Thursday, August 1, 2013

Piers Morgan Richer Than A Queen's Fart

Piers Morgan.. Richer Than A Queen’s Fart Irish born British journalist, Piers Morgan (if that’s even his real name) has some nerve lecturing American black conservatives on black America. In particular, on raising the intellectual halos of black- trash teen mob- mentality, individuals used by the leftist American elite to then be left on the curb with a bow, as the only party that lets itself be kept down and stupider than a liberal. Druggie, bad-ass Martin Travyon, and his 3.nothing three street- languages ass cracker girlfriend are commended into the leftist world as activist heroes, along with all the useful idiot abortionists, feminists, male pedophile owners, homosexuals and Marxist teachers and politicians. The Smithsonian wants Martin’s ‘hoodie’ ( and his girlfriend’s Piers’ worshipped brain I suppose) for notoriety display of cool of 2013. Look for schools, streets, ballads, and hooch causes put forward, in their names and in memory of. But, back to the British land of banal where leftists took a European lead in many aspects of European socialist idiocies and intricacies turning out the likes of journalists like Piers, and let’s just look at one shining star of Britannica older than the Union Jack itself…. Inbred Royalty. Her Majesty, herself has only two reasons to keep on living. One, to outlive her idiot son, and two.. thereafter, to pray for the onslaught of Alzheimer’s. We all unfortunately found out and never will forget where the bonnie Prince’s mind has been all these years even during his marriage to the Princess of drama… and no let’s not have any new activist groups for menstruation perverse sexual lifestyles, nouveau raison du marriages, and adoptions. We know where Charles mind has been, but his head as been firmly planted an inch or so, to the north in his long term matronly mistress. So the Queen gets 50 mil of taxpayer’s money per annum, but she does need it for (new) Royal head shrinks, good British dentists, and Crown & Castle polish. Can you imagine the royal holiday meal reunions of this bunch.. pool room peelers, to toe suckers, homo tell- all butlers, to throne in waiting human tampon wannabes. Even the newest, prince George… like if he wasn’t going to be a sore thumb in class to begin with, they name him ‘George’.. not exactly your top ten popular names of this decade. Anyone named George is only named so after some crazy uncle or great grandfather. Georgy Porgy is going to come out as about as normal as Elton John and his Canadian pool boy’s state awarded baby boys. It’s bad enough to think about these royal perverse figureheads, but Canada has official figureheads as representatives to these royal figureheads who like to kick up shit all by themselves. The last two of these governa generals were former leftist CBC reporters/news casters appointed by liberal Prime Ministers in payment for being kind to their parties and leaders on the tax payer ‘all the news you’re going to get’, front. The first one attended Canada’s first illegal homosexual wedding giving it some kind of back door government credence. The second was to take part in the awarding of Canada’s ‘high society’ civil medal to a thankfully now dead populist abortionist. Kind of makes an Anglais want to go French who at least know to trash a homo marriage when they see one. The sad thing about modern England is that the royal family is their highlight especially in comparison to their parliament.

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