Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lifesite and CLC Blast.....FCP?

Lifesite And CLC Blast ......FCP?

A hushed simmering battle between FCP and the paid salary staff at CLC
and lifesite is frothing more to the top these days.

As recent as Friday Oct 26/07 lifesite and CLC are ‘telling’ the FCP what the FCP’s role ‘should’ have been during the recent Ontario election, (where of course, thousands of ‘Catholics’) voted- in the liberal party into a stronger majority than ever held before.

If you’re wondering wherein did the CLC (with all its changes, through the years, but little successes) become the sole self-proclaimed arbiter of the Canadian pro-life movement as was I....well they tell you that, too in and amongst, the dicing of Giuseppe Gori, the unpaid true hero of the actual pro-life movement in Ontario.

It seems the current crop over at CLC formed the FCP in the womb, before the FCP new themselves. Maybe they did, but the bastardizing has only been recent.

Jim Hughes hasn't seemed to be running things over at CLC in years now. And maybe that’s a good thing because like a politician he’s usually talking out of both sides of his mouth.
I remember Jim phoning me up one day a few years ago, and tersely telling me not to have a protest over St. Michaels Boy’s Choir performing their annual high-end, fundraising concert for Oshawa General Hospital, the largest eastern provider of abortions in Ontario, between Toronto and Ottawa.

It seems the Toronto Archdiocese, then under Ambrozic and Scorizone didn’t much approve of that sort of thing. (In fact, a certain priest at St. Marys in Oshawa and spiritual advisor to my wife ordered her (by authority of her spiritual advisor) not to go ahead with the protest, under orders given to him straight from the top at the Diocesan office.

I wonder if one of the sources of CLC’s revenue was/is from the Toronto Diocese, as long, of course, as the CLC doesn’t do anything stronger than the limp-wristed Toronto Diocese, would do itself.

Anyway, in regards to that incident we held our ground. St, Michaels said they were not going to go ahead with the concert out of concern for the well-being of the boys (yeah right, we were strong Catholics loyal to the Papacy, not Marxist nut bars, union thugs, or Catholic school teachers all of whom the modern Catholic Canadian Church does support).

I guess they (St. Michaels and the Toronto Diocese) lost their so- called concern over the boys, shortly, because they went ahead with ‘their’ concert to support the largest abortuary between Toronto and Ottawa, yet again. Gee, I would have loved to have heard that school bus, pep talk.
So, we went ahead with our protest as usual without a CLC keyboardist, this side of the sun on our side. St. Michaels never did another (at least a publicly advertized) concert for that abortuary, again.

I do know that CLC received advertising dollars from so called Catholic lawyer candidates who ran exclusively for popular solidly pro-abortion parties they knew, or ought to have known, they as back bench candidates had no chance of changing. (How many wasted years has that put the pro-life movement and countless babies lives back, CLC??)

Anyway 'popular pro-abortion party' candidates sure shelled for Catholic votes to get those three term rich legislative pensions, didn't they?

I do know that the pro-life situation in Ontario and Canada has only worsened from the first day CLC has been in ‘funded business’ until now.

I do know that the only thing that has begun to change attitudes in North America is the Show the Truth Signs that Lifesite/ CLC have both not supported and at times attacked.

I do know that CLC’s firm long- held policy of supporting the ‘candidate’, not the party has factually been a complete and utter failure except for the likes of politicians, CLC helped get elected to do absolutely nothing in their pro-abortion parties.

Can we get full disclosure of all CLC’s donations by the way.

They CLC were backing Stockwell Day and Harper when I and others with half our brain tied behind our backs were shouting from the mountain tops what phonies both these political hucksters, were already showing themselves to be.

And why would CLC and Lifesite be against proportional elections so strongly...a true democratic process, and the only way of getting a pro-life voice on legislative floors? Like Harper, McGuinty, Tory, Chretien...any of them would ever have given the floor to a pro-life party member !! (Though they'll sure take votes whereever they can hoodwink them!) I mean are you people really that stupid or just play it on TV.

The only thing I can think of, is that it might draw from some of the pro-abortion parties your star (phony) candidates might have traditionally relied on!

The whole office at CLC and Lifesite needs a shaking up from top to bottom or they should financially be forced to become irrelevant rather than actually be harmful to the pro-life cause in Canada.

Canadian pro-lifers used to vote for conservatives because it was understood that the conservative parties represented conservatism, ( pro-life pro-family values) Like the conservative ‘out and out’ political parties CLC and Lifesite make a squeak now and then but by and large, have drifted to the other side tempted by politics, individual egos, and funding.

Again, what babies have been saved in Canada over the large number of years, thanks to CLC and Lifesite people sitting at their desks, paste and copying pro-life world news-sites and banquet tables tossing the odd platitude, but mostly ignoring and chastising the Show the Truth movement, while congratulating themselves for a job not so well done in factual history?.

Show the Truth and more Importantly, Practice the Truth.....CLC and the Canadian Cath. Church.

Neither the Holy Father nor Dr. Dobson agree with your obviously flawed political strategy to date (not to imply you actually ever had or will have a 'plan'!)

Who can possibly care for your egos and bloody politics over the life of one bloodied baby?

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.


  1. I don't think some of the comments towards the CLC were very fair. The CLC is often perceived to to be the be-all end-all of the pro-life movement in Canada, and really, and that puts them at a disadvantage. Jim Hughes is a tireless worker, and a person for whom I have the utmost respect, notwithstanding his comments about our party. We shouldn't be attacking other pro-lifers (and perpetuating the attacks). I think that the best thing would be for the pro-life movement to diversify itself. In a way, many pro-lifers have a kind of liberal mindset-- they expect the CLC to do everything, and don't take their own initiative. Why is there only one major (or maybe two-- LifeCanada) pro-life umbrella group in Canada? There should be more-- many more! Diversity of approaches brings strength to the pro-life movement, and this diversity will naturally entail criticism and opposition, but it will also test various approaches to see which one works the best.

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