Wednesday, March 14, 2007

No Bigger Anti-Christ Than Marx

No Bigger Anti-Christ Than Karl Marx
Can anyone point to a more powerful modern day, Anti-Christ than Karl Marx?

Certainly, there is no one in history who has had more effect
Marxism is the root of all the evil ism’s that fall on the dark side of the absolute prism:communism, socialism, unionism, and to a great extent feminism. Early and modern feminists were/are socialists by all means.

Unionism is the one saving grace that all liberals point to as the saving grace legitimacy for Marx, yet that illusion is easily popped in fact. (Marx founded the first union in 1864, The International Men’s Working Association, in ....where else, but France.)

Certainly, in North America the Marxist invasion appealed to the lowest denominator that dwelled in the greater, (and minor) masses, a narcissism, headlined by greed.

Whereas, the U.S.A. and Canada were free and democratic nations whom Marxist infiltrated academia, could have pointed to the obvious peaceful and aesthetic route of elevating all men simply by running politicians for office, who focussed on labour legislation such as factory safety, and working conditions (as advanced as they could be for the era,) not to mention minimum wage limits, they of course, chose a different route in point of fact, which has endured to the day.

The middle class, the poor, the huddled, clearly wielded the greatest voting block by far. In fact, it has been said, (in less words,) that the worst thing that could happen to long held political and cultural establishments is for the masses to actually get together, (free of Marxist, state education propaganda, and cross- media celebrities, presumably) and realize the actual power they do wield.

But Karl loving Bolshevik Marxists believed and practised the easiest and quickest way to popularity and their own ‘permanent’ absolute power attainment through ‘taking it’ and taking it by violence and extortion all the better, to show they meant business.

Throw in quotes from Karl Marx, like "Christianity is like lick-spittle" sad, but seemingly too prophetically true, and attack the richest industries, (without stopping short of cracking heads), to give selected groups at least, what they want, and you have a recipe for success. You have a heaven on earth all workers can now aspire to though impractically ever, ever attain.

"I will not only get you what you desire, there will be no moral rules or guilt to hinder you in attaining them" would be the Marxist ruby red rule to live by.

Unionism is sheer humanism, not exactly evenly applied or shared amongst all working brothers and sisters either.
And this is the very best Marxism has to offer! A slight of hand, a shell game, a deferred economy destined to come back and bite hard, as we have yet to see to full maturation.

As a Catholic I have full respect for the part of the Church that adheres to the Holy Father, I say ‘part’ because of course it is now factually seen that much of the Church in the world, and other institutions that wave the ‘Roman Catholic’ flag do not adhere or bow to the Holy Father’s beliefs never mind his leadership and authority.

Even so, the Vatican should never have yielded to Italian unions, who perform the public works, duties at the Vatican. The extremely fallible ideology of unionism is in fact just another fruit of the works of the Church’s solemn enemy, Karl Marx and his unworkable tentacles of socialism.

With this one move, all the socialist Priests, of which there are as many as there are homosexual Priests in North America, felt totally vindicated in taking the easy and populist route of siding with the many waylaid in their flocks who were/are liberals (the dominant culture and establishment of the day)

Who can argue with, common noble sentiments like, the poor shouldn’t be poor? Wealth should be equally shared by all (like anyone has ever been holding back the richer unions from giving to the less well off, and non-union labourers). Everyone should have free excellent health care, and free state of the art, up to the minute high- end treatments and expensive drugs? Everyone should have free housing, if necessary and free services.

None of this can be attainable to the extent the Marxist ideology says it can, nor is it the rich who will ever pay for it when they can move on. As the masses of society have at least come to be able to add, (more to the point, come to subtract) the socialist liberals have come to disguise taxes as anything but the name ‘tax’, in Ontario we even have pay- back- the- debt, end user fees on electricity bills.

Of course, it is the middle class and the poor (who do not get all their many hidden taxes rebated) who pay out more than 50 percent of their earnings in taxes and for the bulk of Government services that they come to need themselves, but only for the mostly hidden taxes they pay out.
It is the worst kept vicious socialist circle secret, you, will never hear from liberals or from the pulpit.

It is the Visa, never- never plan of running a society that keeps its citizens service and economically poor or crippled, like a 40 year mortgage pot-holed or riddled with second mortgages all along the way. Would a Priest ever advise you to max out your personal line of credit and owe all your working days to banks? Then why would he talk the same of societal debt through government like- minded foolishness?

Why would an otherwise conservative Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary personally go out and stand on picket lines with selected well- off unions, and believe that rich unions are never paid or further advanced by other workers, or future workers finding less jobs, or the middle class and p poor class ( heavily taxed) consumers?

Why would Catholic Churches in Canada, including Bishop Henry, solely support Government paid Catholic Teacher Unions who share few beliefs with the Vatican, not live lives of Catholics, including attending Sunday Mass, and allow these Marxist unions to be the sole teachers of Catholic youth??

What you will hear in many Catholic Churches in Canada is the same you will hear from Catholic union teachers. That is, how evil Bush and the Iraq war are, and how absolute pacifism rules, and is the saviour of all.

Of course, absolute pacifism was even rejected by Christ when He told us we can have no Greater love than to lay our lives down for another, presumably when called to do so, and not simply as accommodating tank track grindings or terrorist created Pizza wall coverings.

And to all the liberal socialists, nowhere, does Christ say in the Gospels or to anyone I’ve heard of, that you should go anywhere, to ‘take’ anything, though He does talk of the virtues of an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay (paraphrased), of sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice and of charity, charity and oh yes charity.

I would think any semblance of Marxism would have been something important to include if Christ thought we should go out and do violence or steal for Marxism for the good of the community considering this Anti-Christ has been flourishing in one form or another into three centuries now.

I contend Karl Marx is proof of absolutes. He was absolute evil and the Church should not embrace any ideas or ideologies of this proud and forthright Anti-Christ who unlike all modern day liberals took a stand and was at least honest, if not happy in his place of distinction inHell.

As Christ told us we can always tell a tree by its fruits. Can anyone write anything good about anything that Karl Marx, his socialist ideologies or any of his millions and millions of followers gave us?
Here’s your chance!

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