Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Open Letter To Pope Francis

Open Letter To Pope Francis Assessing the Church By The One Earthly Entity Greater Than Itself. There is one thing greater than the Catholic Church (at least the Catholic Church as it was instructed to continue on in good faith) and any Pope, by which to truly assess its value and diligence of stewardship by… that being, how it defends, protects and nurtures Catholic youth… entrusted, children of Christ It is a legitimate simple truth or short cut open to any and all who may not be skilled and trained in the art and interpretation of theology or on the other side, embracing of the philosophies of the World for that matter. Check the mushy, (rotten from within), ‘fruits’ of the modern Church and what is it doing for children in 2013.. or for those most ‘innocent’, and most precious of human entities to Him! ‘Bring the children onto me and woe to those who would cause harm to them’ When the Church ceases to talk or care about abortion… when the Church abdicates education, or schools of its children to the State complete with the names of historic Martyred Saints (those who would have their blood shed rather than deny Christ His domain), and blessings of the Bishops, therefore seal of the Roman Catholic Church…When the Church sacrifices children’s minds, souls and in some cases lives at the politically correct shrine and perverted narcissistic lusts of adult homosexuals.. It has separated itself from Jesus Christ and holds or speaks of nothing of value, but for a ‘performance’ of ‘nice’ for the World. The last two Popes, though far from perfect in the universal scope of their duty at least never succumbed to the rules of a game the World wants to play. Assessment of the new Pope and Church over… both failing badly. Yes the children of Christ are greater than the Church… entrusted to look after those same children. Paul Gordon

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