Thursday, August 17, 2017

Trump shaking the social media tree

                                      Trump Shakes Everything Out

The underlying problem, as sincerely as I believe it, and as honest as I can articulate it.

Of the two grossly offending groups in the ‘riot’ where the young woman was killed, I seriously wander which group, by obvious and sensed, numerical representation if nothing else, within western society is by far the extremist group most primed and incited to be detrimental and a handicap to the advancement of western civilization civil peace.   

In Canada, Trudeau, was absolutely right.  We have violent hatred in Canada and not nearly as much as racial, as politically and ideologically driven as I believe the case in the U.S. 

We have the same hatred from elitist, Trudeau’s ilk, nourished, promoted and publicly foisted onto conservatives that the liberal establishment in the States has on their conservatives.

For the most part, cops are told by municipal politicians and/or police chiefs and supervisors to stand down and stay out of site when a pro-life witness shows up … whereas in any given town or city, it’s all but a forgone conclusion that leftist violent liberals often feminist university students, are going to show up harass and physically assault pro-life witness members…

And not because it is an ‘emotional’ issue for them to see the truth of what an abortion is, in a reality check, as one of their talking points in their excuses for a feigned offence ‘free pass’ to quickly morph into a violent rage.

Rather, it’s all for the same reasons the common leftist Supremacist establishment attacks and bullies Trump and more importantly his conservative voters.

At the university in PEI I was charged from the back and knocked violently to the concrete sidewalk sustaining a knee injury that became infected and took a long time and professional care to recuperate from. 

At the time, the University police (though unlawfully, apparently) came on to the busy public street and detained the young male aggressor, until the city police arrived taking their time and only to tell me they would not press charges or hold the offender, unless I was willing to come back to PEI when the trial would come up and testify.

Also, ‘apparently’, university police eye witnesses don’t count and knock downs are free over any semblance of Constitutional Free Speech seriousness or protection.

Liberal ‘Supremacists’ is the ‘is what it is’, appropriate  word, as which group of conservatives or liberals exemplifies the ignoring of Constitutional rights, limits free speech, punishes relentlessly differing opinions?

 Which establishment group ordered police to stand down where two violent extremists groups were sure to clash?

Which group has and continues to inflict socialist driven heavy energy costs on struggling economies and families  not based on any real economic factors but on elitist establishment, as of yet, unproven environmental  ideology warped into ‘science establishment consensus’?

Certainly, during Kathleen Wynne’s heavy handed social autocratic rule not offered in any election platform it became rule that no child (including religious schools and homeschooler)  be allowed to be exempt from special and personal interest gay group foisted pure ideological driven  mandatory  ‘education’. 

Which group sold the critical crown corporation solely responsible  for the Province’s Electricity needs and still had to borrow billions in future debt, to hopefully keep the liberal establishment in political power through bribery of special interest labour groups resulting in the obvious bastardizing the electoral democratic process?

Which group tries to placate the masses with after conclusion ‘public consultation’ with hand-picked and hand-denied speakers?

Which group benefits from the socialist play-book practice of division, envy and deliberately applied economic flawed wealth redistribution?  

Which group has a blind eye to all the obvious doctrinal, warts and basic evil historically birthed and historically bred truth of a religion (not just Satanism) while it vaunts, and lauds, and awards preferential treatment and status upon, including public school established  non-secular group rules and privileges. 

And lastly there is the biggest un-politically correct liberal supremacist  elephant in the room.  That being, giving one ‘religion’ great benefits and more importantly, media generated and demanded attention over all others especially Judeo-Christian religion run down and subverted by the liberal establishment especially in schools.

Logically, the liberal establishment’s dissatisfaction with many aspects of Islam should be apparent and discussed in the forefront, maybe occasionally, maybe once…. as opposed to never at all.

But after all which group is more logical and sensible?

The truth is liberal first and foremost disdain as with (their birth parent and greatest historical opportunist to the detriment of all), Karl Marx, is for Judeo-Christian religion  (spit-liddle).

 And their ‘hate’ is so deeply ensconced , and passed on and accelerated  since early last century, especially with the self-loathing elites is such, that they are blinded to all else, but that which they see (and rage in) a more immediate sanguine light.

The world is changing, society is tired of it and increasingly wising up.  Trump is testament to that, along with all the tainted polls that belie and prop up liberal populism anymore.    

Paul Gordon     

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