Monday, August 26, 2013

Feeling As Cheeky and as Caring as a Pregnant Feminazi

Feeling Cheeky And As Fuzzy and Caring As a Pregnant Feminazi So a seventy something lady in Toronto gets her nose cut off over the wknd in a parking garage loaded with public cameras and yet the press give no suspect description beyond scantily clad political correctness. Maybe it was the ghost of ‘Sammy’ ( thought- to- be) put down two fisted knife and schlong wielding Syrian- born staple homeland of Muslim mental sanity. Or, nine bullets with a Taser topper turned out to actually not put down this one- off Friday night, streetcar stalker and his offspring, a level visual challenge, like a midget…Toronto deserving, ‘Son of Sammy’. There is a silver lining to the lady’s misfortunate, however, that could only happen in Canada, in that short of a state (it’s all a boot the kids) school teacher. Grandma is one of the few Ontarian citizens who can have OHIP pull back the curtain of the rich and famous government tier and golden world of highly paid medical workers, and allow for long but by no means last… delisted ‘free’ service of a nose job on the liberal Ponzi house of cards. Or in her case benefitting socialism at its Marxist bumble beginnings and on the way out, (the public health scheme.. not her) Item 2 Annette Funicello (and Walt) mercifully checked out before the teen boy rise of X (XX) Disney child star, bow legged Miley used Cyphilis who can now boast that the mere invocation of her name would land a sex harassment in any kindergarten like monitored work- place in liberal skitzo- established Ontario whose only Value, purchased on clearance at a village Value Mart is that 'no' values are to be publicly defended…. that'valueless' parades are to be paid for, and to be celebrated by all taxpayers.. are always welcome. For those talk show call in parents who claim their kids didn’t watch the latest pop idol slut masturbate on stage with a giant foam finger. .. just hold that thought until the next free ‘socialization’ moment at school, on the team or on face book and twitter. Is there any place an army of lawyers could get any richer, than a liberal three generation narcissist valueless nation? Ecstasy raved out and loaded male producers and shareholders of MTV use Smiley like a used condom as much as any feminist should be free to do. .. as whatever abuse or self abuse fancy’s them for the moment.. up to and including hooking up with Islamist boy friends. Boy.. they’re sure showing us how growed up they are. Item 3 Obama and his Democrat buds who criticized an, at least.. well meaning, George W for sending a slow aircraft carrier of bottled water to Katrina (God and Democrat -made victims) are okay if it is alleged saran gassed, dead kids (and only in an Islamic nation could ‘alleged’ use of sarin gas be staged or cause du tribe, self- inflicted). I mean isn't less than a week to dissipate gas or bury the dead or bring in the Islamic ‘men in white’ with the memory blocker incentives. Item 4 I ‘ve come to the conclusion that the best approach to take to Islamic nations is the applied WW II Japanese philosophy that more dead now saves more dead later. Only no one has to drop at atomic bomb on an Islamic nation…yet. Just don’t help the blood thirsty bastards in whatever size and form they take. It’s not like these Arab Christian killing tribal nomadic gypsies appreciate Western aid…even when they demand it. Or that American liberals would demand or gain cheaper oil in exchange for being Mo- to family black sheep despots and desert raised royalty hit men Item 5 Ever the clever complicated Quebec fresh French.. they are now using the ‘Christian heritage factor’ to back their equally contorted racist natural inclinations of protecting old Quebec ‘values’ and snow creature as only politicians, university profs, and collaborators could spin. Only problem is that the current Quebec government is in competition to be the most narcissistic faggot loving ‘secular’ free loading society in the world, and no chip off the (just now promising) French homeland ‘getting it’ in terms of decades wasted on liberal social experimentation Paul Gordon

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