Saturday, July 7, 2007

Live Earth (Worms) and Really, Really Inconven....

Live Earth Worms and Really Really Inconvenient Truths

More pre-hyperbole than homosexual ‘is what it is’ week in Toronto, Live Earth/ Dead Souls went on with the usual leftist ‘look at me, I made you blink’ attention grabbers.

The same travelling homosexual parade of bare-ass ‘responsible’ parents of North America, only claim they bring in ten billion dollars in freak- show tourism to a couple or three of Canadian cities, whose population tops a million each, yeah..right. I’ll eat my hat if the whole country of Canada, pop. 30 million/ or who cares, does 30 billion in tourism in a whole year!

They also claim ten percent of the population is homosexual, as well as sheep whose studies didn’t account for near- sightedness.

( side-bar- Do these homo-sheeps completely devoid of one of their few instincts, this one, to procreate set up their sexual liaisons as homosexuals, maybe dress in drag, chaps, sip wine and listen to Broadway tunes or seek out kinky stall sex through AIDs transmitting ‘Glory Holes’? (Thanks Christy Blatchford for way too much information and deadly perversion sympathy, on your rise to the top of Canadian leftist daring media)
I mean these homo-sheep’s ‘lifestyle’, their centre/focus, their worth... are all focussed and contained on obsessed and careless sex acts, right? As opposed to blimps in nature of less than one percent ..more the likely... and worthy of nothing at all. But hey, ask the sheep farmers if ten out of every hundred sheep are strictly homosexuals in their pasture. end of side bar)

Not to mention, that aside from being the greatest liars and proponents of self-studies, homosexual activist apologists make the greatest of parents ( I did a self- study and to my surprise, found I had hair, was good looking, rich and tall.

Of course, I didn’t have the aid of ‘some’ sociological or psychological bodies who also stray off into opinions of abstract, even political, mental- illness, causes, and then be quoted as a ‘science’, or scientific study).

The whole abstract mental illness profession, including psychoanalysing or naval gazing and regressed memory blah blah blah all went down the toilet when modern drugs and other ‘physical’ diagnostics and cures came into being.

Even ‘momma’s boys’ are usually sourced back to mentally- ill momma’s who cause momma’s boys, (just ask their former, short-term girl friends). These unnatural mamma’s are more likely to be elbowing for front rows at gymnastic class, ballet class, figure skating, or diving class, not exactly your open-ended soccer, or hockey moms.

If you want to avoid the lifestyle, avoid the typical breeding grounds for the lifestyle...duh!

Anyway, so only some of the usual leftist Earth-Worm stars are in attendance at ‘Live Earth’.
‘Earth Worms’, because they’re in their element.... in political manure... as opposed to real science, and real causes for concern... Gore, Madonna et al. No one had to watch (well except poor Marxist taught, union labelled state kids, in the immediate future.... again!) as it wasn’t hard to imagine.

This whole leftist group of over-grown proselytising narcissistic, nihilist, pantheistic hippies could never get the attention they seek for anything they could come up with of ‘real value’, (including Madonna’s, talent) so they have to invent crisis and pretend they’re super-heroes with the cures.

And the new brain-washed Marxists swallow it all because it ‘feels good’ as in they’re doing something....anything....good.

Pass, the beer, pot and condoms, we have good vibrations here...people!

Ring those bells and bring back Bill and Hillary. We feel their pain!

Of course the biggest inconvenient truths are that Christ was not a socialist, or a capitalist.

Neither, was He a purest pacifist, and certainly He did know of, and contend with ‘Evil’ all His most glorious life- example and teaching, to strive for, not pretend to emulate. Catholic and Christian Church evolvement, aside, if you played a tape recording of the Holy Gospels verbatim to a crowd of a million in physical attendance, who could walk away with a straight face and head full of screwy ideas, modern leftists attribute to ‘their’ Christ, as if Christ does not stand alone in sacrifice, love, servitude, not to mention, perfection and Truth, from anyone on earth, let alone the morons who know Him so well?

We will all be punished, in Divine Truth and Justice that logically has to exist, that good and God exist, and are triumphant over evil, but it won’t be a laughing or angry God, Son or Holy Ghost. It will be the weeping.... forlorn, loving, One.

‘Homosexual families’ are neither normal or healthy and never needed to exist until, apparently now. Nor, are they are on any par what-so-ever with the history of the black struggles, persecutions and victories.

Abortion is the killing of babies by any measure, aka murder in real justice and real moral worlds, not virtual politically- correct legal worlds

It is carried out almost one hundred percent for matters of convenience and/or profit of someone(s) and yes, it is sickening, always has been, and always will be, and is something rightfully to be totally ashamed, and remorseful of.

Nothing in the modern world, including distracting stupid causes, the environment, or the obsessions for both premature death or unrealistic eternal life has erased wrong, and behaviours to be ashamed and remorseful of.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

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