning abortionists themselves, they have no logical, moral, or ethical ground to stand on, nor do they bask in a celebrity larger than Christ, offered spiritual dispensation as some conservative celebrities would have you believe. This as in "We’re no better ourselves, if one of us kills or maims an abortionist" diatribes.

Logically, the single evil soul of the abortionist, we are supposedly waiting to convert at the cost of thousands of innocent, babies lives and babies souls in our overrated elevation of philosopher purist sacrifice, is actually and logically, not worth one innocent life that the abortionist takes. The abortionist is evil not the baby, nor those who seek to defend the baby!

To argue convincingly (or otherwise) that to take an abortionist life is a pragmatic or logistical ill-planned strategy that results in no advancement to the pro-life (man helmed ‘movement’) because of subsequent secular or humanist martyrdom and populist narcissism is one thing. But, to act in soap-box blow-horn self-righteous indignation that Christianity itself, is being threatened is simply intellectually, and logically wrong. And I am not speaking of an uncontrolled attention seeker who would kill indiscriminately, with no regard for collateral damage of innocent victims either, but there have been brave men who have taken on abortionists in honour of doing the right thing. The ‘context’ of such drastic actions in the heart and soul of the ‘criminal’, is imperative here.

"There is no greater love than laying down one’s life for the love of another" is as logical a statement in the Truth of Christ, as the ‘Truth shall set you free’ that proved defacto in most recent times as seen in the Great Wars, where doing battle for the innocent was welcomed by the Church and ‘logically’, quick and decisive victory was prayed for if peace was not attainable by negotiation or ‘world’ laws (such as they were and are) in every Christian and Catholic Church in the free world.

When all else fails there is one last resort and it is not surrender or capitulation.
It is imperative that good conquers evil on every level and with everyone doing their part in the universe, the natural and the supernatural universe.

If it is morally, spiritually and ethically correct to defeat in battle, i.e. killing (as opposed to murdering) as in the case of the enemy.... or die trying. It is logically ‘correct’ to kill anyone (with un- reputable evidence) who murders the innocent, and continues to do so, out of control of capture.

There is no way around logic, and Christ in stating to ‘turn the other cheek’ was in dealing with a sane and rational enemy, where such limited pacifism may not be lost on that man’s soul and conscience yet, vacated by the Holy Ghost, i.e a neighbour or otherwise righteous man, that one might be is treated by, as an ‘enemy’ for various, but uncalled for reasons.

Absolute meaningless pacifism, i.e. going out to embrace machine gun fire as a sacrifice to indifferent evil, or throwing your children to such is just that, meaningless, and Christ said nothing that was supposed to be interpreted to be meaningless or useless.

Only Christ would give up His life in perfect sacrifice as One who certainly didn’t have to. Even so He was taken by soldiers as opposed to rushing out to greet them, and He did pray to the Father that He might be spared a horrible Crucifixion would, that He could.
Christ is God, we are not, and never can we think as such that we can emulate God. Or that we can drive out evil spirits simply by decree though certainly Christ made sure that we should know the existence of evil in men and that there are those who can not be converted....That we are to ‘wipe the sand from our shoes’ where we are not welcome are likely to ever be so.

As mere humans we can only work with what we have and do what we must.
And no I am not calling on a Jihad against abortionists, but enough of the sacred intellectualism afforded doctors of death.

The only defence that Holier than Christ, ‘celebrity Christians’, have had to offer in what ‘they see’ as a logical defence of abortionists is that it is against the law to harm abolitionist while abortion is not against the law, and that it is never right to go against the law.

Furthermore, that governance of nations is infallible brilliance granted by God to world leaders
all, and the laws they loose on earth will be loosed in Heaven. That, what Christ bestowed on Peter and his Church leader descendants should be extrapolated to all world leaders. Of course, nothing else is farther from the logic of Truth no less proved by the leaders themselves proclaiming separation of State from Church!

As this is a most important matter of life and death involving the killing of children officially, sanctioned in wholesale fashion in the 60's and arguably the basis of complete moral anarchy and the destruction of society we now observe, defacto, I do welcome, and beg for any other serious reasoning that should be offered in defence of baby killing, or those who kill babies, and the great indignation put forth upon any who attack such illogic, but the ruling political reasoning of the day.

How can anyone find great comfort in defending home-fires of such disgusting, immoral self-destructing practices and laws, let alone do so with a ‘face set like flint’ in the face of the enemy.

Blind nationalism, propaganda, hyperbole and hero or idol worship, have nothing to do with logic or Truth, and contribute nothing to restoring society to sanity.

Thinking for yourself, especially clear of modern agenda focussed and driven educators, thinking absolutely, and thinking clearly ( logically) apart from all personal and communal (socialist) desire, is ironically such a practice where the good will be united, because goodness alone on its own merit of Truth, stands uncontested.

The Catholic Church must realize this too, and drop all world causes and populism in order to remain relevant and of critical need as she now is. Yes the Church of Christ will resist the very Gates of Hell, but who, and how many will be left and who will be counted as having taken part in her defence.

Jesus, remember us ‘all’.... pitiful, sinners... now, that you have come into Your Kingdom

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

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