Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cruz in With Carson

Cruzin with Carson

Ted Cruz took Iowa, which is great news, but Iowa is hardly an oft repeated template Tuesday and done deal for any Presidential candidate.

Ted will have to work on his ‘momentum’ or else it will be short lived momentum.                                          
Dr. Ben Carson can help him in this regard at least as much, as Glenn Beck has.

 To cut to the chase Cruz needs to offer Dr. Carson the Vice Presidency ( a natural choice, anyway that would please Ted Cruz’s base) in exchange for Carson to suspend his campaign and throw his support behind Cruz.

-Despite the fact, that Carson is actually accusing Cruz telling voters of as much prematurely d doesn’t relinquish Carson of ‘the right thing to do’ at this point.
Both candidates are a last hope for a Christian principled, Christian led government in a last hope nation to turn around the world wide modern attack on Christianity (though oddly enough the old Europe nations of Italy and France or at least their citizens lead the revolt against gay marriage and gay adoption).

Such a Christian Cruz/Carson Dream Team would have a significant Evangelical movement that would drawing on Rubio’s base as well and would not be lost on a  conservative and traditional Catholic base  left adrift by the Catholic North American hierarchy.f
If Carson seeks any political future he will have to do the Christian thing and be humble for now.

If thde principled morals that Cruz and Carson espouse are of only the Seventh Day Adventist variety  than so too are they the principled morals of the Truth of Christ.

The forth coming attacks on the duo would be of the ‘ Theocracy’  end of the hedonistic world type but could anything be any better were that even possible to come true?

No, what the world needs now is a trip back to a little un-politically correct Christian based civil sanity  and even Reagan would be agreeable to that!

Paul Gordon


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