Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Hon. Opponent Ran A Tough Campaign.. But F Him..

My Opponent Ran A Tough Campaign.. But F Him We Won!! Yes.. We Will Represent All Voters....No F That Too.. We Won!! Those Losers Can Conform to Our Ways and 'Values' or Suck Eggs and Empty Their Pockets! Up here in the true north, where immigrants get everything free including jobs on a platter, there is no greater example of the party system ensuring the leftist establishment reigns like a Queen. Like a two term leader gone bad.. from becoming to used to his perqs and too familiar with his lobbyists the party system with essentially the same players since the birth of this nation has learned all the political nefarious ins and outs over the decades of two 'serious'party sole ruling. Like a retired leader accepting honorary drug company board memberships after extending patents on cancer drugs while in power... parties enact laws and government union politically influenced labor settlements, that both increase their quaffers and guarantee huge voting blocks. Weak kneed, with eyes a glaze they all adopt to the political correctness or populism only as it applies to the day whether that be killing babies, sprouting giant useless windmills all over the land like milkweeds, signing or canceling billion dollar contracts where 'brown envelopes' by some manner or definition, of equal value are sure to be passed to leaders and/or parties.. Or forcing p.c. social engineered whims of minorities, but loud and powerful activist groups onto their victims like homosexuality onto Catholic schools or dogs on delicious bones. However, the most egregious face tap dance to tax payers is the performed in the ritual 'humble' disingenuous acceptance 'rally'/speech ritual hot off the MSM broadcast right off from the last vote required. The on site banner and poster wavers are the cue to how disingenuously democracy played out. Everyone on the election floor is cheering at every sentence because they have something directly they are going to gain and because they did 'fight hard'... like in the cases of the teacher's unions, force membership automatic pay stub deductions for the liberal parties that put the taxpayer on the hook for future credit card payments that will have a payback to make their deductions be pennies on the dollar returned in contracts. Contracts paid more to the point 'owed' by the children now of real middle class that pays to put government workers in an exclusive government union class. Teachers are right.. It is about the kids! The kids not born yet that are paying their salaries now! Question.. What the Hell can subvert 'democracy' more than political parties being allowed to exceed money coming in from taxpayers by ever much they care to promise any particular special interest group and to keep piling on the debt.. like drunken perverts?? Your average hard working stiff may or may not have had time and energy to vote but he is certainly not on the acceptance speech floor waving and cheering on Mr. Or Mrs. Immoral sick ego maniac jackass at the podium. I can't see where desire to be a political leader would not be a mental illness going by the same game plan they all now have. Screw the party system over... even partly by electing as many independents as possible. Get true representation and true democracy where every vote is a 'free' vote and political correctness is viewed with a shrewder eye. Get your representative off the rubber stamp back bench and be courted by minority parties on close decisions for his views and your riding's needs. Democracy good... long in the tooth degenerating vote buying party 'experts' .. bad!

Democratic Representation Thy ONLY Name is Independent!!

 Paul Gordon .

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