Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How One Canuck Views those 'Bastard' Americans

How One Canuck Views 2014 Americans

In modern (what the Hell ?) America, there is greed, total disregard for the law and game pieced military, along with total deception, rampant misappropriation of government tax paid funds, illegal immigration, race baiting, no respect for authority, grandiose sense of entitlement, extreme puke- level idol worship, lifestyles being led well beyond personal means.. shallow logically unattainable fantastic promises, intellectual logical and academic drain acceleration, and poorest of the poor role models and unpatriotic leaders.

But so much for the Presidency

There is total mistrust, prejudice, racism, bigotry, opinionating on fact-less and down right fraudulent sensationalism, condescension only from the stupidest rudest minority on up.
There is, disgusting favoritism, closed gate dogmatic ideology with no room or tolerance of logical insight and constant attacks and Marxist overnight revolutionizing of traditional hundreds of years old institutions.
 There is class, gender, sexuality and religious, divide and conquering on the greatest of scale of mass deceptions possible.
There is a general perverse societal narcissism that can’t think past the moment never mind extrapolate into next week.

But so much for news reports and bulletins.

There is an overblown sense of self-worth of unearned greatness, foul perverse language and imagery, free speech one-sided media accommodated red carpet and soap box, of the non-credentialed bar hopping addict born and bred rich and brainless, no unearthed perversity preference left-behind or not-celebrated by government recommended through special days weeks and month long celebrations instituted by the minority with the greatest cultural gated and controlling by self-righteous Judeo-Christianphobe  hating, and self loathing of minorities
But so much for comedians, entertainers and culture populist iconic felon sport and political ex-convict, role model celebrities.
Lastly, there is grossly overpaid for return, sickening goose step union goon, populist, celebrity awe struck idol worshipping, adolescent retarded intellectual, increasingly predator acting, close minded, hateful exclusionary, also upwards intellectual condescending SOBs you’d ever want to meet.
But so much for market cornered non-inclusive imparted knowledge, fact and especially hateful to patriot and faith based (real) religion.. public funded education.  

Yet. America is far above my native protested weak and not so free politically and judicially homily land  and proud member of only three death culture obsessed world nations with no abortion law and stands alone as the big one, whose media most famous person is an abortionist.

America is the only nation to still hold a candle burning under its the bushel with the only chance of turning the upside down free world upright. So Canadian, American hating leftist firmly Herpes - blemish  growing establishment can K M A.     

Paul Gordon



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