Monday, May 5, 2014

American Military Personnel Needs to Display Their Outrage!

The American Military Needs To Display Its Outrage

Not hold it in, and hold it in, and hold it in and commit suicide for all their wasted time, injuries and lives as it so happened that Forrest Gump could tell you.

Aside from the fact that the strongest message/accomplishment  American leaders have to offer over the Arab Wars that changed absolutely nothing, is that Islam is a ‘legitimate religion’, not the barbaric Christian murdering  culture it is, that ‘moderate Muslims’ control all Islamic nations of which they control none.

And that, all Muslims who fled their home countries for North America, left their faux religious, culture (again, not that there was anything wrong with that in the first place) to embrace North American culture, and leave at minimum, their family female abusing ways behind them of which they certainly did not.

Nor do or did they side with America on any terrorist activity their ‘culture’ home landers carry out on America.

What in the living Hell is up with that?

Benghazi  was the ultimate ‘We absolutely don’t give a Damn' about our ex-Seals who voluntarily took up certain death in the defense of foreign appointed Americans on American soil any more than we do American civilians not called upon for ‘bravery’ is the exact attitude of the Muslim born President, the devious bitch Clinton, and all their underlings and most important the game changing the MSM who would have, and did force (an impeachment on any conservative President for far less discretion)   who follow Obama like the SS on do nothing wrong Hitler.    

Benghazi was grossly under defended because of Obama’s Johnson like calling shots from his White House play room, where he used Benghazi for his (apparent) worst kept secret of running guns to the murderous Muslim revolutionaries du jour at least of Obama’s du jour.  

When all Hell broke loose Obama and his groupies panicked and ultimately decided that the only way too look good was to change the story and cover-up from that exact moment on.
They had to make a decision and this was it.
Now we have his adviser come on and do a flippant liberal  ‘Michael’ from a bad Bob Newhart show.  “Dude that was two years ago”.

The Seals who walked, talked and gave their lives like Seals were now mostly media unnamed security guards. Why not Wal-Mart  greeters?  That would equal their narcissism power hungry, power holding purpose and lack of respect!

Just who the Hell are these politicians and their one state- media in charge, and where in the history of America have they been equaled?

What happened to (story of the month) millionaire basketball players for the ‘Clippers’ was obviously nothing compared to how the military black and white young brave men have been treated and used… from liberal social experiments to absolutely waste of lives for this administration and past administrations for self-entitled personal gain.

At the very least, either from the top on down but much more likely from the bottom on up, with Obama having tossed out leaders with distinguished records of service, and replaced them with ass kissing liberal pansy generals the military should vent some of their frustration by wearing arm bands or some manner of remembrance  for these two brave Seals and for the treatment these men and sons have had to endure without one word of appreciation or encouragement from the liberal MSM!!

Disobey any order to the contrary en Masse and what is the President going to do fire you and replace you with an all-  politically correct army, of women, wheelchairs and people of all sexual preferences except heterosexuals and third, genders?

More likely you will kick start the liberal media into having to face the real deal Muslim President and get some satisfaction and validation for your service.

Soldiers are American citizens too. 

Paul Gordon


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