Thursday, February 1, 2018

Trudeau Get Out of Trump's Way

Trudeau, Don’t Do Us Anymore Favours
Here’s the thing. Even if Prime Minister could outmanoeuvre Trump on NAFTA I’m betting many Canadians would agree with me, in telling him thanks but not thanks.
Of course, keeping business as usual would still benefit many special interest groups and not just from his added twisted social activist perspective. But, of benefit to many actual socialist proletariat type establishment special interest groups and all party (not just liberal) friends.
Unions come to mind first even though this time he inadvertently threw auto workers under the bus with the Pacific deal for a) not consulting them because he firmly believes he knows what is good for all his friends, and b) not actually knowing anything about such matters and see a)
The heavy handed socialist Dairy Board of Ontario is also at the forefront comprised totally  of guess who… dairy farmers with the full weight of Province backed prosecution and law making powers within their exclusive group.
 Dairy farmers who were given a free hand to set the prices and more importantly, the rules for any collusion dairy in the whole industry on when and how they could squeeze a  cow’s teat. 
If the gas industry had too much reserve gas spilling out of their reservoirs would they collude and simply dump their excess in quotas in the ground to make sure they are all in line with their guaranteed consistent windfall profits for all?
Have dairy farmers ever been the starving farmers closing up farms… ever?  Though I’m sure they have the farmers feed cities bumper stickers on their fleets of vehicles and equipment.
Granted they haven’t raised their lock-set prices in years but only because they have been way too high for those same number years, certainly by any comparison of locked out markets south of the border.. even with so called free trade already in place.   It’s only original shame going back those many years. that keeps them from going up again…. or much more likely the tipping point of drinking and eating dairy substitutes.  
Gas companies don’t even collude (as much as they do) as the locked in dairy industry
Then of course, there is  corporate welfare for Bombardier et al and world prices being charged to Canadians in the lumber and gas industry. If you can’t screw family who can you screw?
Lumber is higher priced to ‘Canadians’ whether it’s been sold in the States and when it is not…. and with the free resources granted them by Canadian government and paybacks from lobbyists.
Let’s not neglect self-imposed regulations on industry, manufacturing and resources with governments always managing to run and collect under those chestnut trees  …. Enabled by leftist ideologies transformed into science fiction… yet another especial interest group.
So how about the Canadian tax paying citizen and consumer get a break for once! 
So what some corporations, industries and unions get spanked along the way, the shameless ones who curry and bribe their way with law making political parties with promises, hard cash and votes. We should care as much as unions, corporations, governments and social special interest groups care about us.. nada. If it ‘benefits’ a whole nation… (rare)… fine, but they never come close.
If Joe citizen saves money (on mostly) staples and necessities and has extra money in his pocket to spend on, and with, the largest  societal contributor and job provider….. small businesses, including small retailers and large retailers for that matter.      

This would certainly be a  better shot at  a self perpetuating economy than all government workers as liberals would have it … and for many reasons …. mostly intentionally nefarious.

Is there no one left in Canada who doesn’t let the likes of Trudeau and any political party and media outlet do our thinking for us and ram what’s best for us and best for small but powerful populist special interest groups?  
Prime Minister Pussy just wants to  turn Canada into Scarborough Fair 



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