Friday, April 27, 2012

Pretty Muslim the Kind I'd Like To Meet

Pretty Muslim running down the street,

Pretty Muslim the kind Mo loves to beat

Pretty Muslim

I don't believe you.. peace is not the truth

No one could lie as good as you

Islam has no MERCY!

Pretty Muslim don't you B.S. me

All your bruises are as plain could be

Pretty Muslim

If thru your burqa we could all see


Pretty Muslim don't buy that bile,

Pretty Muslim leave Mo back a mile

Pretty Muslim come to Christ's humble smile

Pretty Muslim nay, nay, nay

Pretty Muslim pray, pray, pray

Jesus Christ is the only way

Come to our side.. you'll be treated right.

Come to freedom, how they've lied to you

Pretty Muslim, there's more to life

Than cruel fate, at your father's knife

Pretty Muslim don't run away...okay

If that's the way it must be..okay

I guess you'll go home, there's no debate

He has a chip in you, in case you're late

Liberals are no allie, in your 'place' they let you rot

Mo is in the shadows, stalking, I forgot

Oh no, pretty Muslim!

Paul Gordon

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