Sunday, December 2, 2007

Muhammad Lower Than a Warm Camel Paddy On

Muhammad Lower Than a Warm Camel Paddy on The Mid-day Desert Sand

The Drudge Report has been featuring a picture of Arab Muslims amassing in insanely evil poses the last few days.

This mob comes across like the ‘night of the living dead’ with their Zombie like blank stares and their wielding of three foot long head chopping broad swords towards the sky.

(Gee guys you don’t have to break into a sweat or break a manicured nail and still look good for the girls at the co-ed gyms, if you do an RCMP mob m.o. and simply call on Sparky zap her. Yah Yah I know not enough blood for you big brave heathen savages).

If you didn’t know this part of the world you would never in a million years suspect that the object of their intense hatred and chants of death would be a woman and a teddy bear.

Here is someone’s daughter risking her life to begin with, by just being there. However, here’s her real crime. Thinking like a normal serious and dedicated teacher from the rest of the civilized world who don’t kill, torture and mutilate their women folk, she committed a most hideous crime.

She tried to endear herself to her students whom she was obviously close to, by naming a class teddy bear Muhammad, like anyone’s daughter in the past might have (and did) name a teddy bear Whinny or Roosevelt or after a multitude of any of the Saints (when Catholicism was Catholicism).

There have been many video scenes of violence played in the media that Muslim fanatics have perpetrated on the free world and on their own, during nothing more than attempted power grabs and adolescent bravado dares, to impress tribes of various sizes.

Bin Laden and his crew were like giddy teenagers when they were secretly videotaped recanting 9/11. But this scene that even defies tribal instinct of wanting to kill this teacher was a gut ‘wretcher’ all of it’s own. And what of the safety of the children in this ‘news item’, particularly the female children.

I’ve had it with this crap. And if this is what Islam is about, this is what I’m about.

No woman or child should be a member of Islam as long as Muhammad is the focus of Islam. It’s not that extremists make up the sicknesses of Muhammad. They are right and they are true to the faith. Muhammad’s rise was like any other rise of backward tribal rule, by force, by killing and by controlling. He was also a pedophile who ‘married’ a little girl, and naturally had no respect for females….gee ya think.

Where is all the angst amongst North American Muslims over the hideous things their ‘home base’ (a stones throw to Mecca and rape victims), comes up with and carries out on a daily basis?

What of the women? Do the men perform lobotomies on you as children that you don’t try to escape them with your children every chance you get.

But, here’s the real crux of the matter. You as Muslim women, can call Islam whatever you want, You can believe Islam is whatever you want. Certainly, and unfortunately, millions of liberated Catholics call Catholicism whatever they want.

You can call yourself peaceful and loving and that you don’t care what the infidels think. And I’m sure many of you are. But you can’t take away the facts of what the man Muhammad was, what he believed in, and what he had written. And what the extremists are right in their perverted way to follow in order to call themselves true Muslims.

If you want a new wine of Islam, a new life of Islam true to the one God, get a new skin to hold it in, because to call on Muhammad is to validate people you should have little in common with and should detest as much as any other sane person in the world does.

The cowards who chant death to the school teacher are assured to meet Muhammad again. In Hell where they all belong!

No you won’t hear this from any of my fellow Canadians of the day, but you would have heard it from my father and his father and anyone who fought the same kind of evil that is carried on now, and in the name of peace and love.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

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