Saturday, October 22, 2016

U.S. Election Much Bigger Than It's Players

Without risk of sounding too snobbish I believe I can safely say no one has to be told how Donald J. Trump is no political prize for the masses, or a person of class even shielded dignity, thought of as either honest or trustworthy.

Certainly, I could never be as boorish as Cardinal Dolan and any of his underlings who applauded and laughed with the devil's handmaiden to abortion putting themselves above the political pettiness of the mere battle of the silent scream that deafened the hearts and souls of free first world civilized humanity. But as long as the cause was good and a good laugh was had by all... the church comfortably lags inevitably close behind.

Like all celebrities, falsely knighted with attributes from wisdom to virtue from the low-barred pitiful life-meaning seekers settling for populist notoriety of the day to be the pinnacle highlights of eternal humanity, aka liberal progressives, the idols of ego ingratiate themselves well beyond their true market value of cross talents.

For whatever reason, seemingly all non typically politically strategic, Trump couldn't have played himself more open a book for anyone's asking... a public place, few wise men dare to traverse.

Yet, another perk of celebrity... the right to be immoral, crooked, dishonest, perverse and even a little crazy and unpredictable in no need of anyone's advise.

In days of progressive nihilistic immoral anarchy, narcissist induced family destruction, and impending societal upheaval there is no guaranteed script for tomorrow any celebrity can dream of or wish for.

It would seem possible that with enough money, one can insulate oneself from public disdain and self-earned ridicule from all areas of the political spectrum and can rent if not buy enough sincerity for suitable causes normally not pondered by the rich, bored but power challenged.

It is against this electoral backdrop that the time for the electorate to finally get to use the hapless candidate instead of the other way around has arrived.

A dote of a proxy is a proxy none-the-less for the non politically correct, long due, to thrash the politically correct by any synonym, political, moral, or spiritual as a rose is a rose and evil is as evil uses.

The characters of this election that rose to the top by scurrying from the bottom are merely actors in the intensifying battle of good and evil not for the temporal comfort of the citizenry but for their individual souls in the last bastion of free world Christianity.

St. Michael the Archangel defend them in battle and protect them from the snares of the devil... at the polls.

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