Sunday, November 4, 2007

It's People..You Know.. Who Make Countries Communist

It’s People ..You Know.. Who Make Countries Communist

It wasn’t famous evil communists who actually enshrined communism into whole nations and Godless socialism into international political correctness.

It was the citizenry who did, exactly. and as self-righteously as communist leaders claim.
Communists, one part of the Marxist genre empowered themselves only by knowing the human condition as well as Christ did.

Only (and understated)…. socialists used citizen’s need for greed, for guiltless immorality, for control over other’s fortunes and lives, and need for social acceptance… for their own various gains… rather than for good.

Karl Marx, the most infamous Anti-Christ to date, despised Christianity because it was his only natural enemy. Marxism may not co-exist with capitalist economies, unless like modern communist China, there is a nation of dutiful enslaved workers (that won‘t last), however, only the notion of Christianity speaks indirectly or directly against Marxism, (or at least… used to).

Even the modern United States, last defender against Marxism has various and bountiful socialist popular aspects to it as seen in the popularity of the Democrat Party.

Ironically, and a tribute to people’s ignorance or self-denial, Socialist leaders don’t really believe in a citizen state unless they are leading it. Lenin had Trotsky killed, Stalin had countless communist rivals killed. Labour union leaders will eat even other locals of the same union. So much for idealism and ‘brother and sisterhood‘.

I say self-denial because in Canada for instance there are no ‘mainstream’ political parties who are not socialist to a great degree, including so-called conservative parties, yet the purist of socialist parties, the NDP, once proudly self-named officially socialist, has never had real or lasting success unless they didn’t act like socialist-lites.

The basic humanist principal behind attaining socialist power is to give the people ‘all they want’ and failing that, at least the ‘optics’ that they are getting all they want, I.e., free health care, free education, free housing, free pensions, etc.

As if these infamous financial misnomers, are not bad enough whereas poor and middle income working Canadians at the end of every single day, take home less than fifty cents on their earned dollar….. Socialists granted people’s desires a little farther just for insurance.

Though financial or ‘benefit’ gain is apparently enough to make millions of so-called Catholics in Canada (and the U.S.) vote in total denial to Christ and elect fragrant anti-Christian governments the added incentive to vote in de facto socialist governments and leaders is the notion of ‘guilt-free’ laws loosed on earth by elected humanists.

If it is legal to perform and receive repeat abortions and at a rate comparable to prescribed birth control, it must be ‘moral‘ to mankind…. Furthermore, if the abortion industry is privy to special protection laws and to all manner of media ‘victim’ propaganda it is an industry that requires great political correct sympathy and highly albeit greatly suspect…. compassion.

If it is legal to have wide-spread, cross-media, public performances and parades centered on so-called, and propaganda blitzed ‘victimless’ sexual deviancy and perversion then it must me moral.

Everyone is talking about it, everyone is doing it, and it’s all legal complete with special protections now….ergo, it too must be moral, just formally misunderstood.

Furthermore, sexual deviancies must have some positive attributes because it is ‘so’ moral now that it should be desirable to have sexual deviancy as a centered ‘lifestyle’ and positive protected reason for adoption. Western socialism actually surpassed Eastern socialism on this vote gathering modern moral enlightenment.

Of course, the only socialist backed phenomena that ever stirred the Canadian Catholic Church from its lifeless deep coma wasn’t Catholic youth education. being handed over to the Marxists, or men being legally protected to take teen-age boys to Catholic ’must- go-on’ proms, or the highest rate in history of divorced Catholics, and Catholic never- married single moms, or the highest rate of Catholic ‘fixed’ females and males in history, or of course years and years of millions of butchered helpless Catholic and protestant babies.

No, the only thing that stirred the Canadian Catholic Church awake (at least for a few months) was the legal passing of the marriage of homosexuals.

In light of all the Church’s past inaction one can’t help but cynically suspect, that the Church acted reasonably forceful on this issue, only because of the fear that one day priests will indeed be forced into the humiliation of having to ‘perform’ at such farcical ceremonies…

A day when the Church will really be seen for its minimalist efforts and how it impacts on modern culture, humanism, the electing of Christian government and, yes…indirect election of Christian law, which goes hand and hand with political elections.

Why indeed would God have helped those, who would make no efforts to help themselves and the cause of good, but rather effectually stand back, and ‘let it ride’, like a Marxist out-of control government, owned lottery?
If He did help them, would they not consider they are doing, and have done...... enough?

If He won’t help Canada, He sure won’t help her government obedient and servant- church.

The Church can choose to lead its lambs the way Christ did, and with definitive and confident rightous authority… or it can continue to standby and let the Marxists 'use' Christ’s lambs with the same knowledge of the weak human condition Christ knows.

If there is no one to lead, there is only their own desires and morals to follow. Christianity isn't a philosophy. It's the Truth! And, so, why is the Church like Pontius Pilate asking, 'What is the Truth?' with Christ 'standing' bruised and battered before him....... and likewise, a Crucified Christ (hopefully), somewhere on the Altar, in every Catholic Church in Canada.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

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